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Growing Love

I examined myself for one last time.

The black dress made me look paler than I really was. The halter top displayed my slender shoulders and the black bracelet on my wrist prevented my arms from looking too bare. The skirt of the dress was flowy and it reached till my knees. My feet were clad in black stilettos.

My make-up was done to a bare minimum. Light-pink lipstick colored my lips and black eyeliner lined my eyes. My hair was pulled back into a simple updo.

I sighed. The feeling in my stomach was intensifying with every passing second.

Following his words, I was ready before 8 pm. It wasn’t a challenge for me since I was an organized person and I always ran on a schedule.

It was 7:58 now. I sat on my bed, waiting for his arrival. I knew that when he would come, he would teleport to my bedroom. It was a habit of his. He never teleported anywhere else when he came to visit me.

The buzz of energy and glowing light alerted me and I closed my eyes. The fluttering feeling in my stomach increased more than before.

“Looks like you are ready on time” voiced Pierce. I opened my eyes and he came into my view.

A smile fell upon my lips. He donned a white shirt which was tucked in a pair of black jeans. The sleeves were rolled up and his hair was disheveled like always.

“You can never dress without putting on something white, can you, Pierce?” I teased.

His smiled. “Well, it is my favorite color, or shade if you prefer, and also I look good in it.”

He was right though I would never say it out loud.

I stood up and walked out of the bedroom, Pierce following behind me.

“Your straightforwardness could be mistaken as arrogance if you aren’t careful. And, Shouldn’t your favorite color be red? Or maybe Pink?” I asked, turning to look at him as I opened the main door.

“And where did you get that idea?” he fired in response.

Locking the door, we both made our way to the elevator. After getting in, I turned to him. “They are the colors that represent love.”

He laughed. “And you think that red represents love because it’s my favorite color?”

I shrugged. “It could be.”

He shook his head. “Red hasn’t named the color of love by me. It’s something you mortals came up with. Though, I can’t disagree that red is a good representation of intense emotions. And when you look at it from this angle, love is an intense emotion.”

“Would you stop calling humans ‘mortals’?” I snapped, laughing. We got off the elevator and walked out of the flat.

His brows drew closer in confusion. “But humans are mortals.”

I shook my head. “That might be true but it’s quite insulting for us humans, you know. And where are you going?” the last part was louder than the rest. He was walking straight while we were supposed to walk right.

He turned. “Isn’t your care parked there?” He asked, confusion painted on his face.

I nodded. “Yes, but we are walking. The restaurant isn’t far from here. And I don’t feel like driving.”

He walked back to me. “Then, I could just teleport us there” he informed.

I walked a little closer to him. “No, I want to walk.”

He nodded in realization. “Oh. You could have just said that.”

I tilted my head. “I just did.”

He chuckled.

We walked in silence, a certain kind of calm surrounding us. The feeling it was lighting in me was indescribable.

After a while, the lit-up sign saying ‘Georgina’s’ came into our view. We walked towards its entrance. As we reached the entrance, Pierce held the door open, motioning for me to get in.

I rolled my eyes but walked inside. “You don’t need to hold the door open for me, Pierce. I can do it by myself.”

He did a curt nod, a slight hint of a smile on his face. “Noted, Ivy.”

A woman walked up to us. She wore a tight skirt and a black shirt. “Welcome to Georgina’s. Would you like a table for two?” she asked with a polite smile and enthusiastic voice, her eyes wandering to glance at Pierce’s direction.

“Yes, please” I replied with a formal smile.

With a nod, she uttered, “Please, follow me.”

She led us to a secluded corner and motioned for us to sit down. We took our seats in front of each other.

“Your server will be here soon to take your orders” and with another large smile, she walked away.

I opened the menu, trying to decide what to eat. A frustrated sigh directed my focus elsewhere.

“I don’t recognize a single dish from the menu” Pierce informed me, putting down the menu.

I laughed. “So, there’s still a lot you need to learn about us ‘mortals’, huh?”

He gave me a dark look. “It’s just food.”

“And one of the very few things you think that humans did a good job on” I pointed out, teasingly.

“That is true. Mortals have come up with a lot of toxic things but the food is one of your kind’s best creation” he said honestly.

I laughed loudly, unable to control it. “Okay, fine. Just order what I order.”

As I finally decided on what to eat, a server came to take our orders.

“Good evening. What would you like to order?” the man asked in the same enthusiastic tone as the woman from before.

I gave him my order while Pierce said that he would have the same as me.

As the server walked away, I turned to Pierce curiously. “Pierce, I read a few greek myths about you and I was wondering about something…” I trailed off.

“What?” he questioned, urging me to continue.

“Well, the story about Psyche and you caught my interest.”

He chuckled. “Of course it did” he murmured.

I ignored his input and continued, “So how much of it is true? And if it’s true, what happened to Psyche?”

“The story is true and Psyche still exists” he declared and I felt a weird emotion rise within me.

