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Roommates With Benefits - OLD VERSION

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Chapter 1 - Talk about ultra-rushed start...

WARNING: mature content ahead


I woke up at the loud sound of music. Literally. Three Days Grace were blasting through the corridor. At least he's got some taste in music.

Lukas had succeeded in taking all his things here in one day, so last night he slept here. He was busy settling, so luckily I ate my dinner alone then disappeared in my room.

Groggily, I stretched an arm to grab my phone. 8 am. He's willing to die, isn't he?

Since Fran feels better, my shift starts at 3 in the afternoon, so I could sleep till noon if I wanted, also because I fell asleep by 2 am yesterday. My fresh new roommate doesn't agree apparently.

He might have been a troublemaker ready to punch whoever crossed his road, but I'm worse than Godzilla if disturbed in my sleep.

Grudgingly, I stood up and headed to the kitchen, where I found Lukas among the stoves. Quite an odd sight, if I may. From where I was,I could see only his white t-shirt really doing nothing to hide the goodies underneath it,but I tried to ignore it.

"Good morning, Sunshine."

He greeted me once he saw me.

"Slept good?"

I glared at him and sat at the island.

"You're dead, Bennet."

I grumbled, but he chuckled.

"Come on, it's not that early."

"It's fucking 8 am."


I glared at him, but he just winked at me and passed me a plate with Eggs Benedict in it.

"What's this?"

I asked, confused.

"Looks like breakfast to me."

He replied, leaning on the sink while another portion of eggs was on the stoves.

"I never eat breakfast."

"That's bad. You should."

I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but my breakfast only consists of green tea."

"What, are you on a diet or something?"

"I'm just not used to eating in the morning."

"Breakfast is the most important meal."


I stood up and reached for the cupboard, feeling his eyes on me. I wondered why, but then remembered that, being still hot, my pajama only consists of black shorts and a purple tank top that shows enough of my plump breasts to make a man forget about where my brown eyes are.

"Keep staring like that and you'll become blind, Bennet."

I commented while grabbing my mug from the cupboard. He smirked.

"I will if I actually do what I need, honey."

I turned around, confused by his comeback and ... my jaw dropped as I realized what a damn boner he had in his pants ... fuck! Is it possible that just the sight of my rear side caused him that?? He didn't even hide it!

"If you keep staring like that, he'll only get more excited, sweetheart."

He mocked me and my eyes snapped to his, only to glare at him.

"Touch me and you're dead meat."

I threatened, going to sit at the island, just to show him I wasn't that prude. He chuckled.

"Pretty sure you wouldn't resist."

"Pretty sure I'll cut off your balls if you even try to touch me."

He smirked. Silence reigned for a moment, but as I stood up to grab a spoon, I found myself pressed against the counter.

"I am touching you, honey, now what?"

Lukas provoked, his lips brushing my earlobe as his body was pressed against mine, so much that I could clearly feel what he had in his pants for me.

"Get off of me."

I ordered through gritted teeth.

"Or what?"

"Or I make you regret you were ever born."

He pressed harder against me.

"Mmh ... I like it rough ..."

He whispered in my ear, actually biting my earlobe. His hands gripped my hips and he crushed me into his raging erection.

"You've caused this, the least you can do is help me get rid of it."

He said, moving me so that my butt was brushing against his below. When I couldn't retain a moan, he chuckled and jerked his hips to press harder.

"So it's a mutual problem, huh? Guess we can find a solution together ..."

"Get off of me."

In response his hands gripped me harder and they slid down, dangerously close to the hem of my shorts as he now started nibbling on my neck.

"I can make you see God, baby."

He sensually whispered in my ear. For some reason I snorted.

"I bet you could barely make me feel you."

I provoked. He smirked.

"Wanna try?"

He proposed, rubbing his erection against my butt, actually making me moan, and I leaned my hands on the counter, unconsciously bending over.

"Mmh ... I take it as a yes ..."

He said and one of his hands pulled down the back of my shorts. He groaned as he rubbed some more.

"Oh, fuck, I'm pretty sure you're so maddeningly tight ..."

