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Alexai left the one and only love of her life when she left her hometown. Now after 3 years she is going back for her brother's wedding. Alexai has a crazy family but she loves them all to the bits. Now, she's going back to the wedding but what's a wedding without some drama. How will Alexai react when she comes face to face with someone from her past and not just someone but THE one. Join Alexai in her journey. I hope you like the book. Love, Phoenix.

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Part 1

If you are reading this that must mean that you chose to read my story. Well, I thank you for that. So, let's start with the introductions. My name is Alexai Rich. I'm a 26-year-old woman. I've been living in New York for the last 3 years. I work here. I'm 5'9, short hair which I've dyed in white because why the hell not. I'm very very tomboy-ish. I've always been. Oh yeah, I'm a lesbian in case you haven't figured out yet. Of course, you did, you're reading a gxg book. Since I can remember, I've known I was gay. Actually maybe since the day, I met her. But let's not talk about that right now.

I used to work for my parents' company for years but when I left my home I left it all behind. I now work as a photographer for a small magazine. My everyday routine consists of waking up, going for a jog, workout, having breakfast, going to the office, working, leaving office, coming back to my studio or if it's a Saturday night then going club with my friends and colleagues. Yeah, pretty much the same as every other person. People say I'm hot and sexy but I don't know. I'm not one to brag. Yeah, I used to when I played basketball for my High school team but now it's all in the past. Like every cliche story, I do have a gay Best friend. His name is Mike. Mike and I work for the same magazine and he has made it his mission to hook me up with any random chick. He always says they dig me? I don't know. I just can't see myself settling with anyone. Not after what happened with her.

I woke up this morning to get ready for work but as I was about to head out I got a call from an unknown number. I've always been careful about such things because since I've left my home I haven't really been in contact with anyone from my past. You could say I kinda ran away. Only my mom or dad talk to me. I couldn't even talk to my brother because how could I, he was her best friend. After what happened I didn't want him to choose sides so I made that choice for him. So, I picked up the call and put my cell in between my ear and shoulder because I was tying my shoelaces.

"Hello," I said into it. Suddenly a squeal came through and I dropped my cell. I quickly picked it up rubbing my ear. "Who's this?" I asked irritated.

"You Bitch. How fucking dare you ask that you fucking pussy." Came a shrill voice. After I heard it I knew it was none other than my very own cousin Hannah. Oh, how I hated her. And loved her. It's kinda complicated.

"Hi, Hannah. What's up?" I asked, trying my best to be nice.

"What's up? You fucking bitch. How dare you not answer any of my calls? You knew I was back and still, you didn't care to contact me at all. How fucking dare you?" She shouted through the phone. I held it away from my ear because she was really loud.

"Nice to hear you too Han. Now, why are you calling me so early in the morning and eating my fucking brains out?" I shouted back. She started cursing me but soon someone else took the phone from her.

"Honey? Is that you?" Came a sweet motherly voice. Oh, how I loved to hear her sweet sweet voice.

"Hey, ma. How are you doing?" I asked my mom sweetly. All the bitterness from hearing Hannah evaporated.

"Oh, my baby. I miss you so much. Don't listen to Hannah dear you know how she is. Ok now let's get to the point, I know you're busy so I won't take your time. You have to come back, sweetheart." She told me and I frowned. She knew I didn't wanna come back. They all knew.

"Ma. You and Pops know I can't. Not after--" She didn't let me finish and squealed just like Hannah did moments ago.

"Baby, your brother is getting married in two weeks. We didn't tell you sooner because it all happened so fast. We need you to come home, sweety. We are all waiting for you. Johnathan needs you. You're her only sister. You have to be there." She told me. I was so surprised to hear that. My little brother was getting married.

"That's great news Ma. I'm happy for him. How fast do you guys want me there?" I asked her hoping she didn't say soon. That place has too many memories.

