Haven't Had Enough

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Chapter 3: First Sight

It had been exactly five days since Jacob had left home, and with that home he had left behind two parts of himself; his wife and their unborn child. The last few days had been trying, he found himself pondering about Charlotte. What was she doing right now? Was she managing okay? He had experienced many military exercises that came with early mornings and long nights, he definitely was not in as good as shape as he had once thought. These past few days had taken a lot out of him.

A tall bulky man, with a similar haircut of Jacob’s, led the unit out into a large field. This man was the captain of the unit, Captain Michaels. Jacob let out a huge sigh as he realized it was going to be another workout session. The better he prepared, the better he would be when it was time ship out into the war.

“If you maggots thought the last five days were difficult, you’re all in for a world of pain” The captain yelled before leading the group off onto a run. They ran in groups of four and it was required that everyone kept the same pace. They ran 5 miles each day, but today the captain had added another run hence them running now. Jacob’s breathing had become heavy and he was sweating like he had never before. The group ran through the training camp, up a large hill past the mess hall, and through a path into the forest. There were fresh flowers peaking up in the soil in the forest, it remind him of Charlotte. He smiled slightly as he ran; the weekend that Charlotte had spent planting the snap dragons in garden.

“Are you going to help me handsome?” Charlotte asked. She was knelt down on the grass in front of the small garden she had dug out. Her elbows were deep in the soil as she was planting the beautiful garden she had begged him to have. Her blonde hair pulled away from her face with a yellow bandanna tied tightly on the top of her head. She was wearing one of his shirts that read Scott & Son auto repair. Her jeans hugged her curves so well that he couldn’t help but stare as she worked.

“I was having more fun watching” Jacob smiled as he pushed up his sleeves and joined her. He still couldn’t believe that they had fixed up this old house, into something they both could be proud of. As the two bickered deciding on where to plant the snap dragons, he could not help but smirk. His dream of having the most beautiful girl in town had come true and here they knelt trying to make this house their home. He glanced over to Charlotte, as she dug a small hole. He thought about distracting his lovely wife, instead of planting the flower he put a little bit of dirt on his finger and reached over and put some on the tip of her nose. He watched as she gasped, she had not expected him to do that.

“Is this how is it going to be?” Charlotte bit her lip as she turned and threw a clump of dirt at him that hit him in the chest. They both started to laugh; Charlotte stood up and ran to the side of the house. Jacob smiled as he followed her, with a small amount of dirt in his hand. She yelled for him to stop, he was enjoying this and he was not going to give up that easy. As he turned the corner, she was nowhere to be seen.

“Charlie, you’re not making this easy” Jacob called out as he continue around the side of the house. As he made his way into the backyard he felt the dirt hit him in the face, he quickly closed his eyes. Once he opened them, his eyes met hers, and he saw the devilish grin playing across her lips with a look of pure lust as her eyes sparkled. Before she could even say anything, he stepped closer to her dropping the dirt in his hand. The way she was looking at him had made his head go crazy.

Charlotte could feel his eye’s on her as she stepped back hoping that he was not trying to get even. She shut her eyes, wrinkling her face as she waited to see if he was going to get her. When she opened them again he was staring at her, she took a moment to look at him up and down, he was perfect, and she could spend all day staring at him. Charlotte took a step forward and placed her ivory hands on his chest, she smirked as she felt his hands on her hips. Just the feeling of his hands on her had sent a shock through her entire her body.

Jacob leaned down and kissed her hungrily. He ran his tongue across her bottom lip and she quickly granted him access. He gently pushed her against the side of the house as he continued to ravish her mouth and moaned into the kiss. He moved his lips to her neck as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I always love when you wear my clothes” He smiled into her neck. He carefully pulled them away from the house.

“I love this” Charlotte smiled.

He continued his run, with a smile on his face. He may have been struggling but thinking of his beautiful wife and moments they had shared was a nice distraction. After the run had been completed Jacob stopped, the sweat ran down his face. He ran his hands over his face to wipe the sweat, which reveal a slew of freckles across his nose and his slim face seemed to lack the energetic personality he was known for back home. He placed his hands on his thighs as he let out a few deep breaths. The exhaustion was setting in; he had pushed his limits every day.

“Didn’t think you would make it through that last bit” Captain Michaels joined Jacob.

“I knew I would, I had a little help from back home” Jacob smiled as he looked up at his captain.

“Building endurance is the fundamental point in the army, for those of you who think you’re at your breaking point. There is much more to come, I hope you all rest well tonight” Captain Michaels walked away from the group.

