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Steps toward Love

Sometimes, it takes only one moment for your whole world change. And, that’s probably one of the most fascinating things about life. You have this scripted idea in your head about how your life is going to go. Then, suddenly something happens that changes the whole pattern you scripted.

Sometimes, these unexpected changes are what lead you to happiness and sometimes these changes are what destroys you.

The sudden occurrence of Pierce brought the former kind.

A Lot had changed in my life. And among these changes, I was one. The change in me wasn’t external. It was internal.

I could feel them.

I didn’t feel as cold and bitter as before. I was happier now. The weight I used to carry had lightened up. I didn’t lose my temper as quickly as before. Moreover, I didn’t carry as much hatred as I used to.

And, I didn’t feel as lonely and alone either.

Pierce showed up very often now. Now, most of the time, when I went back home from work I found Pierce in his ‘God form’, sitting in my room. More often than not, he stayed for dinner.

‘I like mortal food.’

But, I didn’t know where we stood.

Soft caresses, holding hands, gentle embraces, that’s all we do. Though, each touch was successful in spreading a feeling on content within me. And, that was enough. He was gentle and gentle was whit I desired.

But, still, our position confused me. Our growing intimacy wasn’t unwanted but it was kept unacknowledged. And that worried me. I had no idea where this would end.

But, I tried to not think about it. I didn’t want my over-thinking mind to change the present. I was happy and I liked how my life was. I didn’t want it to change. So, I pushed all those thoughts away, determined to live the moment and not worry about the future even if it was in my character to do so.

Shaking my head, I looked at my watch. It was time for my lunch break. Normally, I asked Ella to bring me something from the cafeteria because I didn’t like going there. It was too crowded at the time and I wasn’t a fan of being around other humans.

However, Ella here today. She took an emergency leave to visit her hometown.

In any regular situation, I would just skip lunch but I was hungry and it wasn’t an option. So, grudgingly, I got up and walked towards the cafeteria.

My pace had gotten slower but I still dragged myself through the elevator and across the second-floor corridor.

When I reached my destination, I groaned in frustration. The cafeteria was packed with people and all the seats looked occupied. The sound of chattering filled the vast space and I almost turned around and walked back but my growling stomach stopped me.

I didn’t have breakfast this morning as I woke up late. Last night, I introduced Pierce to movies and he found one that he thought was quite interesting. Hence, we watched it resulting in me going to bed late. So, now, I was suffering for my mistake.

After deciding what I wanted to eat, I picked up the tray and looked around in search of an empty seat. After a while of looking, I finally spotted one.

Carrying my food there, I place it on the table. I sat down and started eating.

Halfway through my meal, I heard the sound of a throat clearing. I looked up to see a nervous-looking Kiara smiling down at me. I raised an eyebrow as a question.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” she asked, motioning at the seat in front of me.

Her question puzzled me. She had hundreds of people with whom she could have lunch. Why would she want to sit here?

I nodded. “Sure” I answered formally.

She placed her food on the table and sat down. I looked down at my food and started to eat.

“So, how’s life going ?” Kiara asked, awkwardly.

I looked up at her, with a questioning look. “Pardon?” I asked, not sure if she was talking to me.

“I asked how is your life going?” she repeated, looking a little flushed.

I nodded reluctantly. “Good” I continued with eating my food.

I heard her sigh. “So, we haven’t really talked since that day. I thought we could have a conversation and get to know each other a little better.”

Realization bloomed inside me. She wanted to befriend me. And the thought didn’t bother me.

“Well, we both lead a busy life. And with your wedding coming up soon, I don’t think you have any time to spare” I said, making excuses for our lack of contact.

At the mention of her wedding, her face brightened up. “Oh, yes, I have been really busy. I never knew that wedding-planning could be such a hassle” she complained, though her face said that it didn’t really bother her.

I smiled, deciding to humor her.

“So, when’s the wedding? And how are your preparations going?”

“I am not watching another movie with you tonight. Tomorrow is a working day and I need my sleep” I stated, turning off the stove.

“But, I want to watch one. I like the stories that those moving picture tells” he informed, disagreeing with my decision.

I shook my head at his description of movies. I handed the plates and spoons to Pierce. He went on to set the table.

“You can watch one tomorrow. I don’t have work the next day. But, you are not watching one tonight. I need proper sleep to function” I finalized, carrying the food towards the table.

“Okay,” he gave in, skulkingly.

After taking our portions on our plates, we started eating. The dinner was silent.

Suddenly, Pierce spoke up, “So, you don’t have work the day after tomorrow?”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s Saturday. So, no I don’t.”

He nodded, a serious expression falling on his face. It was a little unsettling as I had gotten used to his calm expression and gentle smile. But, I didn’t question the sudden change and continued eating.

“So, Ivy, what do you think about rekindling your relationship with your father?” he asked smoothly, voice casual.

My face pulled into a scowl. “I think that’s impossible.”

He tilted his head. “Didn’t you say the exact same thing about your mother?”

“No” I exclaimed with finality. I wasn’t visiting my father and his family.

“Ivy-” he started.

I shut my eyes, gritting my teeth.

Here we go again.

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