"You have to come back as soon as possible. There's so much work to do. Everyone is going crazy. Take the first flight you can baby. Oh I gotta go now, Hannah and your pops are having a drinking challenge and I gotta stop them before gets drunk again. You know how that ends. Love you, sweety. See you soon. Oh and yes, bring mike. Bye" She said hurriedly and ended the call.

I was sitting on my couch listening to the beep sound after she cut the call. I couldn't believe this was happening. I have avoided this same situation for the past 3 years. 3 fucking years and now I have to go back. If it wasn't for Johnathan getting married I would have never gone back. Not where she was. Not where it all started and it all ended too. I clicked on my cell's screen and saw her smiling face. I never really had the guts to remove her pic from my screen. Her smile was the one thing that could enlighten the darkest of my days. I sighed and threw my cell on the bed and went out for my daily morning run.

After coming back I called my boss and told him about my plans and took leave for the next two and a half weeks. I'd come back as soon as the reception is over. I don't want to stay there even a second longer. Knowing my family, they are gonna try their best to stop me but I won't. I told Mike about my plans too and he was more than eager to go. He has always been like the fairy Godmother. God, I don't know how he does that. I spent the whole day packing and telling my friends about my plans and all, watching tv and drinking. I had already booked my and Mike's tickets for tomorrow.

When night came, I laid in my bed and thought about the last 3 years of my life. I left everything behind when I came here. I built a new life, made new friends, got a good enough job and I changed a lot. I wasn't this person back home and I'm happy with all the changes. It made me better. I did everything I could to get better but the only thing I couldn't do was forgetting her. The one and only girl I have ever truly loved. I always believed that she was the one for me, the love of my life, the mother of our kids, my forever partner and my soulmate. She was everything to me. Hope Mitchell.

I was laying on my bed and I had my cell in my hand. I opened one of the many videos from a hidden folder in my gallery and played it. It was before I came here. When we were together. I never really understood shy but Hope always recorded us when we were together. I always got irritated but she did it anyway. As soon as the video played her sweet voice came through,

"Lexi," She said in her sweet voice. We were laying in her bed. My head was on her chest, arms wrapped around her torso and she was playing with my hair. When she called me, I turned to look at her but groaned when I saw she was recording a video.

"What? Why do you always do that?" I mumbled and hid my face in the crook of her neck causing her to giggle. She kissed me on the forehead and sighed. She looked so happy.

"It's for our future babe. After a decade when we will be married and we will have kids, we will sit in our comfy Christmas sweaters and cuddle on our couch and watch these clips together and reminisce these moments." She told me lovingly in a dreamy voice. I pulled back to look at her and smirked.

"Who said I'll marry you?" I asked her in a teasing tone. She shrieked and started hitting me and I laughed at her. When she didn't stop I started tickling her. She straddled me quickly and put the cell on the nightstand so that it could still keep recording. I looked at her at that moment, she was smiling so bright. She bent down and kissed me softly. My hands rested on her thighs and when she pulled away she rested her forehead on mine and smiled softly with her eyes still closed. She then whispered in her sweet soft and vulnerable voice which made my heart beat wildly in my chest.

"I love you, Lexi. So fucking much. I can already see our future. You with your snarky and cocky attitude, wearing a tux waiting for me while I walk down the aisle towards you. I can see that smirk on your face when I'll be walking and our mothers crying together and our dad's proud smile. Oh, and Johnathan would be there with her girlfriend. I wou---" I'm sure she would have kept going and going but I interrupted her by pulling her in for another kiss. When we pulled apart her breathing was labored.

"I love you too Hope. I can see it too. I know I don't show it often but there's no one I'd rather wait for to walk down that aisle than you baby girl. You are my fucking everything. Now put that fucking phone away and let me make love to you" I told her and she quickly ended the video.

I didn't even notice that I was crying until the video ended. I wiped my tears and put my cell on my nightstand. I pulled out the necklace from my neck and played with the rings on it. It was the ring I gave her, our promise rings. I had planned my whole future with her. Alas, it didn't last. I had spent the last 3 years forgetting her but I've failed miserably. Now that I'm going back I'm not sure what would happen. I turned the lamp off and laid under the duvet waiting for sleep to take over.