I could feel the cotton stuff of his boxers, but it wasn't enough not to make me feel how hard was what hid beneath them. Lukas pulled my shorts definitely down so I was left in panties, which were of the quite little kind, I mean,not thong,but neither mama's coulotte, so yeah, they showed much of my ass, to his pleasure.

He groaned as he pressed himself harder against me, causing another moan to ripple out of me. His hands soon reached my breasts and he took them out of the top that was barely containing them anyway. I moaned when he squeezed them and he pinched both my now hardened nipples, making me moan louder.

Unconsciously, I pulled my hand back and started rubbing him through the stuff of his boxers, making him groan in pleasure. I pulled down the stuff and yelped when I felt his member touch my bare skin.

Abruptly leaving my breasts, he pulled down my panties and pushed me on the counter, so that my boobs touched the cool material and I moaned, even more when Lukas, spread my ass cheeks, rubbing himself in between them.

"Oh, fuck, I need to be inside. Right now. More than fucking air."

He groaned. I gripped the marble of the counter, trying to prepare myself, but nothing. I turned around, only to see his disappointed face.


I asked. He sighed.

"Ran out of condoms."

My head literally fell down on the cool material of the counter, disappointment filling me as he was supposed to do right now. And I even look like a slut now! Giving in to someone I barely know! What the hell was I thinking??

I felt Lukas restarting what he'd stopped, though.

"What are you doing?"

I asked.

"I'm as hard as a fucking rock, I need a way out."

"Yeah, and doing that helps?"

He sighed.

"Tara, you've tried anal? Tell me yes."

"What? No! And don't even think of initiating me!"

I wriggled away, but he grabbed my arm. I looked indecent, my shorts to my feet, my panties to my knees, my top and bra pulled down, exposing my hypersensitive boobs. Jeez, it's true that I've been on short for a long while but to hook up with somebody I barely know! Yeah, Lukas isn't totally a stranger, but still ...

"You need this just as much as I do."

He told me.

"Jerk off and don't bother me."

I replied harshly, yanking his arm off me. He sighed.

"Wanna give me a hand at least? Or, better ... mouth?"

He proposed. I rolled my eyes, but he pressed me against the counter.

"Come on... I'll relieve you if you relieve me."

"What makes you think I need it?"

I moaned when he stuck one finger inside my needy hole.

"Because you're fucking wet, baby."

He said as he started pumping in and out.

"And God, I need to fuck your brains out right now, but I can't, so I'll just settle for fingers."

He continued, speeding up, so that I moaned louder.

"But believe me, I'll go buy those fucking condoms and will have you writhing underneath me before this day ends. I swear."

I should have been shocked or scandalized or something, but the truth is, I was simply turned on by his words.

Against my every will, I moaned his name out loud when he started pumping faster and harder, but just as I was about to reach my climax, he stopped, making me gasp.

"Mmh ... you taste like Heaven."

He commented, licking, yes, licking his fingers that had just been inside me. Can't describe how damn hot the sight was.

"It's your turn now, baby."

He told me with a smirk.

"You haven't finished."

I kind of complained, feeling an unbearable ache between my thighs, and he chuckled.


He simply replied.

"I'll finish once you've done."

Jerk. I narrowed my eyes at him, but he simply winked.

"I can just lock myself in my room and finish it myself."

I commented. He smirked, pushing me on the counter.

"I can as well jerk off while thinking of how will it feel to pound into your tight paradise, but I'm pretty sure your pink lips around me would be so much better..."

He told me as he rubbed his member against my core, making me moan.

"You're such an ass."

I accused and he smirked.

"I know, and you want me, don't you?"

Hold it together, Tara, you can't just give in to this idiot! I inhaled harshly and pushed him off.

"Go fuck yourself, Bennet. Literally."

I barked and, left both shorts and panties on the kitchen floor, I walked to my room, absolutely sure that his eyes were stuck on my b-side, in fact I put some more swaying in my walk, and that most probably his hand was where it shouldn't have been if he was a gentleman.

