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Roommates With Benefits - OLD VERSION

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Chapter 2 - His Challenge


"When I'm done with you, you'll barely be able to stand me not being inside of you."

He whispered sensually in my ear. I stopped breathing, I think. He pulled my hair to the side, exposing my neck so that he could place a kiss on it.

"You know that this is wrong."

I tried to mumble, but in response he just nipped on my sensitive skin, making me arch my back, so that I met his still raging erection, and moan.

I would have dug my nails in the wood of the wardrobe if Lukas hadn't had my hands pinned on both sides, fingers interlaced in mine.

"I don't see why."

He told me, lips brushing the same spot he'd just nipped on.

"I'm single, you're single ..."

"That doesn't mean I can just be your inflatable doll."

He smirked, pressing harder.

"You're better than a doll."

He said.

"At least you scream. Dolls can't. But you do, and oh, in what a sensual way ..."

He pulled my hands down, but only to make me hug myself with his arms covering mine, fingers still interlaced in mine.

"You're so freaking hot when you moan my name, baby ..."

He told me sensually.

"Lukas ..."

"Oh, yeah, baby, say my name."


He smirked.

"God, I need to be inside of you again."

"Too bad. You'll never be."

I shrugged him off me and headed to the bathroom, without clothes, yeah, but I couldn't pick them with him there, he'd cage me again and oh, I know I would have just let him fuck my brains out ... again. Unfortunately, I forgot to lock the door.

"This is getting to sexual harassment, you know?"

I commented as I saw Lukas closing the door behind him as I reached the bathtub.

"Well, report me, if you want. I'll say you just pulled it out of me."

He replied. I frowned.

"That doesn't make any sense."

"Then I'll go to jail, but I'll have had the satisfaction."


He wrapped his arms around me, placing a very sensual kiss on the sensitive skin of my neck.

"The satisfaction of blowing your mind away with too many orgasms."

He whispered in my ear. I couldn't help but smirk.

"You sure you can?"

I teased.

"I've already reached seven in only one session, baby."


Oh, so it was seven. It felt like thousands, for God's sakes! He smirked.

"Yes, seven. Perfect number."

He replied, nibbling on my neck.

"I can just go seven by seven."

He added, his hands falling ... down.

"No condoms left."

I pointed out, trying to stop him. He smirked.

"First, I can go buy them."

He said.

"Then ..."

He bit my earlobe and I moaned.

"I have more than one way to make you come without being inside you."

He told me, his voice so sensual that I would have just said screw precautions, just fuck me on any surface possible!

Jeez, I'm such a whore ... what the hell is with me today?? I'd never do such things. Jeez, I made my ex wait three months before ...doing it!

Gathering up all my strength, I pushed him off me and slipped on my bathrobe, just not to give him further sight to my graces.

"Ok, we're going too far."

I said, but soon averted my gaze. Jeez, even looking at him makes me horny ...what's wrong with me?? I mean,ok, he's hot...damn hot,like...well,like nothing I've ever seen,but...

"This shouldn't have happened."

I stated, backing up when I saw him getting closer. He was even still naked!

"I barely know you. Yes, I've known who you are since high school, but personally, we never had anything to do with each other, so yeah, we're strangers. And I can't let a damn stranger use me like this. It's insane. And I feel like a disgusting slut for this. So, get out of my bathroom and if we can live together like nothing happened, good, otherwise ... well, you'll have to find a place."

I said all of this without even breathing neither looking at him, actually I had my eyes closed. I felt Lukas brushing my arms, so I reopened them and found him in front of me, looking straight into my browns. I didn't dare looking down to see if he had at least something on.

"You're not a slut."

He told me.

"I've just fucked someone I barely know after having seen him for like ... 24 hours, so yeah, I'm a ..."

He interrupted me ... with a kiss. Seriously, what the hell is with him and kisses??

"Letting yourself go is good sometimes."

He told me.

"Just because you gave in to me, doesn't mean you're a slut. There are worst elements. I mean, I've had girls literally throwing themselves at me, do anything for me to take them. Those are sluts. Not you. You're just very sexually frustrated."

"That's no excuse."

"It is. And a good one."

I sighed, rolling my eyes.

"You just say that because then you'll have me doing what you want."

He smirked.

