Jessica Thompson as That Girl

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IX. My Queen

Jessica’s POV:

Immediately, I swerve the car towards a parking lot. I click on a button. “Get out of my car,” I spoke in a stern tone.

Jax sat there, shaky hands gripping onto the seat belt as his breathing shortened in rapid motion. “Are you crazy, lady?” he screamed, staring at me with widening eyes. “You could’ve killed us with that damn sharp turn of yours!”

I raise my hand, causing the so-called bad boy of the school to flinch back. “Boy, you’re on a short leash right now,” I spoke icily, knowing my temper is about to snap.

Jax took a few blinks before leaning forward. “Wow.”


“I...I think...I think I like that.”

My brows crunched, “What?”

He grinned, “Yell at me again.” The edge of my lips twitched in utter repulsion. “I like it when my lady takes control like that.”

I scoffed, “Your lady? I don’t think so.”

Jax rested his elbows on top of his glove compartment. “What must I do to get into your bedroom tonight?”

That sounds so wrong on so many levels. “I’m confused.”

He tilts his head. “About what, baby girl?”

I place a finger in the air. “First of all, don’t ever call me baby girl again.”


“Stop,” I hissed slowly.

“ Queen.”

I clenched my hands on the wheel and closed my eyes. “Ten...Nine...Eight-”

“Eight,” he said mockingly.

I ground my teeth. “Seven...Six-”

“Six,” his voice pitched.

The veins in my head were popping with each passing second as the cars continued passing us on the road. “Five-”

“Six,” he continued saying.








“Six!” He suddenly shouted.

I grab the pillow behind the car and smack him with it. “Why” smack “are” smack “you” smack “doing” smack “this” smack “to” smack “me!” Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jax covers his face with his forearms. “Lady!” he shouted, grabbing the pillow from me. “Are you trying to kill me!”

“Yes!” I shrieked back, causing him to shrink. “I am trying to murder a stupid guy tonight!”

“Well, you’re not doing a very good job.” He went back to his mocking tone. “Everyone knows, if you murder, you should never murder someone you like. Duh.”

“I don’t like you!”

“Everyone likes me!”

“Says who?”


At that moment, I want to yank my hair out. Instead, I threw the pillow at him and growled in frustration. I slammed my head against the wheel, while Jax cuddled with the pillow.

After some silence, Jax pokes my side. “What?” I grumbled, long hair swaying against my cheeks as I stared at my lap.

“Are you upset?”

“No,” I replied sarcastically. “I’m chirpy!” I threw my face up. “Why wouldn’t I be so happy? I mean, I get to breathe the same air as Jax Rocco, the most handsome bad boy.”

He sat up straighter. “Are you...Are you mocking me?” He places his hand on his chest and gasps.

“No...I dare not to mock you, my royal bad boy highness.”

His jaw cracked as he moved it from left to right before a short chuckle escaped. “Wow.” He threw himself back. “Grinch, you sure got balls.”

“They’re called ovaries stupid head. Suppose you’re going to praise me. Praise me correctly.” I couldn’t believe I was sitting in the same car as Jax Rocco and even went as far as insulted him - more than once in less than ten minutes.

Jax released a deep breath, before crossing his arms and closed his eyes. The silence felt eerie, and my lungs constricted. “Let me stay in your bedroom...please.”

“Give me a good reason why I should.”

He turns his head to the side, not allowing me to see his face any further. “My parents are fighting, and I don’t want to go home.”

“Is Mr.BadBoy showing me his sensitive side right now?” I said teasingly.

After some time, I realized that Jax wouldn’t respond. He wasn’t playing around. I didn’t know what to say. I can’t say yes because Jax is barely someone I know, someone I can only call my acquaintance at the most.

I swallow, tapping my fingers against the wheel. “What about your friends?”

“They’re busy tonight.”

“There are more important things than helping out a friend?” I question.

“Yes...there are always more important things.” He grabs the handle, but my fingers automatically click the lock button.

Jax tilted his head towards me.

“I’ll let you stay for the night.”

Immediately, he broke into a grin, no longer his serious self. “That’s my girl.” He pokes my cheek.

I rolled my eyes and slapped his hand away before turning the engine back on. I pull out of the parking lot and into the lanes. “Tell me,” I said, as he dares twiddle with my radio. “Why did you ask to stay with me?”

He stops at a station, allowing the light music to whisp across the air. “Why not?”

