Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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The Matters of Heart

POV: Ashely

I was sitting down chained up to a tree while Beautiful laid her head on my lap, softly whining, "Don't worry, girl. Leon is coming soon; just stay strong, okay," I said

As the dark brown wolf curled around me, trying to keep me warm from the cold. I leaned my head back, opening my eyes to the reality that I was alone I knew Jazz was around somewhere, but I needed to get out of here before Anton use me again, Leon. I felt around on the ground picking up a rock, and with all the strength I had thrown it at Chad's tent. After throwing a few more rocks, Tia walked out, looking annoyed as she charged up to me.

"Bitch! What the Fuck do you want!?" She shouted

"Do I have to say it?" I asked

"Your ass is trapped here just like me, so why should I help you?" She asked

"Because we could get both of you out of here," I said

"Jazz told you, didn't she?" She asked

"No. Xander did, and how do you think she knew?" I asked

Tia turned around mumbling under her breath, "She was telling the truth," Once more the howls of the guys grew closer

"LEO!" I shouted unable to hide my excitement

Tia turned around, staring at me with a light in her eyes, "Will you pardon Xander and me if I get you out of here right now?" She asked

"That's not up to me, but my fiancee will listen to me and will hear you two out. Now get me the fuck out of here," I said

Tia ran back to the tent, coming back with a bottle in hand, breaking it against the ground. She fell to the ground sweeping through the dirt after a second; she held up the key removing the lock off the tree, grabbing the chain.

"Well...Come On! Xander has the other key to your shackles; we have to find him," She said, pulling me along.

I could barely keep up with her reckless pace, stumbling and tripping over the rocks, "Can...can you slow down?" I asked

"Pick up your feet," She said dragging me along

"I'm losing my strength," I said

"Oh, booooooo fucking hooooo, I feel so sorry for you. Can you still feel her and see her?" She asked

"Who are you talking about?" I asked

"I've had that chain on for over three weeks straight. I can't sense my inner wolf anymore I can't even shift, it's like I'm human. I miss her so much, and he took her from me. So sorry if I feel like your suffering isn't enough compared to mine," She said

"Why didn't you leave, mate or not no one should have to live like this," I said

"I didn't have anywhere else to go. Just come on!" She said pulling the chain

We both ended up standing in the middle of a small battleground. I watched as Tia dig through the ground once more, finding the remains of a flash grande and footprints leading to the brushes. We both walked over to see Xander's body on the ground, and while I stood frozen in shock. Tia collapsed to the ground crying over his body, holding him close to her. Her screams of anguish felt like the howls of a dying wolf watching just made me want to cry, but I couldn't think about that.

"Tia....I...I'm so sorry," I said

Tia wiped her eyes grabbing the locket Xander had on his chest before laying his body back down, "The key is missing," She mumbled staring at me with a blank look, "She did this," Tia said getting up and dragging me along

"Tia! TIA?! PLEASE SLOW DOWN!" I yelled before tripping over a rock

She dragged through the mud, and dirt Tia's mind was set on finding Jazz if it was the last thing she did. I'm pretty sure Jazz would never purposely hurt someone who didn't have it coming, but to kill someone never occurred to me. I somehow stumbled up to my feet, keeping up with Tia's pace until she stopped causing me to run into her staring at the burgundy wolf tracking my sent.

"Hey Jazz," I said with a smile on my face as she shifted human

The wind blew through her hair as she looked towards the moon; her eyes ocean blue eyes shined with a glimmer of hope and regret as she slowly looked towards me. It was the first time I saw her in a different light.

"Thank God you're safe," She softly said through a saddened smile

Tia wasted no time tackling her down, grabbing her by the throat, "You Kill Him! How Could You!? I Trusted You!" She shouted

I grabbed Tia, pulling her off of Jazz, but not before she grabbed a knife Jazz had on her hip. Jazz took a second to catch her breath and to get up while Tia and I scrambled on the ground. That's when Tia stabbed my side, hissing out at the pain. Tia took advantage of the moment, crawling up to her feet, pulling my hair to expose my neck, and holding the blade against my skin.

"WHY?!" She cried out

"He was going to kill me. I Had No Choice!" Jazz yelled

"Than why did you take his gun?" She asked

Jazz slowly moved the gun off her hip, looking at it before looking at Tia, "You got this for him, didn't you?" She asked

"Why did you kill him? You knew how much he meant to me, how much he still means to me," She said through her tears

"Look I know how you feel," Jazz said

"NO, YOU DON'T! How the fuck would you know he was everything to me," She cried out

"And She's Everything To Me! I Wanted To Be The One To Save Her! NOT LEON!" Jazz yelled, "When I told you I was jealous, it wasn't because you had Leon it because Leon had you. I always saw you, Ashely. You just never saw me," Jazz confessed.

