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XIII. Antisocial

Jessica’s POV:

“Hey...Todd. What’s up?” Why in the freaking world are you standing outside my bedroom door like a creep?

“Oh-” he scratches his head. “I wanted to apologize.”

“No need for apologies. I’m used to it.” I head towards the stairs.

Todd blocks me, “No. We’re all really sorry. We shouldn’t have been inconsiderate and-”

“You know what’s inconsiderate?” I folded my arms. “The fact that you’re the one who’s apologizing when my older brother-” I screamed the older brother portion. I wanted Brody to hear it loud and clear. I know he’s downstairs listening in on our conversation. Making sure it’s safe to talk to me again. “who should be apologizing. He was the one who invited me tonight, knowing I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I didn’t mean it.” Brody pokes out his head. “I assumed you were going to invite Krista, and you guys would be together.”

“And if I didn’t invite Krista? Then, what? You were going to make me stare at you all, making out with each other, forcing myself to remember how lonely my existence is?”

I’m not that upset, but I do want to blow off steam once in a while. Plus, I did really bad on my exams, and maybe, if I make Brody feel bad about putting me in a shitty situation, he’ll back me up when I tell my parents about the exam score.


“Enough.” I place a palm in the air. “I don’t want to hear you lecture me about how it’s my fault that I’m unlikeable. Which is the reason why I don’t have friends or a boyfriend.” I hope I didn’t take my pathetic acting too far. I need to do something to back up my emotions. I’m going to start crying.

I will cry on command.

“What are you doing?” Brody asks. “Do you have to go to the restroom? You can go, we can talk about this later.”

Shit. I cannot cry on command.

I puffed my cheeks and went into the bathroom, maintaining what’s left of my dignity. Now, both of them think I have to poop.

Between five to ten minutes of sitting on the toilet, I finished my business and went downstairs.

“No offense Brody. Your little sister is kind of a weirdo.” That’s Shawn’s voice.

“Look. I’m not asking for much, but when Jess comes down. Mind stopping the lip-smacking and talk to her?” Brody said.

“You know we’re trying,” Victoria said. “But Jess is really unsociable.”

“Yeah. I agree with Vic,” Megan said. “I tried talking to her a few times, and she barely replied. She just stared at me. It was kind of creepy.”

I took a few steps back and walked away. Krista was in the kitchen with Francis. Both of them were crafting the perfect dessert. I sneaked behind the door and stalked them. It’s my house. I have the right to stalk anyone who steps foot in it.

“Cut the bananas into tiny circular pieces because my cute Jess loves it in biteable size,” Krista said. She scoops a perfect circle ice cream.

“Alright,” Francis responds.

“And cut the gummy worms too. Cut them and only put in red and green. She loves only those two colors in her sundae. Same with gummy bears. Make sure the gummy bears face are facing up.”


At that moment, I wondered if Krista lied and had been hiding this perfect boyfriend material from me.

I noticed how Francis was sneaking peeks at Krista, who was focused on creating three perfect scoops. He smiles when she claps and squeals in excitement of her accomplishment. She pushes the bowl into the freezer.

“Fruits,” she said. She made her way towards the fresh fruits and sliced them into the perfect shape. All of her focus poured into the fruits.

Francis looks at her and smiles.

I don’t think Francis is gay, as Krista suggested.

The memories of Francis drilling his tongue into Krista’s mouth enters my mind.

Yeah. Definitely not gay.

“And-” Krista’s eyes made contact with me. “Jess!” She pulls me into the kitchen. “I’m almost done with the perfect sundae.” She pats the chair, and I sit down.

I complied and watched them continue making my sundae. I believe I’m ready for my crown because I felt like a freaking queen. I should’ve been born into royalty.

“So, I heard you guys fell in love at first sight,” I said. Krista looks at me, and I winked towards her. I want to mess around with them a little bit. There’s a chance Krista didn’t tell Francis that I know he’s not her real boyfriend.

Francis smiles, “Yes. We did.” He winks toward Krista.

I’m not sure if what he’s saying is the truth or he’s lying. Maybe, he knows that I know, and he’s messing with me. Or he didn’t know that I know, and he’s following Krista’s plan.

“She knows,” Krista said.

Yup. He didn’t know that I know, but there’s still a possibility that he’s telling me the truth. Those eyes are too honest.

“Oh,” Francis said. “You know about me.”

“Yes. I know about you and your purpose.”

“Alright,” Francis responds and resumes his cutting.

I can hear Brody and his friends talking from the other room. “And you’re okay with the role?”

“Shit. I need to use the restroom.” Krista looks at Francis. “Don’t allow Jess to lift a finger and cut the fruits in the exact way I’m cutting it.”

“Got it,” he responds. Krista rushes out to the kitchen. Francis looks at me. “The answer is yes.”

“For what?” I question.

“I’m okay with being used.”

I grabbed a gummy worm and bit the red side. “Really?”

“Yeah. Krista is cute, and I get to make out with her. So, why not?”

I stop chewing. “You like making out with Krista?”

He nods, “Yeah.” Francis cuts the fruits.

I confirmed it. Not gay.

