Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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A Game of Chess

POV: Trevor

I have been locked up in my self-isolation for over ten hours straight trying to come up with a strategy that Leon would be satisfied with, still without enough information about the asshole I couldn’t come up with anything. After the first two hours of trying to figure out something on my own, I brought in Leon for an in-depth interview if Leon wanted the results he desired, I needed information about Anton. After three hours of talking to Leon, I didn’t get much, and sadly enough, I didn’t want her to get involved, but Leon was adamant about it. His mother had to sit down with me and recounted every single moment of being in that asshole’s presence with Leon standing close by to give her comfort whenever she started to drift off-topic, or her emotions would get the better of her. I had to remain cold towards it to keep thinking of every outcome and every possible scenario within this war. It was easier dealing with Marcus since he displayed a weakness, and the reasons for his actions were based out of heartbreak, not some complicated thing he kept hidden. It wasn’t until Miss. Williams mentioned that Anton was invited to stay in Julian’s territory caught my attention. After hearing that small bit I had to do research, book after book, I found a little history of recollecting Julian’s time as the Alpha of his people. Branded as the People’s Alpha, Alpha Julian Cole Williams was a kind, and generous. His laws were just and fair to all the people who wanted a part in his land; still, it didn’t mention Anton. As I pace back and forward, trying to figure out the possible connections between the two men, the voices in my head were in a chaotic state. After those three hours, to have another breakdown and shut down, my mind reset, and I was able to think more clearly as the picture had grown more significant right before my very eyes.

“ANTON!” I shouted running down the halls like a demon out of hell to Black’s private study

I figured the idea of Anton being invited to stay in Julian’s territory only made sense if he was kicked out of somewhere else and the only way that would happen if he was made into a Rogue. Alpha Black had another title he rarely talks about. He was the Alpha of Records. Numbers weren’t the only thing he was good at; collecting data and information was his secret obsession something, I couldn’t help but think is ironic since he is a man of strength and believes in it wholeheartedly. He kept more records than any man has ever known even files on Rogues’ within the last three decades and whose name did I just so happen to stumble on; former Alpha Riner Anton made Rogue by his people during a community event where he made a public attempt on Alpha Williams’ life. In a show of good faith, once the case was over, Alpha Williams’ invited the poor bastard onto his land. This was about revenge to a dangerously extreme level, but thinking it over knowing that Anton won’t be able to fight on his own with a missing limb, someone would have to fight in his place and Danny being forced into a submissive lifestyle it was made clear. Anton plans on having Danny fight Leon over the title of Alpha. Once I figured it out, I made my way to everybody, with the information finally connecting the dots. After explaining everything I had, I still didn’t have a solid plan to fight Anton, and Leon’s unyielding silence left me at a loss for words.

“Leon. I don’t know how to beat this guy; I couldn’t find anything about some weakness of any kind. I’m sorry,” I said

“You did your best, but did you figure out a way to get her back?” He asked

“She has nothing to do with this, so she’ll be presented as a bargaining chip. When you challenge him, he’ll trade her freedom for your loyalty. If you refuse...” I started

“When I refuse. I’ll be fighting for her, too, right?” He asked while I nodded, “Unless somebody can cause a distraction long enough for her to escape, interested?” He asked looking at Jazz

“I thought you’d never ask,” She answered with a smile

“Bargaining chip? I think I know someone who could give us some more hindsight. Trevor come up with a plan to get Ash out I have to make a call to a friend,” Rico said before leaving

Alpha Black laid out a map of both Anton’s and his territory on the table, “Leon, he’ll want the home field advantage and a good escape route where is both of those?” He asked

“My father’s memorial,” Leon said pointing out the spot

“Okay. Let’s get started,” Black said

The late hours of the night were wasted on my self imposed isolation, and the early hours were spent on me reliving Anton’s past and his possible plan. Since then, we have been trying to come up with countermeasures to get Ashely away from them without her getting hurt. It was the early afternoon when they walked in, Alpha Jerico and his wife, Isabella. I was exhausted staying awake on a diet of caffeine and pure adrenaline, believing I have met my match in strategic planning. I couldn’t even sit down, walking around the map and chess pieces I placed on location in an attempt to visualize the battle. I glanced over my shoulder to see the small table of Zetas gather at the table. Leon looked zoned out but was willing to speak at times. Rico asked most of the questions referring to a story Miley told him about Alpha Jerico and Isabella’s son being used as a bargaining chip and how they got him back. Isabella couldn’t help in the fight, her husband was in at the time since it was a challenge, but after Alpha Jerico spared his life. Her instincts kicked in, and well, if it weren’t the people there, it would’ve been impossible to identify him even his bones were grounded into the mush that was his body. Lesson learn never threat a pup’s life in front of its’ mother, Zeta, or not. Still, Anton wouldn’t be fighting his own battle, so even if Danny loses, he’ll hold her hostage before running off to make sure he’ll get away clean. The humans that were working with him pledged their allegiance to a monster like him for a reason. Even before we get to the battlefield, I knew traps would be set up to cut down on our numbers unless we went around back.

