Jessica Thompson as That Girl

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X. Rumors Say

Jessica’s POV:

“So-” Jax said. He opened the can of soda and drank it. “Your brother’s friend, Todd, is sleeping over?” I don’t know if he’s interested or he’s merely trying to make small talk.


“And-” Jax stops talking and glares at me. “What are you doing?”

“Writing down your expenses.” I close the notebooks. “The can of soda is a dollar. The plate of dinner is five dollars. Since I have to do food delivery along with the dishes, that would be an extra three dollars.”

“That’s nine dollars.”

I smile and clap my hands. “Wow! You can do math. Good for you.” I must have a death wish.

“What about the milk I purchase for you?” He retorts. I didn’t expect him to play along and use the payment of milk. I was only joking around. “That’s $3.50. And I brought you two.” He wiggles two fingers in front of my face.

“I didn’t ask you to purchase two gallons of milk.”

“And yet, your family will be the ones who will drink it.”

“Fine. I’ll take off seven dollars.”

He crosses his arms, “And tax?”

“I didn’t tax you for all the things I’m providing.”

Jax smiles, “No need for the tax. So, I owe you two dollars?” He reaches for his back pocket.

“And housing.”

Jax stops reaching for his wallet. “What?”

“Housing. You owe me twenty dollars per night.” I’m not a saint. I need to get more than two dollars out of this.

“Twenty? I thought we were friends!”

I smirk, “Because you’re a friend which is the reason why I only charged twenty. Think about it; a motel would charge you at least forty. That’s half off. Plus, I didn’t tax you, and you get half of the blankets on my bed, which I warm up for you. And look at my carpet!” I smack a hand on the ground. “Look how nice it is. How clean it is. And look at your clothes. Look at how it is dirtying my carpet. Plus, I didn’t charge you earlier for treating your-”

He covers my mouth, “I’ll pay you $22 right now. Please, just stop talking.”

I push back the smile and nod.

Jax exhales and reaches for his wallet. I stared at his hands. He glances upward and tilts the wallet towards himself, so I couldn’t see how much he had inside. How dare he treat me like I’m a gold digger, or I’m about to rob him. Jax handed me twenty-two dollars, and I snatched it from him.

Jax tucks the wallet back inside. “Has anyone ever told you, you’re greedy?”

“Yes,” I responded. I got up from my seat and went towards my piggy bank. After tonight, I’m several dollars wealthier.

I heard Jax’s snorting and turned around. He rests his head against my bed. “You’re cute. You know that?”

“Yeah. I know.” I flop beside him.

“This is where you compliment me.”

I glance at Jax, “Desperation is unattractive.” I exhale, “Thank goodness; God blessed you with those good looks.”

Jax smiles, “I’ll take that as a compliment.” He munches down on the food. “Your mom is a good cook.”


Jax swallows, “You’re not much of a talker, are you?”

“Well, you’re talking a lot more than I thought you would.” I expect Jax to be the strong-willed silent type like the rumors. You know, the kind who would simply stand there and every female flock around him. I never expected Jax to be sitting inside my bedroom while chowing down my mom’s food as if it’s his last meal.

He wipes his mouth with his shirt. That’s disgusting. He better be sleeping on his back tonight.

Jax chuckled, “Rumors say, right?”


“Well, you heard about me from all the rumors, right?”

I exhale, “Guilty.”

“What do you think about me now?”

I cannot believe Jax is asking me how I feel about him. Could it be possible? Does he like me?

“Don’t look at me like that,” Jax said.

“Like what?”

“Like you’re about to throw up. I’m only asking you what you think about me. I’m not asking you have sex with me, but if I did. You should be happy because alot of girls would love to have sex with me. I mean, look at me.” He showcases his body by lifting his shirt. My eyes lower to see his ripe six-pack.

I stare at it...for a long time.

I mean, if the guy personally offers himself and he meets the standard. Why not?

Steadily, Jax lowers his shirt. “Your stare is making me feel uncomfortable.” He grabs the food plate and hurries away.

I exhale, “Alright.” I grab the end of my sweater and pull it off.

“What are you doing?”

“Stripping. You offered sex, right? Let’s do it.” I crawl towards the nightstand and open it. “I think I have a condom somewhere here. What’s your size? Small, medium, large? I got them all. Except for extra-large, I haven’t encountered a guy who needs that. I have a feeling that extra-large dick is a complete myth.”

Silently, Jax’s mouth gap opens. After a few seconds, Jax finally caught on. He shook his head, “Oh. Ha. Ha. Very funny, Grinch.”

“Well, who am I to turn down a hot guy offer?”

“Don’t ever joke like that again.” He pokes a fork at me. “Be grateful I’m a decent guy. Any other guy may take your offer.”

I close the cabinet, “I don’t need another lecture from someone who isn’t my dad, mom, or brother.”

Jax grin, “And I’m glad I’m not one of them. Because-” he closed the distance between us. “I wouldn’t have a chance if I was family.”

“Hey,” I said. “Don’t tease me, or else I’ll kick you out of my bedroom.”

“I paid to stay here.”

“And I’m a weak female who can scream.”

“Please, like you would-” He looks at me, “You’re not joking.”

I pat his cheek, “Don’t be cheeky to the girl who allows you to stay in her bedroom despite barely knowing you.”

He held my hand, his callus skin rushing on top of mine. It was odd. Holding a guy’s hand. “Does that mean you trust me?”

I went closer to him, “It means you haven’t done anything for me not to trust you.”

“You know, it’s weird. I kind of want to kiss you right now.”

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