Showing You Love

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“This is so good” moaned Pierce, engulfing the food faster than I had ever seen him before.

I rolled my eyes. “You say that about every new dish that you try.”

He didn’t respond for a while as his mouth was full. Swallowing the bite, he finally spoke up in his defense, “yes, but this is different. France is well known for its croissants. So, I am tasting the best of this kind.”

A snort of amusement left my mouth. “Funny how you think that the Eiffel Tower is just a tower while the croissants seem legendary to you.”

He looked at me with dead serious eyes though the look wasn’t as strong with stuffed cheeks. “I was just telling the truth.”

I took a bite of my almost-finished food before swallowing it. “For you maybe. I find it beautiful.”

He shrugged, not too interested in my common opinion. “You do because you are a mortal.”

I narrowed my eyes, pointing my fork at him. “And what is that supposed to mean?”

He picked up a tissue paper, wiping his hand. “Only that the smallest of things can baffle you. My estate holds more decorated towers than that one.”

I placed my fork down. “Well, it’s not my fault that you still haven’t shown me your estate.”

As both of our meals were over, we stood up, ready to leave. When we stepped out, my eyes again started scanning the area, still not used to its beauty.

“I can’t take you there until we are bonded, Ivy. And I am not the one who still wants to wait for a little longer” he informed, indignantly, face molding into an expression of displeasure.

“It’s still too early, Pierce” I reasoned, wrapping my hand around his arm, leaning close.

He laughed but the sarcastic undertone lining it did nothing to disguise the sweet sound. “It’s been four years, Ivy. It’s not too early. I’ve been asking you for the past year. I am ready to spend my forever with you.”

I smiled, my heart fluttering softly. “Ask me at the end of this year.”

I felt him stiffen before his posture relaxed again. He pulled me away from him and tugged me forward so that we were facing each other.

“Are you going to say ‘yes’, then?” he asked, hope alighting those blue depths. They always held an intensity that threatened to drown me.

I smile mischievously. “You have to ask then and find out” I teased, eager to see the flash of irritation that would spark in his eyes.

He groaned. “Ivy, please.”

I laughed. It was fun to tease him. I loved to get on his nerves. I loved that I was the only one who could do it so damn easily.

“So, where are we going now?” he asked, holding out his hand, waiting for me to take it. I wrapped my arms around his.

“Let’s just walk around the perimeters of the Eiffel tower. I want to see it one more time before we leave.”

He nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

So, we walked around the tower, soaking it its beauty. I loved the feeling this place ignited in me. It felt serene and peaceful. I loved the beauty it held.

“So, where do you plan to visit next?” he suddenly asked, eager for our future plans.

I thought about it. Where did I want to go next?

“How about we go and see the Burj Khalifa?” I suggested.

“What is it with your obsession with towers? he asked.

I grinned. “I just find them beautiful.”

He smiled.

“Okay,” he said simply, “we will see that next time.”

Hey Guys,
This is where my journey with 'Showing You Love' ends.
When I wrote this book, my sole focus was to create a character who wasn't only the sufferer but also someone who caused others to suffer. I wanted to create a character who is real (eventhough the story is fiction). I wanted a character who could love and hate. Who could forgive but also hold a grudge. Who is both good and bad. I wanted to create someone who is beautiful but flawed, just like us.
And maybe I succeeded. Or maybe there is something that's missing. But, I am extremely happy with it for now. Maybe, when I gain more experience, I would fix the areas that left something to be desired. But for now, I love Showing You Love. And I love Ivy.
And guys, I could not thank you enough for all the sweet support you gave me. The encouraging comments, the construction criticisms and the comments asking for another update. This book was possible because you and I will be forever grateful to you.
Thank You So Much.
Anyway, bye for now. Please stay safe.
Lots Of Love,
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