“You do know-”

“That she’s using me to make your older brother jealous? Yeah.” He gave me a tight smile but didn’t remove his gaze from the fruits. “She told me all about it. Something on the line of having to be her fake boyfriend until he accepts her.”

“And everything is okay?” I want to confirm that everything is alright on his side.

“Well, I’m hoping your brother continues to reject her. Truthfully, I would love to be her long term, fake boyfriend.” He finishes cutting the fruits. “And as her best friend, I hope you can support us.”

I stop grabbing the gummies and look at him. Is he serious? Did he ask me to support their fake relationship?

“You can support me, or you can support her unhealthy obsession with your older brother.”

I stood up, “You got my support.” We shake hands.

This is it. This is my chance to stop Krista from developing any more feelings over my brother.

“And you like Krista?” I wanted to confirm that he isn’t playing with her.


“And which part do you like about her?”

“She reminds me of an overactive puppy.”

“She’s no-”

“Francis!” The door slams open. “Did you cut it like the way I ask you?” She pushes Francis away. “Excellent. I approve.” She tornado towards the freezer and grab the sundae. Then, it started—the crafting of the perfect sundae ice cream.

After a few minutes, Krista presents it in front of me with a spoon. I scoop a part of it and allow it to enter my mouth. I’m not sleeping tonight. Delicious!

Halfway through the bowl, the door burst open.

“Ice cream?” Shawn said. “Can you make me a bowl?” Lorena appeared behind him.

“No,” Krista replies.

“Fine. I’ll make myself one.” He reaches for the ice cream, and Krista slaps his hand. “I brought this ice cream for Jess.”

“Don’t be mean. Share!” Shawn screams.

“What’s going on?” Brody questions. Everyone else appears.

“Your sister’s friend won’t share.”

I stop eating the ice cream and glare at him. The sister’s friend has a name, you punk.

“I brought it for only Jess,” Krista said.

Brody looks at me, “Mind if we have some?”

I gave him a lazy side glance. At that mere second, Brody regretted what he asked.

“No.” I’m a bitter melon. “I’m sorry, but my only friend purchases this ice cream for me. I won’t know when she will purchase another one because I’m a complete antisocial.” I look at his girlfriend, Victoria. Instantly, she looks away. “And weirdo.” My gaze went to Megan, and she averted her eyes.

The atmosphere is dense. They know that I heard them and I want them to know. I’m that petty.

Lorena tugged against Shawn’s shirt. “Let’s go. We still have a lot of food in the living room. Krista purchases those for Jess.”

“There’s three cartons of ice cream and bags of candies. Why are they stingy?” Shawn question.

“I don’t know,” Krista spat out. “Maybe it’s because I’m a fucking annoying desperate weirdo who has to pay guys to sleep with her.”

The atmosphere tensed even more.

Brody clears his throat. “Come on, guys. Let’s go to the living room. We still haven’t finished the next movie.” He hoarded everyone out of the kitchen.

After a few minutes, Brody came back inside. “I can explain-”

I point towards the door with my spoon. Neither Krista nor me was looking at him.

“Krista. Can-”

Krista points her finger in the same direction.

“Okay. You two are upset. We can all talk later,” he said.

Francis settles beside Krista. “Thanks for inviting me here,” he said. “This may be the most exciting night of my life. Like watching a soap opera.”

Krista and I exchange looks before we burst into laughter together.

“Wait. You two aren’t mad?” Francis asks.

“Nah,” I said. “We’re used to being called those names. Perks of having a popular brother who’s friends think the world revolves around them.”


“Shawn, the guy who was bickering for the ice cream, was turned down by Krista. So, he believes in any rumors about her. You know, the worse her reputation, the better he’ll feel how he never became her boyfriend,” I explained.

It’s true. When we were freshmen, Shawn confessed to Krista. Krista, with her obsession with Brody, turned Shawn down. Shawn got extremely bitter towards Krista and me afterward. I don’t understand how his bitterness extends towards me. I wasn’t the one who turned him down.

Francis nods, “It makes sense. Wow.” He smiles, “You two are really strong.”

“Aren’t you glad you have the chance to be my boyfriend?” Krista grins.

His smile drops before it reappears. “Yeah.”

After I finished my ice cream, Francis took Krista home. Without a single spare glance for Brody, I went upstairs. I’m too tired to deal with his reasoning for what happened.

Once I unlocked the room, I headed towards the bed and flopped on the mattress. I thought I would have a sugar rush, but I feel sleepy instead.

Steadily, my lids drift down until I see nothing except darkness and a warm elope every inch of my body. Wait. Warmth? I open my eyes to see Jax sleeping.

Why the fuck is Jax on my bed?

Oh yeah. I forgot I left him up here.

But, he should be sleeping on the ground.

With all the energy I have left, I poke his cheek. “Hey,” I said. “You’re supposed to be sleeping on the ground.”

Jax smacks his dried lips a few times before he turns his back towards me. He pulls my soft blanket over him and ignores my calling.

“Forget you,” I said. I went under the covers and turned my back towards Jax.

I’m not sure why; perhaps it’s because I took off a load from my chest or the enormous amount of ice cream I consumed, but I had a reasonably good night’s sleep.

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