"I say that because it's true and I don't want you to feel bad about it."

Another sigh.

"Let's just act like nothing happened, ok? I really need somebody to share the bills and you're the only one that showed up and for how much of a jerk you are, I can't actually kick you out, so we're gonna have to make it work, but if you keep on ... seducing me, then it won't."

I breathed out. He cracked a smile, stroking my cheek.

"I have an idea."

He told me, a mischievous glint lingering in his eyes ... I know what he's thinking ...


I replied dryly, smacking his hand off my cheek.

"You don't even want to hear it?"

He asked pouting, which made him look lovely, yes, but also so damn irritating.

"Pretty sure it's something like let's be fuck buddies or whatever, so no."

He chuckled.

"Actually I was saying you can come to me when you need to release yourself, but that's better."

"It's the same as fuck buddies."

"Well, it'd be fun."

"For you."

He smirked.

"For you too, baby. You know that."


No, because I have this stupid tendency to leaving my heart in a man's bed and Lukas Bennet is the last man in the world I should ever fall in love with. Ever. Jerks like him use you till they get tired and if you've been so stupid to actually give him your heart, then hey, that's your problem, because Mr. Wonderful likes having fun and the word commitment doesn't even exist in his vocabulary...

So you see, take his cockiness, add his tendency to heartlessly dumping the girl when he gets tired (like he apparently did to my best friend, by the way), my tendency to, like I said, get fond of the jerk with whom I share the bed, then you gain Miss Tara As Stupid As A Monkey Baker getting her heart broken by Mr. Lukas I'm So Fucking Sexy And I Know It Bennet, then add even that the above mentioned idiots are roommates, you get Mr. Bennet's Little Slut trying hard not to cry every time she sees him or leaves his bed.

Why do I know it'll happen? Because I've been through it already. I let one of my ex friends take not only my virginity but also my stupid heart and what did I get? Me crying my heart out on Sheila's shoulder after his "well, you know, it was just for the sex, never thought we could start something, Babycakes", then him, with that nerve he has, after barely two weeks that we've ended our deal because I've stupidly confessed him I'd fallen for him, happily tell me he's found the one and he's married her in Las Vegas.

Although, only a month ago I came to know that Mr. It's Only For The Sex got cheated on by the slut he married and she took away all his money with the divorce, so yeah, suck it, Jason!

"Come on ..."

Lukas told me, lightly nipping on the sensitive skin of my neck, to which I obviously moaned. This guy has seen me for 24 hours and he already knows all my weak spots, damnit!

Once again gathering up all my strength, which, I'm sure, I'm gonna be needing if he lives here, I pushed him off.


I stated. He pouted, the adorable kind of pout a puppy or a baby would have, the kind that makes your knees all wobbly but ... it wouldn't convince me, no, no, no.

"Come on, Lukas, you can have all the girls you want, you don't need to fuck up all my damn existence, I mean, already having you live here is gonna be a torture for me. That's enough, isn't it?"

I tried to say diplomatically.

"We can just try to live together without bothering each other, so I'll have the help I need to pay the bills and you won't have to live under a bridge. Seems fair to me."

He still didn't reply. I remember that look he had on right now, it's the look he has when he's pondering, and, believe me, at least back in high school, Lukas Bennet pondering means great danger, because his evil mind is at work and ... well, that leads to nothing good.

Although, I have to admit it, I've seen him since barely 24 hours now and there isn't really anything left of that cruel bad boy. Maybe he's changed ... after all I have too, so why couldn't he?

"I mean, it's better for you to change girl whenever you want than to just stick with only one, because, I mean, it's implicit that our agreement would be exclusive, so you'd have me only and I'd have you only and that's boring, isn't it?"

It's obvious that I wasn't thinking while talking. Why the hell did I say it'd be exclusive? I bet it sounded like I'm gonna cling onto him if we have sex on a regular basis. Well, that should be good, I mean, it should make him give up on the thing, right? But on the other side, saying that having just him would be boring made me sound like a slut that loves to sleep around ... oh, why the hell can't I just think straight today? It seems like since his hands landed on me my mind has taken a vacancy.

Come back, stupid brain, we can't let Mr. Bad Boy use us like this!