“Hey Jazz,” I said, grabbing her attention from across the room, “How are you at rock climbing?” I asked

“I’m pretty good at it. Why?” She asked looking over my shoulder

“Because knowing Anton, he’ll be right here, on the memorial and Ash will be close to him right here near the cliff most likely being held with a chain, if you can climb up the side here and break the chain you’ll be able to get her away safely,” I explained

“What if she’s guarded?” She asked

“Jazz I know you can take care of them,” I said

“I’ve never had to do anything like that before,” she said

“You’re Rico’s girl. You know something, and if not just let your instincts take over, they’ll do right by you. Trust yourself since you're not trusting yourself on everything," I said

"What do you mean?" She asked

"I know. I've known since high school, and I guess the only people who didn't know was Rico and the girl you're in love with," I said

Jazz laugh lightly playfully, hitting me, "You're joking, right?!" She asked

"Either you tell Ashely the truth or you and Rico will never have a real bond. You had a wall up to keep Rico at arm's length every since he marked you. Both of you are trying, but it's you that's the problem. Tell her or face the consequences," I said

"I....I guess I don't have a choice, but if my friendship with Ashely ends because of this I'm breaking your fucking neck," She said

"Rico will still love you, and I'm sure it won't be all bad. If you two are as close as you believe you are then nothing will change," I said

Jazz sighed deeply, "Fine. I'll go get her, but I'll need some help," She said

"You're boyfriend can kill Alphas' if he wanted too. Ask him I'm sure he'll say yes," I said

"Okay. I'm trusting you on this," She said. She seemed unsure of herself before walking to Rico; I watched them from the table while she was talking to him. His eyes shifted upon me in hatred before looking over to her with concern than on the floor, finally settling on her. The two went outside, where Rico showed her a knife and started teaching her everything he knew about stealth attacks. While she wasn’t comfortable with Rico being her partner, he wasn’t holding back. Even though he didn’t like the idea, he knew better than to give her special treatment. Time felt endless to me, but I knew if Ashely stayed another night in Anton’s care, Leon wouldn’t be able to focus on reclaiming his birthright.

It was late in the afternoon when Alpha Jerico and his wife left; Black told me to go for a walk while he talked to Leon alone. I walked past Rico, still knocking Jazz on her ass for trying to rush toward him instead of sneaking up like how she was supposed to. He didn’t like walking away from her, but she stood back up and tried again. I kept walking toward the forest away from the house, standing in the middle of the growing tension lighting a cigarette and slowly calmly exhaling the smoke, “I know you have something on your mind but I can’t answer a question you haven’t ask. Other than that, please, for the love of God, don’t tell Miley I was smoking, alright, Leon?” I asked watching him come from behind a tree

“How did you know I was here?” He asked

“Your scent. You’ve been sweating all day you sank, other than that your movements and the way you’ve been staring at me. I noticed these things for a reason, Leon. Now.....” I said, inhaling the cigarette, “What do you want to know?” I asked exhaling the smoke

“Why?” He questioned, “You knew how everything with Marcus was going to play out. Why didn’t you just let me kill him?” He asked

“Would anybody believe it if you were to say you’ve changed if I did? Because you would’ve been that same thoughtless reckless and impulsive little boy that attacked Anton. The one who gives in to his emotions and take things personally. You want to be bigger than the monster everybody already thinks you are. Try to avoid being the Alpha of Zetas’ the man who rules with an iron fist and cares about nothing but his pride. Danny will be in so much pain and agony he’ll need a friend. Are you going to be that friend or the monster who killed an innocent kid?” I asked

“I...I don’t know what else to do,” He sadly said

“See beyond his suffering; you have the power to read people for a reason, use it to your advantage. Pull the sad crying child out of the darkness and show him there is light in his future but he won’t know that unless you show him,” I said

“You kept my hands clean of Marcus,” He said

“For you to show that you’re more than just some Alpha of Zetas', you’re capable of compassion show them that. This is your only chance to begin anew with your people, don’t revert into the boy you were. Let them know...better yet show them you’re ready,” I said, dropping my cigarette and stomping it out, “We head out tonight. Show them what a real Alpha is. Show them who you are,” I said walking back to the house to see Jazz almost mirroring Rico’s steps and actions

As he looked over his right shoulder, she was ducked on his left side when turned all the way around she slipped right between his legs still behind him. She grabbed a few rocks a tossed one behind herself making him turn around, and once he turned back, they were eye to eye a smile slowly formed on his face as the knife was perfectly held up to his throat, “You’re ready, Mi Amor,” He said staring deeply in her eyes as she slowly lowered the knife

“Hey!” I shouted grabbing their attention, “It’s time,” I said before Jazz looked at Rico

Rico nodded with a light smile but a doubtful look in his eye, “You’ll be....” He started before she kissed him deeply putting her arms around his shoulders while he put his around her waist lifting her off the ground, “Please be safe, I’ll catch up,” He whispered in her ear while he held her

Once he put her down, she took off one of her bracelaces and put it around his wrist, “I wondered when would be the perfect time to give you that. I made it myself,” She said with a blush

Rico looked at it, “I’ll forever cherish it. Can you do the thing again?” He asked

Jazz giggled, rubbing his cheek with her thumb before moving her hand to the back of his head, scratching there. Rico rolled his eyes, leaning in her neck, taking in her scent while caving into his puppy-like nature before biting the fuck out of her. She was almost screamed by how hard he did bit her, but she gritted her teeth before it could come out. As he pulled away, she instantly retaliated, biting him back before letting him go.

“I have a plane to catch. I love you,” She said walking toward me

“I love you too!” He shouted before slowly walking back inside

“Sorry but you know I couldn’t just leave him like that,” She said

“It’s okay. He’ll be with Black as a witness to the challenge, but we have to get you to the airport right now if you want to be there before Anton,” I said leading her to the car

“So just scale the wall take out the guards and get Ash before Leon shows up, right?” She asked

“That is correct. Please don’t get hurt because Rico will kill me if you get hurt over this,” I said opening the door for her

“Don’t worry. I’ll be safe,” She said entering the car and being driven away

As I looked at the sun coming to the starting point of anew dawn, I couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching me. I looked at the house to see Miley staring at me through her bedroom window with nothing but a thin sheet covering her body. It seems like I couldn’t run to her bedroom door fast enough to find it cracked open I needed to rest anyway what better way than with my angel.

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