Once in my room, I closed the door and slumped on bed with a sigh.

Fuck, he's made me so horny ... guess I'll actually finish what he started by myself.

I'd been pleasuring myself for a couple of minutes, eyes closed, when I reopened them, really close to my climax, and I spotted that jerk leaning on my doorframe, watching me! His hand obviously taking care of his true brain.

I should have stopped and abuse him verbally in anger, but ... I didn't ... I just continued what I was doing and looked straight into his eyes, only to see that he was as close as I was.

I moved faster and the orgasm rippled out of me with such force that I nearly fainted, but I didn't take my eyes off him and yeah, he came too. What a damn couple of perverts we are ...

Lukas smirked as he came closer and, instinctively, I closed my legs, just to avoid giving him strange ideas. Yes, we were about to do that only some minutes ago, and yes, against my every logical cell I'd gladly push him on bed and straddle him, riding him all day, but ... no condoms, so yeah, no fun. He opened up my legs, though, and brought his face in between them.

"What are you doing?"

I asked, unable to retain myself.

"Taking the breakfast I skipped."

He simply replied and ... oh, God, dipped his tongue into my core, making me feel higher and higher, so much that I was constantly wriggling away so he had to grip my hips to hold me down. My whole body trembled as I reached my orgasm and he licked every single drop of my precious nectar.

"Better than orange juice, definitely."

He commented, licking his lips. I felt actually exhausted and was still wheezing when he positioned himself in between my thighs, so I instinctively tried to close them, but he pulled them apart.

"What the hell do you think you're doing??"

I asked angrily. He smirked and got closer.

"Turns out there was a survivor after all."

He told me, reaching behind his back to show me the little square wrapping.

"You still owe me an oral treatment, but hey, I'm gonna get that later."

"What makes you think I agree?"

He smirked.

"I'm in between your thighs, about to slip a condom on my as hard as a rock cock, and you're not pushing me away, so yeah, you agree."

He replied, irritatingly right.

"Plus, your eyes are blazing with mad lust, so you want me, very much so."

"I could say the same to you."

Well, yeah, his blue eyes were darkening more and more with lust. He smirked.

"Well, that's no secret, baby. I want you. And I'm taking you. Right here. Right now."

He said as he pushed himself inside slowly. I didn't even see him slipping on the condom. I moaned half in pain as he pushed farther, trying to get more inside, cursing when he couldn't.

"Fuck, you're so tight ..."

He stretched me open and I moaned, moaned and moaned ... already seeing God, Christ and every saint. Lukas kept thrusting into me, speeding up once he was sure he wouldn't hurt me, and, oh, my God, did it feel good!

My pride wanted to hold it back, but yeah, I moaned his name louder and louder and he smirked against the crook of my neck, where his tongue was having its own fun torturing me. When he pulled up, he gripped my hips and gave me a deeper thrust that had me trying to wriggle away for how actually damn deep he was going, but he kept me there and continued with his game. Jeez, he reached G-spot, H-spot and all the damn alphabet, making me moan so loud that I bet my neighbors could hear me. And once I reached it ... oh, God ... it never felt so good.

But he didn't stop, so much that I whimpered in half pain as he kept thrusting throughout my orgasm and I was so sensitive, but tell you what, it felt even better because orgasms just built up together and in the end there were three of them in a row!

Once, after the third one, my body relaxed a bit, Lukas turned me around like I was as light as a plume, and made me get on my hands and knees so that he could restart. At some point my head crawled down as I practically hugged the pillow because he was going so damn hard that really, I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my skin.

Of course, he couldn't forget about my boobs, in fact he bent down to squeeze them, still digging faster and harder, so much that I just fell down and he smirked, but continued, only pulling himself up to go deeper and deeper.

"You're gonna have to ride me now, baby."

He whispered sensually in my ear as he pulled us both up and flipped us, so that I was on top. I knew he wanted me to turn around so that he could have a nice sight of my boobs going up and down as I rode him, but I remained where I was and actually bent down, pushing myself on him, giving him a good sight of my rear side, which I think he appreciated since he grabbed my ass cheeks, squeezing them while pulling me on him harder. When I felt a light smack on them I grimaced, but at the same time moaned and secretly I did hope for him to do it again, but didn't say it out loud.

