The Crimson Island

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They say when you're isolated long enough your mind starts to go crazy. Katerina Celvin had known what it felt like to be abandoned and isolated by her own parents. Since she was eight years old she started caring for her siblings as a parent. She would do anything for them, including joining the Army for funds and her brothers and sisters. She boarded her plane to North Carolina hoping she had chose the right destiny that was thrown at her first hand, but she only learned that her destiny had already been chosen for her before she was even given the chance. She grew up to trust no one but her siblings and she lived by that, but she was given no other choice but to trust those who she had around. She is left with two only options: Survive or die.

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Day One

I woke up to a shooting pain on the left side of my head. As I peaked my eyes open to let the bright light in and blinked a couple of times to clear my vision I had begun to be able to take in my surroundings above me.

I looked around while I laid flat on the ground, stunned by what I saw.

Above in the clear blue bright sky was a pile of black smoke filling the air, all I could smell was burning plastic and metal and the awful smell was overcoming the fresh air. I looked in every other aspect that I could and all I see is green everywhere and a huge boulder to my left. I slowly rolled over on my right side to find the strength to sit up but as soon as I moved I got another sharp pain in my head.

I stuck out the pain and forced myself up anyways, I slid my body against the ground to sit myself up against the the rock. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves from the horrid pain that is coursing through my head.

I can't exactly remember what happened, I just know that I was on my way to my hometown, Germany, to complete basic training for the United States Army with a bunch of other recruits I had met the night before. I'm not sure why they chose to send myself and the others on this place to Germany instead of the United States but I found it best to never ask questions.

I had worked extremely hard to get to where I am for my siblings. Dad was barely around as is and is a complete drunk, and I had to do what I to do for them.

One minute we were in the air and now I am here.

Wherever here is.

I lightly pressed my fingers to my forehead where I felt skin throbbing and I immediately regretted it. In reaction to the pain I pulled my fingers away and I saw fresh blood wet blood dripping down them.

So many things were going through my head.

What happened? Where is Everyone? Were we in a plane crash? Are there anymore survivors? Where are we? Are they going to find us? Are they even looking for us yet?

Questions just kept rushing through my head, one after another.

I ripped my tank top from underneath my breasts and I quickly made a bandage out of the dirty fabric to wrap around head and above the cut to stop anymore bleeding or any bacteria from entering.

With the help of the boulder I managed to get myself up from the ground and I pushed myself off of the boulder onto my feet.

My legs were wobbly and my arms and head felt like they were made of noodles.

It's only because I'm in shock that I'm not screaming out loud, because I'm screaming at the top of my lungs internally.

I glanced down at my wrist to see if my watch was still working. How long was I out? How far along were we into the flight before we hit turbulence and came crashing down?

More questions.


I walked towards the big pile of smoke forming in the air as slow as I needed to so I didn't hurt myself more than I already am.

As I walked around the corner of a pile of trees and bamboo mixed together, I was approached by the open sea and skies. I was greeted by the burning metal pieces of the plane and dead bodies scattered around the open white sand and floating in the clear blue water — most of the recruitments.

"Oh, oh god." My voice cracked and I couldn't even understand what I had said. My stomach started turning to the smell of burning human flesh and I felt the vomit crawl up my throat.

I looked around to see if I had been the only one who survived this horrid event. I thought maybe this is just a dream and I needed to wake up. I thought maybe a pinch in the back of my arm would wake me up from the nightmare but I only caused myself more pain.

It all feels too real though.

I couldn't hear perfectly yet, my body aches, I have a bleeding cut above my eye, and my head and stomach are spinning in circles.

"Hello?" I tried screaming but my lungs had felt that I'd been sat on by an elephant. "Is anyone," I coughed to clear my raspy throat, "There?"

No answer.

Just loud sounds from the plane motors and crackling of the flames.

I took in a deep breath, "Someone! Anyone! I'm hurt!"

"Hello?" I think I heard faintly.

Am I imagining things because of a hit on the head and loss of blood?

"I'm over here!" My head was starting to hurt more by the second.

"Is anyone out there?" Someone is definitely out there, and I'm not imagining another human being screaming at me. And I think it was a female voice.


"I'm over here!" I braced myself mentally and physically to run around to the other side of the plane so I could see where the voice was coming from.

As I turned around the laid out wing and the back half of the aircraft I had saw a small group of people in the sandy horizon.

"No way." I mumbled to myself as I started to limp towards them.

I had to make sure it wasn't a mirage.

Suddenly I thought I saw the small figures running towards me with weapons in their hands and growing bigger by the second as I leaned over to catch my breath with my hands on my knees. As I moved faster I felt more nauseated and the need to pass out. I didn't completely understand why I felt like this, I only have this small cut.

I couldn't really tell what I was seeing, the sun was completely blinding me.

I held one of my hands in front of my face to block some of the sunlight while blinking a couple of times to clear my vision and I saw people who were just as dirty as me and not holding weapons but that was their hands waving at me.

I should sit down.

I feel the blood leaving my face, leaving it cold against the beach winds and I started to tingle starting at my fingers and creeping all over my body and slowly but timely making its way in every inch of my body.

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