Looking at Lukas, I saw he was still pondering. Damn, he looked like an evil mastermind at work ... a very sexy and irresistible evil mastermind. I gave in to curiosity and casually peeped down ... to my relief, a towel was covering his second half, but, believe me, it didn't really hide the happy thing underneath it.

How's it possible that he keeps his erection even when pondering? Or ... he's pondering over ways to make me give in, that would explain ...

"Or ... I'm pondering over how I'd like to take you in the bathtub."

He interrupted my thoughts. My eyes widened. Damn, I thought out loud!

"Yes, you did, baby."

Damn! What the hell is wrong with me today?? Lukas chuckled.

"And, just out of curiosity, is the Jason that took your virginity Jason Leman, by any chance?"

Oh, for fuck's sakes, I've been thinking out loud all the time?? So he wasn't pondering, he was just listening to me thinking out loud! Fuck! Just hope he didn't hear about me not wanting to fall for him too. Oh, wait, I didn't just think out loud again, did I? Looking up at Lukas, I saw him smirking ... I have, haven't I?

"So, is it?"

He pressed. I was relieved actually ... maybe he didn't hear everything ...

"It's none of your business."

I replied, trying to be stern. He chuckled.

"Well, it is."

Lukas argued.

"Because, if it's that Jason, then you'll be glad to know I contributed to the end of his marriage."

I frowned at that.


Lukas smirked,his fingers making me feel Goosebumps by tracing the skin of my neck.

"I kind of ... you know, played with his lovely wife for a while, well, till he caught us in the act one night that he came back earlier than expected ..."

I blinked my eyes.

"You kidding?"


He replied, propping the p.

"But how ... you and ... he lives in California for what I know."

"Yep. I've lived there till a few months ago."

"Why did you ..."

"To start college."

"Wait, so this is your freshman year?"

"Yep. I've travelled for a while. Then Bennet Senior said I needed my degree or I may as well just forget about family money, so here I am."

I blinked my eyes.

"Why didn't you stay there for it?"

"To have Leman breathing on my neck, sobbing about how I ruined his life? No, thanks."

"Well, you did ruin his life ..."

Lukas snorted.

"Me? Please ... they've been married for two years and I'm something like the seventh she's cheated with."

My eyes widened.


"Seventh. Well, for what I know. Maybe there were others."

Wow. My dear Jason did really marry a slut after all. What goes around comes around, Leman! Ha!

He broke my heart, he got his broken. Karma.

The perverted thing is, knowing that Lukas had a role in it, now makes me just want to jump him and fuck his brains out like he did to me.

He chuckled.

"Please, do."

He said.


"Fuck my brains out, you said. Please, do. I'm here for your pleasure, baby."

Great. I thought out loud again. I sighed, crossing my arms.

"You should stay away from me. My mind is making fun of me today."

I couldn't help but say and he laughed.

"Well, I know I have this effect on women."

He replied cockily, pinching my cheek.


I accused, smacking his hand off me, but he simply laughed.

"But you want me."

"I don't."

"You just said you do."

"I didn't."

"You said, word by word, "the perverted thing is, knowing that Lukas had a role in it, now makes me just want to jump him and fuck his brains out like he did to me." So yeah, you want me."

I rolled my eyes.

"Well, I've changed my mind."

I said, moving to the side, but he blocked me.

"You sure?"

I sighed.

"Lukas, how the hell can we live together if every moment you're trying to get in my pants?"

He chuckled.

"Well, first, at the moment you have no pants to get in."

He replied.

"Then, I'm not trying, I'm succeeding."

I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, no ... now get out of my bathroom."


I slapped his chest to push him away. His damn hard chest ... his damn hard chest that led to perfectly sculpted abs that were there exposed right for me to lick them ... oh, fuck, this is trouble.

"Get out!"

"I repeat, or?"

I sighed.

"Or you'll regret you ever met me."

He bit his bottom lip ... his pink full lip ...

"Get out of my bathroom. Now."

I ordered before he could say anything. He gazed at me for a moment, then smirked.

"Fine, fine."

He concluded, throwing his hands in the air and pulling away.

"But call me if you need help to wash your back."

He said, going out. As he exited, I sighed.

This is going to be so damn hard ... how the hell could I think it was a good idea to just hook up with a half stranger?? Lukas Bennet of all people! He was the worst element of our school, so cocky, so arrogant, a perfect troublemaker that slept with almost all the girls available, and even now, although there isn't much left of that bad boy, he's still so cocky ...