When he pulled up to get control back, I pushed him down and turned around to actually ride him better. He simply leaned his hands behind his head as I, well, yeah, fucked him as he'd fucked me till then.

I took the chance to do something my ex taught me and when Lukas' eyes nearly reached the back of his head, losing his confidence for once, I knew he was liking it.

When I bent down, exhausted, but still working, he gripped my ass and flipped us, so that we were in the initial position again. Seriously, I've lost count of my orgasms.

Unexpectedly, as I was so damn close, Lukas, who'd kept his head on the crook of my neck, came up and ... kissed me. He kissed my lips passionately and made it last throughout all my breathtaking orgasm, just as he reached his climax in the little plastic that separated us.

He kissed me. Why did he kiss me? It was just sex. Yeah, I know, prostitutes make this difference, but ... the thing is, his kiss was too intense and it wasn't simple foreplay or something together with sex, it felt like his implicit confessing me the need to have my lips, that my body wasn't enough, that he wanted more ...

"Why did you kiss me?"

I just couldn't hold it back as he was resting his head on my chest, I bet really enjoying the sight and the closeness of my boobs going up and down.

"I just wanted to. Was it wrong?"

He replied, clearly still affected by our little session.

"No, but why?"

He looked up at me.

"Didn't know I had to respect the rule prostitutes use."

I narrowed my eyes at him, but he simply smirked.

"Did you just say I'm a whore?"

I accused, resented, pushing, well, trying to push him off me, but he stood his ground.

"Calm down, Tarry. I was just saying."

"You were just saying that I'm a whore!"

I slapped his chest,but of course,that being so hard,he didn't even feel it. He frowned.

"Not that I can really disagree. I just let a damn stranger fuck my brains out."

Lukas chuckled at that.

"First, thanks, it's nice to know you appreciated."

He said cockily and I rolled my eyes.

"Then, technically I'm not a stranger. You've known me since high school."

"But we've never talked, never had anything to do with each other."

"But I did know you. I did see you."

"So what? I did see you too, but we never talked. It's like saying that since I see Colin O'Donoghue every week on TV, I know him. That's nonsense."

Lukas chuckled.

"You never talked to me. I did try to talk to you."

I snorted at that.

"You approached me and Sheila just to flirt with her."

"Fine. You're right. I'm a stranger."

He agreed.

"But this stranger just gave you the best sex of your life."

He added, pushing himself deeper. Yes, he was still inside me. I just moaned, gripping his arms, mostly to stop him, because I was too damn sensitive.

"By the way, where did you learn that thing?"

He asked. I smirked.


He arched an eyebrow at me.


"Just didn't expect you to be so ... expert ..."

"I'm not."

"Yeah, what about that thing?"

I chuckled.

"My ex was a jerk, but he did teach me something."

"So that's where it comes from?"


He smirked.

"I could teach you some more things, you know..."

"And I could kick you in the balls right now, you know."

He chuckled.

"Technically, you'd kick yourself."

He said, pushing again.

"I'm still here, baby."

"Yeah, well, it's time to pull out."

"What if I don't want to?"

"What if I punch you?"

"Jeez, you're so fucking hot when you do the badass."

I moaned because as he said that, his member twitched inside me, clear sign he was getting hard again.

"One round, Bennet. That's all you got. No repeat."

He chuckled.

"You sure?"

He pushed again and I bit my tongue not to moan.

"Pretty sure."

I replied, biting my lip, hoping that he wouldn't notice how was I curling my toes to hold it back.

"Really sure?"

He repeated, thrusting inside me, so hard that I couldn't hold back a moan, arching my back, to which he chuckled, amused, and did it again, gaining another moan.

"The condom is probably broken by now."

I tried to say, just to stop him. In fact he did. Pregnancy scare. The most efficient contraceptive, ha!

"Guess I'm just gonna buy some packs and come back here to finish."