“Because we barely interact with each other. I can be a serial killer or-” I stop at a red light, “Your stalker.”

His cheeks puffed up before a roar of laughter jumped into the car. “My stalker? You!” He leans in closer, causing me to narrow back. “So, tell me, what do you fantasize about doing to me?”

I huff a breath before pushing his face back then resume the drive.

“You seem nice. That’s all,” he said.

“And if I weren’t?”

He shrugged, “I’m glad you are.”

“I’m not comfortable with our interactions. Don’t you dare talk so comfortably to me at school.” I decided to clarify our relationship.

He places both hands in the air. “I promise...I won’t talk to you at school.”

Pulling up to my house, I scan the area. “Jump over the fence. There is a tree beside my bedroom. Climb that tree and wait for me. Make sure no one sees you.”

He unclicks the seatbelt. “Have you done this before?” I pinch his arm, causing him to jolt back. Jax covers it with his hand. “What did I do?”

I wave at him before getting out of the car. “Hey, you didn’t answer me. I am the first guy sneaking into your bedroom, right?”

I grab the groceries.


I slammed the door on his face.

Jax sprint past me and leap over the fence. He is oddly very good at that, which makes me a bit concerned. Jiggling the key in my hand, I pushed it into the hole but halted when I heard a plant pot breaking.

“Fucking Jax,” I whispered underneath my breath before opening the door. Putting all the stuff away, I avoid my parents’ eyes while greeting them.

Once I reach the stairs, I walk quickly towards my bedroom. I closed and locked the room then went towards the window. Unlocking it, Jax rolled inside with a bleeding knee.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

He held onto his knee and hopped towards my bed. “I accidentally broke one of your plant pots. I tried to fix it, but I tripped on my shoelaces and fell on top of the broken pot.” Jax hissed before looking up at me. “I’m okay.”

“Well, I’m not! You’re getting blood all over my new bedsheets and floor!” I point at the small amount of blood he scraps on my carpet.

He looks down. “Oh...I’m sorry.”

Afterward, I treat Jax’s knee. He hissed slowly when I dab on the alcohol. I chuckle slowly, seeing him closed his eyes, before slapping on the bandage.

“You’re good at this,” he said, staring at the applied bandage.

“Brody gets hurt all the time playing football,” I said, placing the first aid kit on top of the closet shelf.

There was a knock on the door, and I’m grateful that my parents trust me enough to give me a lock. My stomach spirals in discomfort, knowing I am betraying their trust. “Yes, mom?”

“Dinner is ready!”

“I’m coming!”

I sigh, “Don’t leave this bedroom.”

Jax leans back, making himself comfortable. “What if I have to pee?” I walk towards my desk and grab a bottle. I threw it at Jax, who caught it perfectly. He places it in the air. “You want me to use this?”

“Not a drop on my floor.”

Jax’s lips twirl into a seductive looking smirk, “You’re a fascinating girl.”

“I know...You never met a girl like me.” I pull out one of the classic playboy lines.

He shook his head. “No, you’re just” he places his bicep in the air and smack it, “manly.”

“I’m a female.”

He grinned, “Prove it.”

“Stay in this room.”

He shrugged, “Anything you want.” He leans inward, elbows on his knees. “Anything for your kindness.”

I groan before exiting the room. During dinner, my eyes continuously skew towards the stairs, praying everything will be okay. This is my first time sneaking a guy into my bedroom, a guy I barely interact with—a guy with one of the worst reputations at school.

“Not hungry?” Mom asked.

I smiled, partially wondering if Jax is hungry. “My eating habits have been odd.”

“She’s pregnant,” Brody said.

I threw a piece of bread at him.

He caught it. “See? Anger, a sign of pregnancy.”

Dad smacks him on the head. “Oh, I guess I’m pregnant too,” he said, and we all burst out laughing.

After dinner, I help mom wash the dishes. If I dash into my bedroom, it’ll only seem suspicious. The bell rang. “Who’s here this late at night?”

“I got it!” Brody screamed. He leaps off the couch and rushes towards the front door.

“Sup, Barrett.”

I turn my head to meet a familiar face. His mouth twirls into a tight smile, “Hey, Jess.”

“Todd,” mom said, taking off her gloves to hug him while I stood there. “What are you doing here?”

Brody smacks his head. “This is what I forgot,” he mumbled to himself. “Mom, can Todd sleepover for the week?”

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