Twilight Rogue: The Lion's Return (5/5)

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Save A Soul

POV: Leon


I sat down in the chair, unable to think about anything other than Ashely and her safety since she was kidnapped from my side. Alpha Jerico's Rico's and Isabella's words only faded in and out with my reality. I rubbed through my hair, noticing some of the strains falling out onto the floor, and now and again I'd get a sharp pain in my stomach like I was about to vomit, but still, my nerves were on edge as I continued to process everything. I felt paranoid, looking around at Trevor talk to Jazz, and watching Uncle Black look at my reaction towards everything. After a while, I stayed stagnant until Uncle Black grabbed my shoulder.

"Leon. Nephew. Son," He started, "What's on your mind?"

"How am I supposed to do this?" I asked

"What do you mean?" He asked

"Anton has my future wife held hostage; my title will be fought against an innocent kid, and if I kill him, I'm a monster if I don't, I lose my life. I can't win, so what should I do?" I asked

Black sat down beside me, "I had Trevor saved you from the situation with Marcus. You never really asked about it, so Trevor and I kept it to ourselves. Your hands are blood free for now if you want to earn the trust of your people and your father's title you have to remain that way," He said

"How?" I asked

"Talk to Trevor first you could use some fresh air before I can officially help you," He said

After talking with Trevor for a while, I came back to the house to find Jazz leaving and Rico talking to the guys. When I got back to Black's office, his secret hidden library was wide open. I made my way down to find Black walking around with a few books in hand.

"Well, you understand the severity of the problem you're facing, right?" He asked, looking up from his book, "What do you want to do about it?" He asked

"I want to save his life," I said

"You can't do that because you can't erase the pain he has suffered through already, but we have a power of hindsight foresight and insight. Being able to read people seeing their psychics seeing them bare and fully exposed as they are, there is no hiding from that. You won't be able to save his life, but his soul, however, is so weak and fragile but it's possible to help that part of him," He said

"How? Please tell me how," I said

"These batons can change into armor, so it depends on you how to use it defensively or offensively doesn't matter you have to get close and use your ability of insight to help Danny," He said handing me a box

I opened the box pulling out the batons hitting the switch turning the batons into a nightstick hitting the switch, as the armor warped around my skin creating a shield, "Thank you," I said

"Consider it a personal redemption," He said, "I, unfortunately, was there when Anton attacked your father, under the guidance of the former Alpha of Records. He was brided by Anton to keep the incident quiet. I kept my mouth shut until he was found out and was released from his secondary title, so I'm sorry for keeping it quiet," He said

As I twisted the armor back down to its original form, I looked over at Black rubbing his fingers through his hair with a frustrated sigh, "Don't worry so much, old man. We can handle ourselves," I said

"I'm not worried about that I'm concerned by what lengths Anton is willing to go through to keep power," He said

"If he wants it so bad I hope he's willing to live with everything that comes with it," I said


I scrambled around, outrunning Danny's reckless attacks as his dirty blonde fur covered in scars and mud he walked around, getting his balance before charging for another attack. I used the shield to guild him in a different direction as he shook out his head focused on me. I lower my guard, opening my arms as once more he charged towards me. I held my ground, holding on to him as he dragged me across the ground before I picked him up, slamming him into the ground. I watched him gasp for air before rolling over, trying to claw at me as I once more raised my shield, blocking off his attacks, waiting as his nail were breaking against my forearm, it wasn't until they were filed down to a nub that's when I moved his paws away grabbing him in a headlock placing my hand on his forehead. I saw the experiments and torment he had to undergo just for this very fight. How the sliver caps tasted like shit and numbed his mouth, or the wolfsbane that was placed under his nails made his hands feel like he couldn't even move them. The punches on his stomach and chest and the look on Ashely face as she witnessed the branding iron being placed on his back. Before I could look any further, I was slammed on the ground gasping for air as I was brought back into reality. Danny's eyes went from animalistic to terrified before backing off me and trying to attack again. I moved out the way just in time, realizing Danny isn't fighting because he's angry or blind by rage he's fighting because he's scared. Danny was terrified of not me, but Anton, somehow Anton destroyed Danny's mind into thinking that I was him. I stood as Danny ran up to me with his terrified expression in his eyes, preparing for his attack. Once he was close enough, I grabbed him in a headlock once more, wrestling on the ground. I refused to let go as he even shifted down half-human, trying to escape.

"'s okay just let me in, please. I promise I won't hurt you," I whispered near his ear as he continued to squirm

He lightly whined, refusing to speak desperately wanting out of my brace, shoving his elbow into my chest and side while biting my hand. I didn't like it, but slamming my hand into his chest was all I could do to get him to stop as I once more entered his consciousness. I went back pass that night deeper in his head, to when I was attacked looking for him to the night we met, and Ash protected him, to when I was being thrown out the pack, random days he spent with Anton growing up, to the very beginning. As I saw the world through Danny's eyes, a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair pulled away from a crying Danny.

"So, Mrs. Johnson, what are you going to call your son?" I assumed a male doctor asked

"I'm going to call him Danial. Danial Alexander Lionheart," She said

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