What did he mean, ‘Psyche still exists’?

I thought we were on a date. Or did he agree to come to this dinner because he bought my excuse of this being a way to express my gratitude?

“But, she isn’t bonded to me as the myths say” he continued.

“What?” I questioned in confusion.

As he went to explain, the server arrived with our food. After placing the food on the table, he left with a “Enjoy your meal.”

Picking up my spoon, I scooped up a spoonful and put it in my mouth.

Then, I looked up at him. He was focused on eating. To gain his attention, I droned, “So?”

He looked up and I saw that his mouth was filled with food. He raised up a hand and motioned for me to wait.

I agreed to his request and continued with my meal. We didn’t talk for the rest of the meal as Pierce looked determined to savor his food.

After finishing the dinner, we asked for dessert, Pierce copying my order like before. After it arrived, I asked again, “So, can you talk now?”

He scooped up a spoonful and put it in his mouth before saying, “You are very persistent, Ivy.”

I took a bite of my food. “I am curious. Now, will you continue with your story?”

He smiled amusedly but started. “Even if I am the ‘God Of Love’, I don’t go around shooting people with arrows of love like you think.”

My eyes widened as I took in the information. Indeed, I thought that. But, it wasn’t really my fault. I just believed what the storied told me.

“The world is a large place and there are billions of people living in it. Thousands of people fall in love every day and I can’t control these many alone. So, I have angels under my command who take care of different people falling in love at different places.”

“So, you are telling me that you aren’t responsible for people falling in love?” I interrupted.

“Not exactly” he clarified, “I am responsible. I see souls and bond them but I don’t take care of the rest of the process. That is done by my angels.”

“Oh” I nod in understanding.

“Anyway, one of my angels fell for Psyche. In the beginning, it caused a huge ruckus in my estate as she was a human and he was an immortal angel. But, now they live together in my estate. Somehow, Overtime, the rumors started saying that it was me who fell for Psyche and not one of my angels.”

I felt a sense of relief settle in me and a genuine sense of happiness for Psyche and that angel. But, then another uncomfortable thought settled in my mind causing me to frown. “So, angels are not allowed to have romantic relationships with humans?”

He smiled. “It was forbidden once. But now, if you are ready to commit to a human for your complete existence, you are allowed to.”

I dwelled upon what he said as I continued eating my food. His words dragged my thoughts to hallucinations of the future but I stopped myself from thinking too much. The future is abstract and unpredictable. It would do me would only hurt me if I thought too much about it.

After we finished eating, I paid and we got up to leave. Even after what I said before, Pierce still held the door open for me. This time I laughed as I walked out.

As we started our journey back to my apartment, I tilted my head to look at him.

“So, I have another question” I let him know.

The small smile on his face grew larger as he looked at me. “You are filled with questions today.”

I moved closer. “I want to know more about you. You know a lot about me so it’s only fair that I get to know you too.”

His hand brushed against mine. “Okay then. Ask me.”

“Are Venus and Mars truly your parents?” I asked.

He laughed. “You read a lot of Greek Mythology.”

My cheeks grew a little warm. “Well, I saw a real Greek God with my own two eyes. It’s logical that I turned to Greek mythology for more information.”

He kept laughing, his warm hand slipping into mine. It tightened around mine, providing me with warmth and I felt my heart skip a bit.

A large smile slipped onto my face which I couldn’t drop no matter how harder I tried. So, instead of trying harder, I let myself indulge in the feelings he brought out of me.

“No, they are not my parents” he stated, a little later.

“Then who are your parents?” I asked.

“I don’t have parents. I was created not born, just like every other God. No God has the power of procreation. We were created for a purpose and we exist only serve it. We cannot be killed and neither can we be born.”

“So, Zeus…” I trailed off and he burst out laughing. I followed after him.

After we calmed down a little, he said “he is a severe victim of human’s creative mind. Believe me, he isn’t as bad as you people made him out to be.”

“I have no judgments,” I said, still laughing.

The area was silent we reached the door of my apartment. The corridor was empty and most of the lights were switched off.

As I went to unlock the door, Pierce murmured, “I am going to leave now, Ivy.”

Without opening the door, I turned to him. “Aren’t you going to teleport from my bedroom?”

A gentle smile lifted his lips and I didn’t recognize the emotion in his eyes. “No, I think this is the place where I take my leave today.”

I didn’t want him to leave. I enjoyed his company. No, I loved his company and I didn’t want it to end yet. Yet, I still whispered, “Okay.”

His smile dropped as something else flashed across his face.

Suddenly he stepped closer to me, our bodies almost touching. He crouched down. I closed my eyes.

Then, gently, his soft lips touched my forehead. It sent electric shocks throughout my body and I stood there in silence, wanting the moment to never end.

Slowly, his lips moved away from my forehead to my ear. “Ivy?” he whispered, his tone alluring.

“Yes?” I breathed.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

And then he was gone again, leaving me breathless and with a racing heart that wouldn’t slow down.

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