He told me, pulling out of me abruptly, so that I whimpered in pain.

"Oops ... sorry."


He simply winked at me.

"What makes you think I'll be here waiting for you?"

I teased.

"Anywhere else to be?"

"No, but nothing tells you I'll let you fuck me again."

He smirked.

"I say you will."

"Uh-uh ... why?"

He pressed his body against mine, bringing his face a mere inch from mine.

"Because you liked it and you want it, no, need it again."

I snorted, even if it was hard to think with his face so close, his hot breath hitting my jaw. He smirked.

"Well, if it's not today it'll be tomorrow, or even tonight. But you'll give in to me again, baby. We both know that you will."


I just commented, averting my gaze, because hey, he was making me give in ... he smirked.

"You know, now that I think about it, we both need a shower ..."

He commented, tickling me by brushing his fingers just beneath my breasts.

"We'll have it separately."

I stated.

"You sure about that?"

I sighed.

"Just because I gave in once, doesn't mean I'll let you fuck me whenever you want to. I have a fucking dignity and a fucking pride and I barely fucking know you!"

He chuckled.

"Wow, you swear a lot for being such a goody-goody ..."

"If I was what you say, I wouldn't have given in."

"Maybe you've always wanted it and you just took the chance now."

"I never wanted you."

"All school wanted me."

"I didn't."

"You sure?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Sheila wanted you, I didn't."

He smirked.

"Sheila. Yeah, we had some fun ... but then she got clingy and you know ..."

I slapped his shoulder.

"It's my best friend you're talking about."

"I said nothing bad. Just that we had fun but then it all finished."

"You mean you dumped her."

"I mean she got clingy and I got tired."

"Sheila's not like that."

"Well, she was with me."

I sighed. If she got clingy with him, it could only mean that she felt something for him. Great, not only I gave it to a damn stranger, but this stranger happens to be the one my best friend was in love with. Can this day go worse?

Yes, it can. Lukas stroked the skin of my neck, making me feel shivers.

"What are you ..."

He kissed me. Again. What's with him and kisses? Wasn't sex enough?


I asked. He smiled, a true smile, not a smug smirk, a real smile.

"Well, you look so cute when lost in thought ... I just had to."

I sighed.

"Don't bullshit me with your wooing words, Bennet. It doesn't work with me."

He chuckled.

"I wasn't bullshitting you, it's the truth. But for the record, I like this fierce Tara better than the shy one, you know. What changed you?"

"Life? I grew up? Why do you even care?"

He shrugged.

"Let me guess, you dated a jerk and he hurt you, so you became a real ..."

"Say bitch to me and you'll become one."

He chuckled.

"God, you have no idea how you turn me on like this."

I rolled my eyes and pushed him off, this time succeeding, but it was a really bad choice ...

"Fuck, I'm so damn sore ..."

I commented out loud, stretching a bit and so being able to hear the crispy sound of my sore bones.

"You're welcome."

Lukas replied smugly.

"Go fuck yourself, Bennet."

I grumbled, opening the wardrobe to grab clean clothes and take a shower.

"I'd really rather fuck you, baby."

He told me in response.

"Well, too bad, you won't. Not again."

"You sure?"

"Pretty sure."

I heard him shuffling on bed and as I bent down I felt his still damn hard little brother on my ass, so I yelped and shot up, making him chuckle.

"You're such a fucking pervert."

In response he pushed me on the closed door of the wardrobe, his body on mine.

"And you want me, don't you? You want me so bad ..."

"I just had you."

"And you want me again."

"Since you're the one remarking it and trying to get me to it, I'd say you want me, not vice versa."

He chuckled against my ear, his hands roaming my body.

"Oh, but I thought that was clear already."

He said.

"I want you, baby. And I'm taking you. Again and again and again."

"Till you get tired?"

"Till you can't move."

He practically had me crushed on the wardrobe, but not violently, I mean, I say crushed because I was completely pressed against it and his body was keeping me from moving as it was completely on me.

"When I'm done with you, you'll barely be able to stand me not being inside of you."

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