Who Am I?

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A girl alone in the forest. Blood oozing out of her head. She is bleeding hard. On top of that, she doesn't know who she is? The guy our hero is the typical guy from all romance novels. He hates the word love. Well, he has his own reason. When these two meet... They create their whole new life forgetting their past... But can we always forget the past? LOVE OR HATE ALWAYS FOLLOWS US FROM PAST EVEN WHEN WE LEAVE IT BEHIND... Who am I? Is a romance novel about these two...Not just romance but a little bit of mystery about the past... I gave you a hint above? It may be love from the past or hate? But I won't say in the description What? COME ON ...just CLICK and enjoy my story

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I slowly opened my eyes. As my eyes are blurry, I can’t see properly. I squinted it. Suddenly something fell on my eyes and it made it, even more, harder to see. I wiped it with my hands and noticed it felt sticky wet. Is it blood? Now I placed my hands slowly and carefully on my forehead and to the back of my head. Now my hand is covered wholly with blood. Why am I bleeding? What happened to me? Why is it I can’t remember anything? WHO AM I?

Ahh! What should I do now? No, It’s not time to panic. I have to get out of here or I will die here without knowing any answer for my questions. I have to get out now but how? All that around me is tall, green trees. Am I in the forest or something? There is a small pathway. If I follow this line, at least I may reach a village and get some help.

I got up with determination but my legs didn’t listen to my heart. I felt weak and it made it harder to walk. But I clenched my fist and started to walk slowly. I saw a man a few steps away from me. But he was walking away firmly. I can’t reach him in this pace. I should call him. But my throat was too dry to call.

To make things even worst suddenly I started to feel dizzy. I am going to fall. I am gonna die in this forest alone. But I didn’t fall. Am I floating? When I opened my eyes all I can see is the pair of green eyes before me. A pair of hands were around my waist. Seeing this stranger felt good. Before expressing my happiness, I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I saw him. The only person I know in this whole world. I have to thank him. If not I would have been dead. I smiled to start a conversation. But he turned away from me. Why? Does he hate me that much? Or is he showing attitude.?

Suddenly the door opened and an old man wearing a white coat entered the room. He must be the doctor. The old man smiled generously. At least someone is smiling at me. He greeted the known yet unknown man and me.

"Miss, Do you know how you are hurt?", he asked.

"..No doctor, I can’t remember. I can’t even remember my name. What is happening to me, doctor?", I started to panic.

"Relax...Don’t panic. You may be suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. We have to do some tests now. Don’t worry, you’ll remember everything soon.", he consoled me. Yet I can’t be calm.

He turned back and went near table. He came back with a syringe. "I will give you sedative sleep well."

"Doctor before that...how I am wounded? Please say that.",I pleaded.

"...You may be hit by a rod.", he said slowly.

WHAT? He injected me and went out with HIM. Why someone wounded me with a rod? Am I a bad person? Many questions surrounded my head. But I dozed off without finding an answer. Can I find out who am I?

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