"I didn't think you'd......." I started

"Of course. You didn't think like that. I mean, I've been your best friend since Pre-k. I've always been by your side, and I've always loved you. Ashely, I've always been in love with you, but I know you're not for me. So please, Tia, let her go. I'm done fighting," Jazz said putting the gun on the ground, "I don't want any more people hurt," She said looking at the ground

"And why should I believe you?" She asked

"Because I want my sister back more than I want your life," Jazz raised her hands out, "I want her back happy with or without me, so take me instead and let her go," She said

Tia dropped the knife walking over to get Xander's gun; she picked it up, admiring the design smiling softly to herself before aiming it at Jazz, "Wait! Don't, please!" I shouted

"It's okay, Ash," Jazz softly said with a saddened smile lower her arms, "I'd do it for you," She said closing her eyes preparing for the worse as the barrel of the gun was right at her temple

Tia lowered the gun staring at the lockets in her hand, "I'm done fighting too. Don't worry about Chad I'll handle him for you," She said walking away with the gun in hand

Before Jazz could open her eyes, I had her in my grip, "Ash, you do, believe me, right?" She asked hugging me tightly

As I pulled away from her, the worried look in her eyes left me speechless, but I gently pushed her hair back and lightly kissed her lips. Tears streamed down her eyes as I slowly pulled away, "Let's get to the guys, okay?" I asked

Jazz nodded her head, wiping her eyes, "Right," She said with a smile

As we moved towards the guys, we heard a gunshot go off. We could only think about Tia's words of handling of Chad for us. We paused for a moment looking at each other before continuing to make our way towards the guys. A helicopter flew past our heads; we walked faster, eventually coming to the meetup spot. Jazz pulled out a sewing kit started stitching my side before giving me something to drink.

"Hey, Jazz. I'm sorry that I....." I started

"Shhhh. It's going to be okay. I'll be able to let go and move on with the person I'm supposed to be with. You're safe now that's all that matters," Jazz said

"Hey, Jazzy. You're still my sister, and even though I don't feel the same way I do love you," I said

"I know. That's why I still want to be apart of your life but only if you want me to be," She said

"Why wouldn't I have you in my life sissy," I said smiling, "Now help me up bitch we got shit to fuck up," I said with a giggle

"Oh, you're just trying to get some dick," She said helping me up and throwing my arm over her shoulder

"So! I wasn't riding my boyfriend for the past day and a half, you slut bucket!" I said laughing

"I missed you, bestie," She said

"I missed you too, sissy," I replied

When we got to the guys, there was a sigh of relief from my Uncle standing on a hilltop with Rico in his wolf form stalking around him. Leon's eyes were locked onto Anton while Anton stared at Chad, stabbing himself with a syringe.

"God damn bitch done jumped up and shot herself," Chad quietly mumbled to himself

"I'll repeat myself. Anton, do you have anything to bargain?" He asked

"No!" Anton growled out

"Leon, do you have anything to bargain?" He asked

"I'd never hid behind someone else nor held an innocent victim hostage. I have nothing to bargain," Leon said

"As the Alpha of records, I am only here to witness the challenge unfold. I can not take sides or interfere in any way. I can not shift for even that could turn the tide of the challenge into someone's favor. I will remain neutral through and through. Since Alpha Anton is unable to take part in the challenge due to his injury, who will represent you?" Tyrese asked

"My son Danial Anton," He said as Chad unloaded a cage in the middle of the ring

"Since Leon issued the challenge, the choice is yours, Anton, lethal or nonlethal combat?" Tyrese asked

"A traditional challenge is won with strength, not weakness, wouldn't you agree, Leon?" He asked

"Bring it on! I'll get you one way or another; you twisted sick fuck!" Leon shouted

"To the death then," Anton simply stated

"No, Leon!" I shouted

"BEGIN THE CHALLENGE!" Tyrese shouted

As the door was broken off, Danny charged out in wolf form, heading straight for Leon as, in the last few seconds, Leon jumped rolling himself out the way before getting up on his feet.

"Danny?! I know You're There Please! You, Gotta, Let Me Help You!" Leon shouted

Danny stared at Leon like he was a piece of meat growling and snarling at him as the drool fell from his lips. The look in his eyes was nothing human as he was acting off of pure raw, animalistic instinct. The wolf was in complete control as he howled toward the moon sound more like a scream of help from a broken soul.

"Wh....why hasn't he shifted yet?!" I asked in a panic as Danny once more charged towards Leon, "LEO SHIFT ALREADY! LEON!" I shouted

Danny jumped into the air and pounced on Leon for a finishing bite, but Leon blocked it with his forearm. After punching the sliver caps out of Danny's mouth, Leon pulled the sleeves off his shirt, relieving the armor underneath.

"I'm going to save you," Leon said

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