Jacob made his back to the barracks. He changed out of his uniform, and slipped into a pair of grey sweatpants and a white tank top. He washed his face, before he realized that today was the first day mail was going to be delivered. He sat on the edge of his bunk, lightly tapping his foot on the ground. He hoped Charlotte had written him, he would have done anything to hear from his beautiful wife.

“Garrison” The tall bulky captain called out as he handed the mail to another recruit; his name tag read Captain Michaels. “Scott” Jacob jumped up and walked over to his captain. The look of relief in his eyes as he saw the Ferris wheel drawn on the back, a small smile escaped from his lips.

“Thank you, Sir” Jacob took the letter and headed back to his bunk. He ran this finger along the picture that his wife had drawn. Jacob smirked as he thought about their first date and the Ferris wheel. He slid his finger along the edge of the envelope to open it. He couldn’t remember the last time they were apart for more than a few days, and this letter was exactly what he needed. He missed his wife so much; he took a deep breath and carefully unfolded the paper.

He instantly smiled, as he read the first few lines. She had described their first date, and it was exactly how he had remembered it. It made him long for her to been near him, he wanted to hold her in his arms or just have a conversation with her. It had killed him inside not to be able to see her or communicate with her, they had been inseparable for so long, it was just different for them. As he read the last few lines of the letter, those were the words that meant the most to him.

Jacob Elijah Scott, I love you with all of my heart. I miss you so much and this memory helped me realized that although we are apart, our love story is not over. I haven’t had enough of you yet for this to be done. This is just a bump in the road. I need you to be safe for our child; Love you always, Charlotte.

He looked around to the other bunks as other men sat reading their mail, and he could see the same looks on their faces. He reached over to his pack and pulled out a piece of paper, a pencil and a small photograph he had brought. The picture was taken shortly after that first date; she wore a pair of jeans with white converse and a light purple sweater. Her hair was tied up into a bun on the top of her head, he couldn’t believe it but her blue eyes sparkled, even if it was in a picture. He could see the happiness in her eyes.

Jacob remembered the day he had first seen Charlotte. She had caught his eye the moment he had seen her. He had been sitting in a local park with a few of his buddies; discussing their plans for the evening, when he saw her walk out of a local market. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She worn a pair of brown knee high boots, with blue jeans and a grey hoodie that reminded him of salt and pepper. Her blonde hair wrapped in an elaborate braid. Even at a distance he could see the sparkle in her eye, this girl was something else.

He watched intently as she struggled to fit the brown bagged items into the car. He thought about getting up and helping this young woman, maybe this could be the start of their love story. But before he could he saw another young man approach her. Jacob thought to himself of course a woman like that would already have a man. He shook his head slightly. This guy looked like a total waste of time; he looked rough around the edges, he had no reason to talk to this girl. She deserved someone special. He watched as she shut down the guy, as the guy walked away from her; Jacob could not help but smile, she knew that he wasn’t the right one for her.

He noticed as she looked ahead, they made eye contact only for a second before she refocused her attention. Jacob couldn’t help but smile, he knew today wasn’t the day to approach her. But someday in the future he would and he wanted to blow her away. This girl was going to be something special and he wanted to make sure he did not let her slip away.

“Boys, now I have a more important question, than our plans this evening” Jacob questioned the group. The three boys turned their heads to focus on Jacob.

“What is it, Jake?” The dark haired bearded friend asked.

“Anyone have any idea on who the gorgeous blonde is?” Jacob turned his attention to the beautiful girl, as his friends followed suit.

“I think that’s Charlotte O’Connor” another friend with a baseball cap on responded.

“Joe, O’Connor wouldn’t that be the Sheriffs daughter then?” Jacob curiosity began to grow.

“Yeah I think that is his daughter” Joe responded as he flipped his hat backwards to get a better look at the girl. Jacob and his friends had not had to best track record with Sheriff Don O’Connor. Always getting caught doing something wrong, like the time they had decided change all the town’s signs from announcing the upcoming events to non-repeatable words. Or how about the time they had decided to throw a party in the woods, and good old Sheriff showed up.

Jacob knew that getting to know this girl would definitely be a challenge for him. Sheriff Don was not his biggest fan, but he wanted to know this girl. He had never seen a woman like this before and instantly knew that it was going to be something wonderful.

Jacob smiled, as he wrote down his memory for his wife. He felt that this letter would be special for her. Once he had finished the letter he flipped over the envelope and drew a small picture of her standing outside of the market.

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