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God Of Love

The man was the definition of celestial. His hair was golden as the sunlight. The messy hair made his blue eyes stand out. And his eyes!

I had never seen anything shine so bright. The blue looked exactly like the night sky with stars lighting it up. The could possess you with just one look.

His facial features were very defined. His body was lean. His chest and abdomen were exposed from his button-less long white robe and his loose white trousers only highlighted his god-like physique.

But, that wasn’t what made was making my heart beat fast. No, not in the slightest.

It was the pair of large white wings protruding from his back. They were furled but you could still tell that they were large. They were beautiful beyond words. They looked every bit as magical as the man.

But, the wings belonged to a man! To a God-like man who was standing in my bedroom. Uninvited.

“Who are you?” my voice was shaky and the panic was clearly noticeable in it.

A gentle smile took up his face. The smile made his face even more ethereal. “The person you had been accusing and cursing at a few minutes ago” his voice was deep, but his tone was soft. It was just like a gentle breeze. But, it did nothing to soothe me.

A stranger with wings was standing inside my bedroom, uninvited. At that thought, all my earlier fears washed away as annoyance and disbelief took its place. “You mean to say that you are Cupid?” I barked, rudely.

But, the soft smile on his face didn’t disappear at my insulting tone. Instead, he gave me a single nod. “Yes.”

I scoffed at his answer. I wasn’t in the mood for this shit right now. “First of all, you entered my apartment without my permission, a crime for which I could just call the security or get you arrested for trespassing. And now you are telling me that you are Cupid? Do I look stupid to you?”

He shook his head and his face turned apologetic. “Of course not. In fact, I think you are a very smart woman. And I am really sorry for coming uninvited but there was no way in which I could get you to invite me over, and the way you were accusing me, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

I scowled. “Okay, then. I will humor you. If you are the so-called ‘Cupid’, where is your signature bow and arrow? Or is that invisible?”

He shrugged, his shoulders rising up before falling back down and his wings fluttered due to this gesture. “It isn't but it isn’t actually used like the way you think it’s used. I don’t know why you humans think that I use it to make two people fall in love. It’s more of a weapon. I use it to pierce someone’s heart, not make it beat faster.”

I smirked. “Does that mean you can’t make people fall in love with each other? I knew it. You really do suck at your job.”

His wings spread open as fast as a bullet, taking up almost the whole area of my room. I gasped before stepping back when it came swinging towards me as if it was attacking me. Then, suddenly they were pulled back and furled up against his back.

I stared at his face, terrified as realization finally struck. He really wasn’t kidding. He really was Cupid, 'The God Of Love.' And he could really kill me for the way I talked to him.

“I am sorry”, he apologized, but unlike before, he didn’t sound apologetic at all, “but my wings aren’t just used for flying. They are also one of my most handy weapons. They are controlled by my emotions and it is really hard to control their movement when I feel something too strongly. And I didn’t take that insult lightly.”

I managed a shaky nod, unable to say anything else. I didn’t know how to act when I was standing in the presence of a god. A god who could kill me with just a single blow of his wings.

He shook his head like he was shaking off the incident from his memory and another soft smile lit up his sharp features. Then, he started walking closer to my direction.

My body went as still as a poll. I didn’t want him to come close.

“And, to answer your question, yes, I can’t and I don’t make people fall in love. I just look at their souls to find their perfect match. Then, I bind their fate. Falling in love is up to them. I make two souls come together and it is up to them to stay together.”

My eyebrows furrowed. “So, you are telling me that you did bring Dane and me together but he still didn’t fall for me?”

He sighed. “No, Ivy. I didn’t bring you together. I brought Dane and Kiara together and they fell in love just like I thought they would. You were just the bridge which helped them to come together. If Dane hadn’t come to pick you up from your office that day, Dane wouldn’t have ever crossed path with Kiara.”

I felt the anger come back and engulf me again. Every bit of fear I had of him was lost in my rage.

I walked closer to him until we were only centimeters apart. Then, I reached my hand up and poked his bare chest. “So you are telling me that I am responsible for losing Dane?”

He looked down to meet my eyes. “No. You aren’t responsible for that. It was meant to happen. And, you have to understand that, Ivy. Both of you were not compatible with each other.”

I widened my eyes. “Oh, and you know that because…?” I questioned mockingly.

He smiled. “Because I see your souls in order to connect your fate with your match. And you both just don’t fit.”

“Well, then you are not good at judging souls and connecting them. We were compatible. You were just being an ass and destroyed everything because you thought you were right” I informed him.

He moved his hand forward and patted my head like I was a toddler.“Throwing a tantrum might help you calm down but it won’t change the fact. Tell me, Ivy, Did you ever love him?”

I scowled because I knew that he knew my answer to that question of his. I slapped his hand away from my head. “I was falling for him. And if hadn't taken him away, I would have started to love him.”

“Does that mean you still want him back?”

I looked away from his eyes.“He was the one to leave me. Then why would I want him back?”

And that was true. I wouldn't take him back. But, that doesn't mean I didn't think he was supposed to be with me.

He looked at me with curiosity shining in his eyes. “Then why are you so hell-bent on proving that Dane belongs with you?”

I didn't know. I myself didn't know why.

But, I couldn't get rid of this feeling inside. And I couldn't stop myself from acting on it.

But, I couldn't tell him that. That will show him a messed up part of myself. And I couldn't let that happen.

So, I put up a facade again.

I smirked and tilted my chin with arrogance. “Oh, I don’t want to prove that Dane belongs with me. I just want to prove you wrong. I want to show you that you are no good judge of character”

He replied my smirk with a soft smile of his own. “Go ahead if you think you can. Just remember that you are challenging a God.”

I arched my eyebrow and smiled challengingly. “And I am going to win against that god.”

He stepped back and unfurled his wings. “Okay then, we will see. Just call my name when you are ready to prove me wrong.”

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