Why the hell did I give in to him?? Why?? Did I really need a good lay so badly? I mean, last time I had a man it was Aaron and it was nine months ago, before we broke up, but nine months isn't that long, is it? Not for an ex goody-two-shoes like me. Well, not like now I'm this bad girl, I mean, the most badass thing I've done is, first, let Jason use me, then ... well, yeah, date another jerk like Aaron.

Although, to be fair, Aaron was better than Jason ... in every sense. Kind of a bad boy look, actually the classic bad boy, with his white flannel t-shirt and rotten blue jeans, jerk attitude ... all attitude in fact, he was very sweet in reality,he just happened to have this kind of ... grumpy and grouchy way of approaching people that meaks you hate him at first.

Sheila's fault I ended up with him anyway, I mean, she thought the best way to make me forget Jason was to have me go hunting, so the other summer,when I went to visit her, she dragged me around the city with her and one night we found Aaron with his friend Peter. Sheila knew Peter already, well, he was actually her Anatomy mate with whom she'd studied not little anatomy, if you get what I mean ... so, you know, they saw each other again after a long time and ended up talking all night, so Aaron and I, just not to stay there awkwardly listening to our friends flirting, started talking and ... you know, one thing leads to another and ... he asked me out. Fate wanted that,just like me,he was just visiting a friend,but he lives here,in Boston,so we could go on with our thing without problems.

Like the perfect fresh ex virgin I was, I made him wait ... three months before letting him in my bed. Three months...not like some Bennet I left in my bed after not even a day...I have a feeling that boy's gonna be my undoing...

Aaron and I actually broke up because of some misunderstandings, I mean, give what it's due, Aaron, never cheated on me, well, not for what I know. We just didn't get along anymore and decided it'd be better to split.

When I say he's a jerk, I'm not really fair, I mean, I've come to say that about him to feel better, but it's not totally true ... it's not his fault if things between us didn't work, well, not just his. Let's be honest,I was still into Jason while dating Aaron. Mean,I know,but I make it clear to him that I couldn't commit so much because I was still thinking of this..."ex". Technically Jason isn't my ex,but I couldn't just tell whole the story,could I?

The good thing about Aaron is that he ... taught me some little things about sex ... well, one of the good things.

I found myself smiling while thinking of him... maybe he wasn't too bad after all ... I still have his number. What if I just ... casually ... text him? Most probably he won't answer, I mean, we haven't been talking since we broke up, although we saw each other again something like ... six months ago, right before I left to go to Kelly's, actually the very same day ... we spotted each other at the station, I guess he was leaving too. I wanted to be adult and try and go talk to him, at least say hi, but I couldn't find the courage and neither did he come to me so ...

Slipping off my bathrobe, I opened the tap to prepare myself a nice bubbly bath, just to, one, relieve my sore body, two, try and forget everything about my fresh slutty stunt.

I remained lost in my bubbles so much that they started fading and eventually Lukas knocked on my door.

"Go away."

I barked, trying to still linger in that peace.

"Your phone is ringing, baby."

He replied from the other side. I sighed. Who the hell is it now?

"Shall I come in to give it to you?"

Lukas proposed.

"... the phone, I mean."

He added, I guess realizing that that had sounded really dirty and that I was most probably about to abuse him verbally for it.

"Who is it?"

I asked.

"Uh ... some ... Fran ..."

Fran? Why is she ... oh, wait ...

"Lukas, what time is it?"

"Past four pm, baby."

Oh, shit ... I quickly stood up and got out of the bathtub, but, like the clumsy idiot I am, I slipped and fell, having my soft butt land on the floor with a loud thud.

"Ouch ..."

I grumbled, trying to get up ... till Lukas practically took off the door and broke in.

"What the ..."

"You ok?"

I sighed.

"Yes, of course, I am. You nearly broke the door!"

He raked a hand through his hair,kind of ...embarrassed? Oh,really? He gets embarrased too? That's new.

"I heard a noise and ..."

"What gives you permission to break into my bathroom like that?!"

I stood up slowly, still feeling quite a sting on my left ass cheek. Lukas rolled his eyes.

