Haven't Had Enough

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Chapter 2: First Date

Charlotte stood alone, watching from the door, when her emotions finally hit her. The tears that she had been fighting against finally broke through and she began to sob. With tears running down her cheeks, she watched the car drove off with blurred vision. What was supposed to be a magical day full of smiles and happiness for this young couple had taken a turn for the absolute worst. She cupped her face as she turned away and walked back into the kitchen. She thought about many things.

Was this the last time we would ever see each other? It was not certain that Jacob would ever return, but then again, nothing in life is ever certain or set in stone. The last moment of their marriage could be in that very moment. He could be gone forever. He may never meet their child. As the realization of the severity of the situation hit Charlotte, she promised herself to love her husband every day that he was gone, and love her baby enough for the both of them.

The days went on and Charlotte started to come to terms with her new reality. She sat at the worn kitchen table tapping a pen ever so lightly as she tried to write to her husband. Carefully, she rested the pen on the table before running her fingers through her long blonde hair and let out a loud sigh. For once in her life she did not know how to communicate with Jacob. This was the first time in three years they had been apart for more than a few days; it was difficult; her heartache had her lost in her own mind.

Charlotte sat back on the wooden chair, her arms crossed against her body. She thought about the first date, her and Jacob shared. It was a cool October day, when he showed up on the steps of her family’s house. In his right hand he held many red and yellow daisies. He had worn a red and blue plaid shirt and a pair of light brown khaki's. His brown hair was covered by his black hat. Charlotte’s father had answered the door, with a frown on his face. Her father, Sheriff Don had not approved of Jacob, as Jacob had a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I’ll get her, you best be careful with my daughter” Don turned and called for his daughter.

“Yes Sir” Jacob muttered quietly. Charlotte appeared at the front door, wearing a light pink knee length dress, her blonde curls rested on her shoulders. “You look beautiful” Jacob smiled as he handed her the flowers. Charlotte took the flowers from him, a small grin escaped from her lips. This boy was going to be something special, she had felt that feeling since they day they had met.

Charlotte followed him down the short path from the front door to the driveway. Jacob gripped the door handle of his blue ford truck, and swung it open. Charlotte got into the passenger seat. He carefully closed the door, before walking around and getting into his seat. As he got into his truck, he could not help but smile.

After arriving at the fair, Jacob rummaged in his pocket for his wallet. Charlotte watched him intently as he pulled out some cash to pay for the tickets.

“And who said chivalry was dead” Charlotte smiled as he handed her the ticket.

“I want this night to be special for us” Jacob said as he took her hand a led her into the fair grounds. The night went on as most would expect a first date to go.

They two walked throughout most of the fair exploring the activities, laughing and smiling the entire time. They approached the Ferris wheel; Charlotte shook her head when she realized Jacob wanted them to go on it.

“These things always break” Charlotte stated with a hint of worry.

“I’ll be there to protect you” Jacob smiled, as he took his hand in hers. Charlotte nodded, a sense of comfort she felt holding his hand. Once it was there turn to go onto the Ferris wheel, she clutched his hand tightly. Charlotte’s nervousness caused a small smile to appear on Jacob’s face. They sat down on the uncomfortable ride; Jacob swung his arm around her shoulders, hoping she would relax knowing he was there to comfort him. As the ride started there was a loud screech, which caused Charlotte’s body to contract and her grasp to tighten.

“I hate these things” Charlotte muttered.

“You have no idea how adorable this is” Jake smiled as her turned his gaze to her. The wheel came to a loud stop at the top, the whole town could be seen from this very spot, but neither Charlotte nor Jacob had noticed the view. They both were looking into each-other’s eyes. Charlotte had thought about kissing him right then and there, although she hated being on this ride, she could not help but enjoy the time with him. As she looked intently into his green eyes, he turned his head to the view. She followed his gaze and gasp as she saw the beauty.

“Not so bad?” Jacob turned his gaze back to her.

“I would not have seen this, if it wasn’t for you” Charlotte smiled. She focused her eyes towards him; she softly kissed him on the cheek, to show him a sign of thanks. She watched as a small smile showed up on his face. The ride began to start again, and the two sat happily as it came closer to the ground. When it was time to exit the ride, Charlotte pulled Jacob towards the exit.

“What’s the rush?” Jacob questioned confusedly.

“I wanted to do this” Charlotte spoke soft as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jacob followed suit and wrapped his arms around her waist. Charlotte bit her lip, she was not ready to take the first step into this relationship that they could have so she stopped herself from kissing him. Instead she stood in his arms and felt so content; she could have stayed there for hours. She pushed up on her tippy toes and planted a kiss on his cheek. Jacob smiled he had thought about kissing her throughout the Ferris wheel ride and though against it, as he did not want to rush things.

Charlotte’s gaze was taken over by a fair activity, it was a balloon dart throw. Jacob grasped her hand and led her over to the booth. He attempted to throw the dart, as soon as it left his hand he knew it was going to hit the target. With a loud pop, he had done it. He was handed a large stuffed bear, with a grin he past it to Charlotte.

“Don’t say I never gave you anything” Jacob smiled as he swung his arm over her shoulders.

“I love it” Charlotte grinned.

As the night had drawn to an end, Jacob drove Charlotte home. She went to get out of his truck, when she noticed Jacob quickly jump out of his side and ran over to her side, swung open the door to greet her.

“You've been such a gentleman tonight” Charlotte whispered in his ear as she slipped out of the truck. Jacob closed the truck door and they both stood in the driveway silently. Jacob knew that Charlotte was never going to make the first move so he tapped his cheek, signally her to kiss his cheek. She smiled and nodded, taking a step forward and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

Just as her lips were about to touch his skin, he turned his head and their lips slowly brushed together. It didn’t last longer than three seconds, but it was filled with passion and love, it was a prefect first kiss. She pulled back to look at him, she blushed slightly after realizing he had used her kind nature towards them kissing. Charlotte had been waiting for this moment all night, especially after the way he had held her close during the Ferris wheel. As she watched his reactions, the look in his eyes was all she needed to do it again. Jacob looked down at her lips and saw as she licked them. He smiled before initiating another kiss, this time though, their kiss was filled with urgency and want. Jacob ran his tongue over her bottom lip and she gladly granted him access. He moaned as they explored each other’s mouths for the first time. Jacob grasped her hips and lifted her up; she wrapped her arms around his neck as he pushed her into the side of the truck.

After a few minutes of being caught up in the moment, Charlotte noticed the front light on the porch flicker a few times. She pulled away slowly, as she was enjoying this moment far too much to stop now. She smiled as the look on Jacob’s face had said everything she needed it to.

“That was perfect” Charlotte whispered into his ear before wiggling her way out of his grasp.

“You are perfect” He muttered as he watched her walk the short path to her front door. Charlotte turned back and smiled before heading into her house.

Charlotte felt her eyes begin to water, as the tears began to fall. That first date had been the best date she had ever been on. That was when she knew exactly what to write to her husband. She gently reached for the pen and started to write to him.

After she had finished the letter, she gently placed into the small envelop and left the house, walking down the pathway and to the sidewalk. She smiled, hoping he would enjoy this letter as much as she had enjoyed writing it. As her small ivory hands opened the mailbox and slipped the letter in. On the back of the letter she had drawn a picture of a Ferris wheel.

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