The next morning Mike came to my house and together we left for the airport. On the way, Mike kept on talking and asking questions but I tried my best to ignore him. He wanted to know if there would be any boys there and I just didn't wanna entertain him so I plugged in my earphones and listened to music. When we reached the airport we went to the waiting area. Our flight was still an hour later so we were just gonna wait. I was reading a magazine while listening to music when someone tapped on my shoulder. It was a girl in a uniform,

"Miss Rich?" She asked me and I nodded pulling out my earplugs. Our interaction got Mike's attention and he was listening too now.

"Yes? Anything wrong?" I asked her unsure why she would come to me like that. She just smiled and shook her head.

"No, ma'am. We've been waiting for you. If you'd please follow me I'd take you to your private Jet." She told me politely and I sighed.

"Who put you up to this?" I asked her bored. She seemed surprised by my question.

"I beg your pardon ma'am. We were given orders from Mrs.Rich that you'll be joining us today. We've been waiting for you to arrive since morning." She told me with a polite smile. I sighed and nodded standing up.

"Lead the way," I told her. She smiled and started walking with me and Mike following her.

"What the fuck is happening?" Mike asked me. I didn't answer him and we kept walking. Soon we came to our jet with 'Rich' written on its body. Mike gasped seeing it, "Holy mother of gay Jesus. You fucking bitch. You never told you me you had a jet" He exclaimed. I only rolled my eyes at him.

"Welcome aboard Ms. Rich" Our pilot greeted us.

"Hey, Finn. No need for formalities. Just get me out of here" I told him and went to sit. Mike was behaving like a child in a candy store and I smiled at his behavior.

Soon, we took off and were on our way. I looked out the plane's window and my thoughts took me back to my past. 3 years ago, I was running away from everything and today, I am going back to it all. How fucking stupid is that? But I have to. I'm selfish but not that selfish to miss my only brother's wedding. I don't even know who he is marrying. All I know is that he's getting married. When I left, he took over my responsibilities. I know it was a lot for him but I had to get out of there. Johnathan has always been a good boy while I was the rebel. But our parents loved us just the same. He never drank, never smoked, always got good grades, was an obedient child while I was his exact opposite. I sometimes thought if I was bad for him but he always loved me and so did I. Even when I left, he didn't try to stop me. No one did really. Everyone knew I needed it.

I don't remember sleeping but I woke up when Mike nudged my shoulder telling me that we were here. I groaned and rubbed my eyes stretching my limbs. When we got out, there was a red carpet that lead from the plane to a black limousine. I sighed seeing this while Mike gasped, again. How can he gasp so many fucking times? God, he's irritating. When I was walking towards the car the driver opened the door for me and Mike and we got in.

"Bitch. Who the fuck are you? And what on fucking earth is happening here?" Mike asked me as soon as we were settled.

" Shut up Mike," I told him irritated and he huffed but settled down. Soon we were reaching our estate. When we reached the gates of our estate there were people standing on either side of it who threw flowers at the car and I shook my head. It took a few minutes to reach the main house from the gate but as soon as we were there I heard another fucking gasp from Mike. "Mike I swear to fucking God if you don't stop gasping I'm gonna kill you," I told him. He put his hands up in surrender and I sighed. When the driver opened my door and got out I was hit with a tsunami of nostalgia. It was already too much. Thankfully I didn't get enough time to drown in it because I heard a shriek from my side and I knew it instantly who that belonged to.

"My baby is home" My mother came running to me and took me in her arms. She was sobbing now.

"Hey ma," I said and held her close. I looked behind her to see my dad smiling with teary eyes. "Hey pops. How are you doing?" I said and he came running towards us and took us in his strong arms. I felt like crying then. I missed them so much. I've always been my parents' little girl and I will always be. No matter what.

"It's so good to have to back Alex," My dad said. I smiled at him. We pulled back when Mike tried to join our hug. My parents laughed at his attempt and hugged him too. They met Mike when they visited me in NYC.

