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Convincing For Love

The last time I set on this restaurant, I went through a situation that resulted in a chain of events I don’t even want to admit was my fault. This place was where it started going downhill.

Maybe that’s why, when I finally got Dane to agree to a small meeting with me, I told him to meet me at this place. Because, maybe, subconsciously I wanted to start the process of fixing it from where I broke it.

“I have never seen you nervous” my wandering eyes snapped to Cupid’s, or Pierce’s, face. His eyes held an unusual hint of amusement, yet his face was still the mask of careful composure.

“I am not nervous” I retorted, my tone clipped.

A hint of a smile lifted his lips. “You are. You are chewing the inside of your cheek. You never do that.”

I scoffed. “If you haven’t ever seen me nervous, how do you know that it’s a nervous habit of mine? I could just be just bored.”

His smile widened and a teasing glint entered his eyes, but he didn’t say anything else. And neither did he break the eye contact.

With pursed lips, I stared right back at him.

He was wearing a blue button-down shirt. His sleeves were rolled up and a few of the buttons were kept open, exposing his fair skin underneath.

He really looked every bit the god he was, even if he was in his ‘mortal’ disguise. I don’t think he can ever change that, no matter how many disguises he takes up.

The sound of someone clearing their throat forced me to take my eyes off Pierce’s. I looked up to see an inhospitable looking Dane staring at me.

Looking at him made me realize that just the view of his face made me feel like I was drowning in guilt.

“Oh, Dane! Please, take a seat” I motioned at the seat in front of me.

He sat down without uttering any words.

“Would you like to eat something?” I asked, trying to ignore the unsettling discomfort in me.

“I am not on a date with you. Get straight to the point. I thought you wanted to talk to me in private” his glare turned to Pierce’s direction as he talked.

“This is Pierce” I introduced, realizing that Dane didn’t know him.

“Good to know. Why is he here?” his tone was harsh as well as mocking. I didn’t like the way he was talking to me but I didn’t react because I knew I deserved it.

“He is accompanying me. Anyway, as you said, let’s get to the point”

“Talk then” he ordered.

And so I did.

I told him that I wanted to fix what I did. I told him that I knew how to fix it and about the plan I made for fixing it. I told him that he needed to give me one chance to fix the mess I made.

He was suspicious. He questioned my motives. I didn’t blame him.

But, he looked like he wanted to agree. Even if it was with extreme hesitation.

It hurt me that he had so much doubt in me. Especially since he once knew me. But, I tried to not to let it bother me because I didn’t have that right.

“Are you sure this is going to work? She is really the type to focus on the smaller details rather than big gestures” he asked.

“I don’t know. But, if it doesn’t, I’d at least know that I tried. And there is also a high possibility that it will” I replied.

He went silent for a while, dwelling on my words and analyzing my plan. After a while, he took a deep breath and let it go.

“Okay. It is actually a really good idea if you don’t have any hidden agenda. And right now, I am desperate enough to believe that you don’t. So I agree to it” His voice was strained. He sounded like he had no other choice. Like he was agreeing to this only because he had no other path.

“I don’t have any hidden agenda,” I told him, simply.

He chose not to answer.

After a minute of silence, he informed, “I should go now.”

I nodded.

As he stood up, I decided to do one thing that I had delayed until now. “Dane?”

His eyebrows rose, a hint of curiosity and irritation on his face. “What now?”

I cleared my throat, trying not to back out. I knew I had to do it. “I wanted to apologize.”

His eyebrows scrunched. “What?”

I sighed. Deciding to let it flow. “I am sorry. I know I fucked up bad. Honestly, I still have don’t have any idea of what I was thinking. I destroyed something beautiful that you both had. But, there is nothing I regret as much as what I did. If I could I would have taken it all back. I just… I am sorry” I sucked in a breath and stopped myself from saying anything else.

He stared at me, an unreadable emotion in his eyes before they went blank. “I will forgive you if Kiara takes me back.”

I turned my eyes away from his. “That’s understandable.”

He walked away.

I sighed.

I really needed to fix this. For my own sanity and to earn my own dignity back.

Suddenly, I felt a warm hand resting upon mine. My eyes jerked towards the view before moving to look at the person to whom the hand belonged.

He smiled, his eyes comforting and soft. They gave off warmth. “It will be alright, Ivy. Just be patient. Everything is going to be fine.”

I stared at him.

It has been a long time since somebody offered me comfort. It has been a long time since somebody told me that it will be fine without saying ‘only if you change.’

It spread a sense of warmth inside me. It made me feel like I was sitting in front of a heater after spending hours in the snowing woods.

I moved my eyes away again. Looking into those oceanic depths of his made me feel unsettled. It brought out things in me that I didn’t recognize.

And I didn’t like that feeling.

“Our work’s done. Let’s go” I told him, ready to head out and not knowing how else to respond.

“But we didn’t have lunch yet.”

“What?” my tone sounded as surprised as I felt.

“Aren’t we at a restaurant? We are supposed to eat. And if I remember correctly, you didn’t have lunch” he stated, voice filled with surety and face upholding a relaxing kind of seriousness.

“Arent you a God? And you still need food?” I asked, more curious than taunting.

“Yes. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to taste the recipes you mortals keep coming up with” he said the words with such simplicity that it almost sounded like it was normal.

“Fine” I huffed even though I wasn’t annoyed, “order something. I have work that’s due tomorrow.”

I tried not to address the grin tugging at my lips as I ate with him sitting beside me.

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