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Day Of Love

9 months later

I suppressed the scream that has been building up in my throat since the morning when I stepped out of my apartment. My blood was boiling warmer than lava and I was seeing red.




Babies in diapers, holding bows and arrows.

Everywhere I looked, these things blinded my vision. There was nothing I wanted more at the moment than for this day to be over.

I took deep breaths and counted till three before releasing them. That was the only way I could stop myself from going on a rampage.

When I was finally able to reign in my temper, I marched inside my office and almost fainted from the sight that greeted me. My office was completely covered with different red-colored decors and heart-shaped balloons. A bouquet was resting on my table with a medium-sized diaper-wearing baby’s statue to it.

This was it. This was all I could take.

“Ella?” I yelled, my voice booming across the room. I didn’t care if I was disturbing anyone with my high-pitched screams.

The door slammed open and Ella, my stupid secretary, came running in. She was everyone’s worst nightmare but she could do the work that I wanted her to do. That’s the only reason I still kept her around.

“Yes, Miss Vione?” she asked breathlessly, her chest heaving.

“Why is there a statue of a Diapered kid on my table?” I demanded with a glare.

She smiled nervously and fingers started to fiddle. “Um, because he is Cupid, the God of love.”

“And why is the statue of the ‘God of Love’, on my table?” I asked, my left eyebrow arched.

“Because it’s Valentine’s day, the day we celebrate love and the god who represents it?” She squeaked, her answer sounded more like a question.

Her answer only fueled my burning anger.

“Take every fucking decoration off my office and get them away from my sight. Especially that statue. I don’t want to ever see that thing again” I growled, my voice icy.

Her face morphed into an expression of pure surprise and shock. “But, why? It’s valentine’s day!”

“Because I said so. You work for me. Do you need any more reasons?” I questioned smugly, “Now hurry up if you don’t want to get fired.”

Her face puckered up in hurt and anger. I ignored the way she was looking at me. Like I was the reincarnation of satan.

Everyone looked at me that way. And, I kept training myself to look like it didn't bother me.

Instead, I walked out of there without looking like I care.

I went to the cafeteria since I had nowhere else to go. I made my way to the food displayed, deciding to eat a second breakfast. But, as my eyes fell on food items displayed, my hands clenched into fists.

The sandwiches were cut into heart shapes and toothpicks with a heart cut-out on its end were stuck into them. There were pastries with red or pink frosting and love written on them. In fact, each and every item was valentine-themed.

My appetite disappeared. I had no idea how much more I could take before I burst.

I couldn’t understand what was so special about valentine’s day. It was just another day and someone stupid named it the day of love. Now, suddenly, it was a huge deal that people made a big deal to celebrate.

And what was more stupid is that you also celebrate the God of love.

I hated Cupid. He was dumb.

That’s a fact.

I took in a deep breath.

Maybe, I was being more bitter than I usually am. But, It was valentine's day and I was all alone. My heart wasn't broken anymore but the scars were still there. And there was no one who could help me cover them.

So, I used the only way I knew to cover myself. By, acting like a bitch.

In all honesty, I didn't believe in Cupid. But, if he really did exist, he wasn't really good at his job.

Nine whole months and I was still bitter about Dane.

I am over Dane. But, I couldn't accept that he thought Kiara was perfect for him.

I sounded obsessed and absurd, but I just couldn't accept it. I don't know why, but for me, I don't think there could be anyone more perfect for Dane than me.

He was there for me when I needed something positive in my life desperately.

And I was there for him when he needed someone to keep his head above water after the death of his mother.

We were there for each other when we needed someone.

And now, I can't just accept it that we won't be there for each other when we need someone.

And that for me was a mistake.

We were made for each other and I couldn't accept is that someone thought we were not.

Shaking my head, I walked back to my office. I didn't want to go down that road. Especially not now.

I was glad to see everything was cleaned up and everything was back to its pristine self when I entered my office. I sighed and sat on my chair, ready to do my work.

I worked for a monthly magazine called ‘BOLD’. It was one of the most successful magazines of the time and I was its head editor.

My career was going well. At twenty-five, I was more successful than most people and I achieved it all by myself.

I knew I was in a good position in my life.

But, nobody saw the whole story right.

I was messed up just like my life.

But, nobody was going to see that.

I won't allow them to.

I rolled my eyes as I saw a kissing couple in an attempt to make myself believe that I didn't want that kind of warmth in my life. I ignored the spark in my chest and continued driving.

After reaching my destination, I parked my car and got off. I walked in, got into the lift and pressed the number ‘20’.

As the lift came to a stop, I got off and walked to my apartment door. As my eyes met my door, a scream erupted from my throat and I was sure everyone on my floor has heard it.

A large sticker of baby cupid was stuck onto my door and I was sure that one of those little brats I yelled at last week was responsible for it. Those minions knew every way on how to get on my nerves. They also ensured that they used that knowledge without any failure.

It was the last I could handle. I could feel every emotion in me channel into anger and start bubbling up.

I clawed the sticker off my door, crumbled it up and threw it away. Then, I unlocked the door and marched inside.

I kicked off my heels and walked to the balcony that was adjoined to my bedroom. The sky was dark and the night was lit up with the crescent moon. Stars were invisible because of the city lights.

Forgetting about my dignity for a moment, I decided to the only thing that had the potential of calming me down.

I needed to yell out the frustration in me and I knew just the person who I should direct my anger to.

“Cupid” I screamed, letting all of frustration and anger seep into my voice, “Arent you the God of love? Then, How come the only emotion you rise inside me is hatred?”

I laughed bitterly. “You are fucking stupid, you know. I don’t know how people consider you a god, much less ‘The God of Love’. Every fucking decision you make is wrong. No wonder people imagine you as a baby.”

I caught my breath before continued my rant. “If you really are the 'God Of Love' then why did you take him away?” I questioned, knowing there wouldn't be a reply.

I sighed. “You suck at your job, you know? I am not really surprised that true love is becoming rare on Earth. After all, with a God like you, I am surprised that love still didn’t go extinct.”

I was completely out of breath by now. But, after taking a few deep breaths, I felt calmer than before. Relieved to get the weighing anger off my head, I turned around and walked out of the balcony.

But, my relief didn’t last for long.

The second I stepped into my bedroom, my eyes fell on a glowing figure. I felt my own body go still.

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