"Well, excuse me, Your Majesty, I just thought you might be hurt!"

I blinked my eyes at that. Well, his tone was other than friendly, he almost barked, but ... he was worried about me? Why? I mean, he barely knows me.

"You what?"

He sighed, tormening his hair.

"I heard a noise and I thought, I don't know, that something had just crumbled onto you and you needed help, I feared you were hurt in some way, I ..."

He stopped, I guess because he noticed me gazing at him curiously.

"... didn't imagine it was your sexy ass kissing the floor."

He concluded with a smirk, to which I glared at him, but he just winked, then his eyes landed on my ... God, still naked body. I quickly grabbed my bathrobe and put it on, but he was still staring at my hot zones, so I snapped my fingers in front of him saying:

"Here, Bennet. My eyes are up here."

He smirked.

"Sorry, you're just so ..."

"Save it. You're not gonna get anywhere near mini me, neither my twins."

He chuckled as I passed him to get in front of the mirror.

"Your twins?"

He repeated, amused. I rolled my eyes.

"Those weapons of yours need a cooler name."

He said, getting close, so I slipped out of his reach. This can't work. How can I live alone with this sex god always trying to seduce me? I'll end up practically living in his bed.

"Like ... Thelma and Louise or so."

"How about Not Yours To Touch?"

I proposed, turning around, and he smirked.

"Well, that's nice ... till it's used with others. But for me ..."

He stretched his hands, like to cup my boobs, and I smacked them off.

"Eat and Squeeze should do for now."

He concluded.

"You don't get the meaning of NEVER again, Bennet."

He smirked.

"You don't get the meaning of persistent, baby."

He replied, getting closer, so much that he caged me, my back on the sink, before I could move to avoid it.

"I'm gonna have you again. We both know that. We both know you want me just like I want you."

He sensually whispered in my ear, nearly making me faint at how sexy he sounded. At least he was clothed.

"Just give up. We're both gonna enjoy it."

I pushed him off,but he stood his ground obviously.

"You mean you are gonna enjoy it, while I drown in sense of guilt."

He chuckled at that, making me feel shivers as I could feel his hot breath against the sensitive skin of my neck. Jeez, this boy's gonna seriously be my undoing.

"Come on ... you've been fuck buddies with Leman."

"I knew Jason. He was my friend."

"Well, you know me too and I'm your roommate."

"Not for so long if you keep doing this. Jeez, not even one day that you're here and you're already trying to take me to bed."

He chuckled again.

"First, I didn't try, I succeeded. Or did you forget it already? If so, I'm very willing to refresh your memories ..."

His lips went down to, even if lightly, nibble on my neck, so that I moaned, unable to retain myself, and he smirked against my skin. I sighed.

"Why do you do this?"

I couldn't help but ask.

"I mean, there are hundreds of women who'd die to have a night with you, why do you torture me?"

He smirked.

"Because I like challenges. And you're a nice one."

"Me? I gave in to you after only one day."

He chuckled.

"That's because I stepped on gas with you. Mostly because, I admit it, I was on short."

I looked at him in disbelief and he laughed.

"Seriously, I was on short."

"Yeah, how long? Two days?"

"Four exhausting weeks."

I blinked my eyes, confused.

"I was in the woods."

Ok, now I was even more confused. Lukas chuckled.

"To make it short, I needed some time alone and I took it."

"Time alone? Why?"

He shrugged.

"But weren't you with ..."

"I've been with Jason's wife right before that."

"So you left because of that."

"I left because I needed it."

I tilted my head to the side, trying to understand.

"Wait ... you didn't ... you weren't in love with her, were you?"

He laughed out loud at my question, clearly amused.

"In love? With such a slut? You really think so low of me?"

I shrugged, not really knowing what to say.

"First, I never fall in love. It's for wimps. I am not."

He stated. I rolled my eyes.

"Second, if I had actually been in love with her, I would have stayed, wouldn't I? I would have helped her through the divorce and crap like that. But I only had fun with her, just like she had fun with me and ... other six guys before me."

I sighed.

"That still doesn't explain why are you playing with me."

"Told you, you're a nice challenge."

"I gave in to you already."

He smirked.

"That was too easy. Convincing one like you to sleep every night with one you barely know, that's the real challenge. And I'll win. You know I will."

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