"Come on in baby. Everyone is waiting for you" My mom spoke and dragged me inside. As soon as I entered I was engulfed in a hug. I didn't have to see to know who this was. I laughed aloud when I heard sobbing,

"Hey, Dee. I thought you said you'd never miss me" I teased. Dee or Dinah is my little cousin, Hannah's sister. She's always been like my little sister and I have always been the one to spoil her.

"Shut up you loser." She mumbled in my shoulder and I laughed.

"Look at you, all grown up," I said looking at her up and down when she pulled away. She smiled while blushing. She had always been the shy one out of the sisters. Speaking of the devil,

"You fucking bitch" Came an angry voice. Before I could react I got punched in my stomach. The thing is people that I work out a lot so I've got strong abs down there but Hannah, she's kinda pussy so when she hit me she hurt her hand and started cursing even more while we all laughed at her. When she glared at me I pulled her in my arms,

"Hey Han. I missed you" I whispered in her ear when I hugged her. She reluctantly hugged me back.

"I missed you too. More than you know" She told me sniffing. Now everyone was crying around me. Ma, Pops, Dee, Han and guess what, even fucking Mike. He's impossible.

"Alright alright, now stop crying, everyone. I'm back. And Mike for God's sake stop crying. Why the fuck are you even crying?" I asked incredulously and they all laughed.

"Come let's get you inside. Martha will handle your luggage." Ma dragged me inside to the living room where the rest of my family was waiting for us.

You see, my family is kinda big and we all live together. My Pops and his three brothers together with their families live in the same place. Even when we all grew up we lived with them. So you can imagine the size of our house. It's huge like so damn big. My Pops is a billionaire. He has a big business empire which he runs with his brothers. They have different businesses and they all work together to keep it flourishing. My great great great grandfather started it and it has been passed down for generations. I, myself was the CEO of Rich Inc. before I left. Now, Jonathan handles that post for me while I live in NYC. I had always been pampered by my parents and was never exposed to the outer world so when I left I left all the luxuries behind. So you can imagine Mike's surprise when he found out about it. I was talking to my uncle when suddenly a voice caught my attention.

"Alex? Is that you?" The voice asked and I turned to look. It was Jodie Mitchell. Hope's mother. Hope was an exact copy of her mother just younger, so you can imagine my pain when I saw her.

"Hi mom," I said standing up and she engulfed me in a hug.

"Oh, Alex. My baby. Where have you been?" She cried in my chest. I smiled and rubbed her back.

One thing I forgot to tell you, The Mitchell's family and mine were friends for generations. They are the closest and most trustworthy of the Rich family. We all practically grew up together, our parents, their parents. We were like a happy big family. Jodie has always been just like my mother to me. You'd be surprised to know that my parents got married along with Hope's parents in the same place at the same time. Yeah, I know right.

"Hey, don't cry on our son. She went to explore and grow." Came a gruff voice. It belonged to Christopher Mitchell. Hope's father. He has always been so cool. I remember telling him once that I was his son because he didn't have one and since then he always called me so.

"Hey Dad," I said and he hugged me patting my back.

"Good to have you back buddy." He told me once we pulled apart and I nodded with a smile.

"How have you all been?" I asked them once we all settled down. But before they could answer somebody emptied a bucket full of ice on me and I jumped from my spot shouting. Everyone laughed while I jumped and tried to warm myself. I was still in shock when I heard an evil laugh and turned around to glare at none other than my very own childhood best friend and Hope's only sister, Emma.

"That's for leaving for 3 fucking years and never giving a fuck about us all." She said and bowed while others clapped. I was still stunned at her actions when Martha brought a towel for me. She quickly tried to dry me but I pushed her aside and ran after Emma who was now full-on screaming to be saved. We kept on running for a while but I soon got closer and jumped on her pulling her to the ground with me. When we fell down we both burst into laughter. When the laughter died she hugged me and started crying and I let her. I knew I had hurt her but I'm sure she knew my reasons.

