Jessica Thompson as That Girl

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III. Bad Boy

Jessica’s POV:

Releasing a deep breath, I turn around only to see the new school nurse. “Why aren’t you in class?” She asked.

I glance down to see her nametag, Sally Ann. I clear my throat. “Hello, Mrs. Ann, I’m Todd’s friend, and I wanted to check if he is okay,” I said in a polite tone. Technically, I wasn’t lying, but I wouldn’t call him my friend more like acquaintances.

Mrs.Ann smiled at my response, eyes were gazing down at the drink in my hand. “For him?”

I nod, “Yeah, thought he might want something to drink since he is dehydrated and stuff,” I grumble off as she releases a short laughing sound.

“Seems like you guys are really good friends.” There is this odd tone inside her voice that I couldn’t pick up. I wonder why she winks at me.

Perhaps, there is something inside her eye.

“Is he going to stay here?” I question dismissing whatever is lurking inside the new nurse’s brain.

She shakes her head, walking towards her desk, placing the files in her hands down. “His mom is coming to pick him up since his fever suddenly spiked.” I turn around to see him coughing again, releasing a low groaning sound. “The boy refused to go home until he sneezed into the principal face, and he forced him to come here.” She shakes her head

Soon, the nurse left to go to the front office while being an Angel and gave me an excused slip. I asked her not to tell anyone that I was here, which she agreed then wink again. There is definitely something in her eye. I released a deep breath and wrote a note, sticking it onto the bottle.

Dear Mister Popular,

Stop sneezing into people’s faces. If you’re sick, go home.

Lots of Ugliness,

That Girl.

I nod in approval of my ugly scribbles and walk outside the room. I leaned against the door, crossing my legs, and stared up at the overly bright light. “He has a girlfriend,” I remind myself before walking away.

Taking two steps, I stop as my eyes widen, seeing none other than the school infamous bad boy, Jax Rocco. With his incredible deep emerald eyes and tall, sturdy structure with a mind booming expensive car, he could get into any girl’s skirt.

It is well known that Jax’s parents finance many programs at this school, so he is basically untouchable. Jax is the only son of his house, so I guess he is considered the heir of Rocco’s incorporation.

He used to go to a private school not too far away from here, but rumors say he beat up ten guys there. They didn’t expel him; after all, Rocco’s incorporation is well known. He chooses to transfer here, something about the girls at this school being hotter.

Jax is crouching in the empty hallway, leaning against the lockers. I stand there, watching him as he turns his head towards me. Slowly, he pulls out a box of cigarettes and flicks one between his fingers, of course, with style. He places one between his lips; eyes lock into mine. “Got a lighter?” His voice is low and raspy, the cigarette still between his cracked lips.

I took a sniff and rolled my hand in my backpack, snuffling through the small pocket then snapped my fingers. “Ah, I seem to forget about it during my last smoke.”

He deepens the wrinkles between his brows. “You don’t look like a girl who would smoke.”

“Then why the fuck did you ask me for a lighter?” I question in a sassier tone than I intended even though I know his family can silence me for life.

He takes two blinks then chuckles, holding the cigarette between his fingers once again. “What’s your name?”

“What’s your name?” I retracted his question.

“You know who I am.”

That’s true, I know him. The whole town knows who Jax Rocco is. There isn’t a rumor without the mentioning of his name.

“Then, you know who I am.” My voice is dull, still emotionless, unempathetic.

Finally, Jax stands up, taking a few steps towards me due to his long limbs. He tucks his cigarette back into his box, shoving it into his loose black jeans. He crosses his arms, showing off his muscular biceps through the thin well-fitted shirt. “You’re a feisty little girl, aren’t you,” he smirks in amusement.

I rolled my eyes and turned my body, walking away from him. He grabs my wrist, pulling me back. “I didn’t give you permission to walk away.”

Scoffing, I turn back towards him and chop his hand away. “Look, I know, you know, we both know you’re a panty dropper,” I said, causing him to smirk.

I held up a hand. “Now follow me,” I said slowly. “What happened earlier between us caught your interest in me. Am I right?” I said slowly, causing him to fold his arms, purposely flexing his muscles again.

I held my hand on his arm, knowing he wanted it there. “But, here is the problem, panty dropper,” I released a dramatic sigh, removing my hand. “You’re too much for me.”

He furrowed his brows and opened his mouth, but I cut him off. “Since you’re so wow,” I start fanning myself. “When you stand next to me, I look like the Grinch who stole everyone Christmas, which is you.”

“I don’t understand,” he said slowly, scratching his head.

“You’re everyone Christmas, make them happier when you’re present,” I internally laugh at my own joke.

“So, if things somehow work between us, you know the wealthy bad boy and regular ole me, then I’m stealing away people’s happiness. Down the road, girls and maybe some guys will get pissed off if we hook up. Of course, they won’t target you, but moi,” I said slower, elegantly placing a hand on my chest, and he continues nodding his head then opens his mouth, but I cut him off again.

“Then, I get bullied for supposedly not being at your standard, according to the high school students who think their opinions matter even when it doesn’t. You would rescue me and tell everyone I’m your woman, but realistically you can’t be there all the time. Then, I get a nervous breakdown one day. I would go home, steal my parent’s pill bottle, and overdose. Do you want me to overdose?”

He shakes his head, face filled with confusion.

I release a deep breath, holding his rough manly hand. “I’m glad we had this talk, Jax. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, and we didn’t get that life we deserve because of high school ridiculous standards, along with your parent’s disapproval of our relationships. However, let’s stay as strangers and try not to look at each other too long down in the hallway,” I pretend to sound hurt and then inhale another deep breath.

Dramatically, I turn my body.

“Wait, what just hap-”

“Don’t. My fragile heart hurts enough already. Please, don’t hurt it anymore,” my voice is cracking, and I rush away from Jax, who’s still stunned about what had just occurred.

Before I turn on the corner of the hallway, I swear I hear a low chuckling sound behind me.

I cannot get a break today.

I walk into the classroom and hand the teacher the nurse’s note. He nods and gestures to me to sit down. Rushing towards my seat, the door creaks open and reveals none other than Jax Rocco.

“Mister Rocco, you’re finally joining us after who knows how many weeks of school,” the teacher states.

Jax confidently walks inside; eyes lock onto mine as the whole classroom stares at him in awe. “Yeah, I decided to attend class,” he smirks.

The teacher raises a brow. “Why did you finally decide to attend class after all this time?” He said with curiosity.

“I’m here for the Grinch who stole everyone Christmas.”

Wow, he just made me hate Christmas.

Just kidding.

I love Christmas.

And I meant the holiday, not Jax.

He stalks towards my direction, turning to the person next to me. “Move you’re in my seat,” he said with pure force.

The guys start shaking at his intensity then gather his stuff, going towards an empty desk in the front. He sat down and turned towards me, causing his brows to furrow as he scans the room.

I turn around six seats away from him and smirk. While he’s threatening the student in front of the teacher who should’ve said something, I sneaked towards the front of the classroom.

He returned my smirk causing mine to drop. Slowly, he sat down and mouth something to me. My eyes narrow, reading his lips, but I couldn’t. I shake my head and shrug my shoulders.

He rolls his eyes, pulls out a notebook, and a pencil, which causes my eyes to widen. I thought that backpack is for show, probably containing cigarettes, condoms, and other unspeakable things. Who knew that he used it for educational purposes. I had never been more proud of Jax. Then again, I never actually felt anything towards him.

I thought he gave up on bothering me, so I turned back towards the teacher. Soon, I feel someone poking my shoulder. I turn around to see a guy passing me a folded piece of paper; then, he points his thumb towards Jax. I glance at Jax, who’s comfortably leaning against his chair with an irresistible smirk on his lips.

I turn slightly, noticing some curious eyes regarding the relationship between us. Cautiously, I open the piece of paper. I glance at Jax, who’s still smirking, then wink at me.

“Game on, Grinch.”

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