"I'm sorry Em. I really am. But you know I was in a bad place then. I had to get out of here." I told her.

"I know. I know you had to but I missed you. You are not just my best friend but you're my sister too. You're family. And you just left and didn't even tired to contact us. I was so worried. Hope was--" As soon as she said her name I stopped her.

"Don't. I'm not ready for this." I told her in a pained voice. Her face showed pity but then it changed into something else.

"Wait, you don't know?" She asked.

"Know what?" I asked her. She was gonna answer me but Martha came and told us our parents were calling us so we both went inside. She held my hand and we walked in together. Our families were sitting together.

"Ma, Pops, you called?" I asked them and they all turned to me.

"Hey Lex," Someone said from behind me. I turned to see my brother standing there. He looked so grown up. I smiled and hugged him.

"Hey Jonny boy," I said and everyone laughed. He hated it when I called him that.

"Please. Don't call me that. I'm a man now." He said pulling away with a frown and I laughed at him ruffling his hair.

"No matter how grown you are you'd always be my Jonny boy, Jonny boy" I teased and he scowled at me.

"John, where is your beloved fiance?" It was Han who asked that question. Johnathan suddenly looked like deer caught in headlights.

"Yeah, where is my sister in law? Nobody told me anything about her. And when did you become so big Jonny boy?" I teased but him laughing but he just gave me an awkward simile. I stopped laughing then and looked at Em who was looking everywhere but me. I was gonna ask them what was happening when Han spoke again.

"Oh, there she is. Our bride to be." Han said but she was looking behind me.

You ever saw those cliche movies where the person on focus turns around in slow motion and their whole world stops? Well, that's exactly how I felt at that moment because as soon as I turned around to see who was my sister in law, I got the shock of my life. It was her. Hope. My hope. I felt like my whole world stopped. I couldn't breathe. It was like everything was blurred and it was just her and me, nobody else. She looked so beautiful and stunning. Her blonde hair fell down her shoulders in waves, her beautiful sundress that fit her body so amazingly, her long tan legs, those forest green eyes that I could gaze in for ages and never get tired of, those lips that I remember kissing whenever I felt like and could still taste them on mine. She was so fucking beautiful that it hurt just looking at her.

I would have kept on appreciating her beauty if it wasn't for a sparkling thing on her hand that caught my attention. It was our family ring. She was wearing our family ring. I frowned upon watching it and looked into her eyes. I could always read her eyes, but before I could get any answers her hand was being taken by another hand. It was Johnathan. He held her hand and kissed it. If I was stiff before, I felt like my whole being became a rock at that moment. She turned to him and smiled at him and it felt like she ripped my dead heart right out of my chest and stabbed it.

"Lex, meet my fiance, Hope," Johnathan said proudly kissing her hand with his ring on it.

I couldn't believe it so I turned to look at Emma. She didn't meet my eyes. I then turned to my mother and father and everyone else I could find in that room and each and every one of them diverted their eyes from me. Even fucking Mike who knew about her just from the pictures I showed him. Everyone knew and they still called me. They all fucking knew. I felt sad, broken, empty, angry but most of all I felt betrayed. There was only one person in this room who was looking at me at that moment, Hannah. She looked rather smug. When I looked at her she simply smirked at me. She had always hated Hope and me and now she was definitely enjoying it.

I turned my eyes back to the couple. Hope was looking at me. Johnathan was simply waiting for my reaction. I turned off all my emotions and all the pain. I wore the mask of indifference and smiled at them both.

"Congratulations," I told them both. My voice was firm and steady.

Before any of them could say anything I left. I went to the garage where my bike was, I took the keys from the maid, wore my helmet and rode away. I couldn't believe what just happened. How could they all do that to me? They knew how much I loved her. Every single one of them knew. They knew how much I loved her. They knew it was I who wanted to marry her. It was us, not them. They all knew. She knew. Hope knew. But they all betrayed me. Everyone played me. She betrayed me. Again....


Hey everyone, thanks for reading. I hope it's worth your precious time. Love, Phoenix.

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