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Absence Of Love

I parked the car in the parking lot and got off. Then I locked the door and started in the direction of my office.

It had been exactly four days since I met the famous Cupid. I would have thought that I was dreaming that night but I was a realist. Even my dreams aren’t as weird as that fateful day.

And since that day, only one thought occupied my mind. One question that kept running through my head till a headache starts brewing.

How do I prove him wrong?

How do I prove a God wrong?

That challenge was unexpected. But, I wasn't the one to back down from one. And I also wanted to prove him wrong. Show the Cupid that he made a mistake.


Meeting him was unnerving. Every thought I had of him were proven wrong. I had an image of him painted in my head. A diapered baby who lacked any kind common sense and lived for mischief and stupidity.

I never expected him to be a fully grown man, a gorgeous one at that. I also didn’t expect him to be so calm and collected. Granted that his wings almost squashed me once, but, nevertheless, he was extremely placid. He also had an aura of wisdom surrounding him.

He was unexpected.

Nothing frustrated me more than being wrong. That was one reason why I liked being so factual and realistic. That was also one reason why most people considered me a stone-cold bitch and steered clear of me.

Because I always found a way to burst their happy little bubble.

It affected me no matter how I tried to not let it. Everybody thought I didn't care. But, I did. I didn't want to be hated. Nobody wanted that.

But, An image of me was already painted. I didn't want to change it and I knew that even if I did, nobody will believe it.

Shaking my head, I decided to try and not think about that for the next couple of hours. I entered my office and got down to work.

I was one of the lucky people in this world who got to do what she always dreamt of, but what I have today, I worked hard to earn it. And maybe, I should learn how to be satisfied with just that.

An annoyed sigh left my lips. I had asked Ella to bring me a cup of coffee almost half an hour ago. Did she fall asleep or did all the cups go for a vacation?

Times like this, I regretted my decision to ever hire her.

Pushing the chair back, I got up and stretched my back. I then started walking towards the coffee machine.

As the machine came into my view, so did Ella and another woman who, if I recalled correctly, worked at the health and fitness department of the magazine.

My annoyance reached its peak when I saw her chatting with the woman instead of doing the work I told her to do. I walked ahead with the full intention of giving her a piece of my mind when I was cut-off by their conversation.

“She acts like I am her bitch. Ella this, Ella that, I am so annoyed. Who does she think she is? ” Ella huffed.

“Totally. I mean, yeah, she is talented and all, but she treats everyone like they are lower than her” the woman agreed.

It didn’t take me a second to figure out who they were talking about. After all, I had been and will always be everyone’s favorite topic to gossip and whine about. Sad, really.

“Yeah, and that’s exactly why she’s so alone. Nobody can stand her. Like seriously, did you know that her boyfriend dumped for Kiara? She is still bitter about that” Kiara giggled.

My lips twitched.

“Hah, imagine that. She is such a huge loser that her boyfriend left her for a whore” both of them burst into a fit of laughter.

That was it. Not only were they insulting me, but they were also discussing and making fun of my private life.

There was nothing I hated more than people backbiting and spreading rumors about others.

I was a serious victim of that problem in my school as well as college life. People were too scared to come and say anything to my face. So, they played dirty. They kept spreading lies after lies.

With every new rumour, my reputation tore and so did heart. Nobody knows how much damage a few words can cause.

And I would be damned if I let it happen again in front of my eyes.

I cleared my throat in order to get their attention. Their laughter immediately stopped. Both of their heads snapped towards my direction so fast, I almost got scared that their necks might break.

“It’s been almost half an hour since this loser” I pointed at myself, “asked you for her coffee but it still hasn’t arrived” I stated, with a raised eyebrow.

Their faces leeched off of any color. “I-I a sorry, mi-miss Vione. I-I was just go-going to bring it t-to y-you” Ella stuttered. Her voice only irked me more than before.

“Miss Vione, huh? That’s certainly more respect than I thought you were capable of providing” I mused, acting surprised.

Then, I turned my head to the frozen woman beside Ella who looked at me with terrified eyes and an ashen face. I gazed at her with an icy glare. “You work for the health and fitness department, don’t you?”

She managed a shaky nod.

“I don’t think the head of your department would appreciate it if they got to know that one of her teammates is slacking on their work to gossip about others. Don’t you think so, too?” I smirked at the way her ashen face turned paler than before, “now, I would suggest you go and start doing your work unless you want me to report this incident to your head.”

She didn’t give a second before she turned and rushed away, not looking back.

“And, I want you in my office within five minutes. Also, don't forget to bring my coffee” I walked away.

I sipped at the coffee before placing it away and looking at my nervous secretary.

She was standing straight with her hands fidgeting, looking anywhere but my face.

“Now, Ella” I started, “a year ago, I hired you even though you didn’t have all the qualifications required in order to get this job. I did that because you begged me then, saying that you were in desperate need of this job and promised me that you would work hard and fulfill every single one of my expectations, didn’t you?” I asked, my voice blank and professional.

Her titled downwards as her form shrank. But, no words left her mouth.

I continued. “When I gave you the position of my secretary, I also gave you a set of rules that you had to follow in order to keep your job. You signed the documents willingly, agreeing to follow them without any hesitation. One of those rules clearly stated that you have to respect all of your co-workers, no matter what.”

I took out a copy of that document, underlined that exact point with a red pen and threw the papers in front of her. She flinched but made no other movement.

“Today, I witnessed you, blatantly breaking that rule. You not only insulted me but also discussed my private life which, you very well know, I like to keep away from my professional life and also insulted another one of your coworkers- Kiara Jacobs. You know how serious I am about rules, don’t you? So, tell me, Ella, what do you propose I do?” I asked, with a sigh and shake of my head.

Her head snapped up and she looked like she would burst into tears within seconds. But, I felt like the villain again. I always did. It didn't matter what the situation was, I somehow always became the antagonist.

“I-I am sorry, Miss Vione. Ju-just give me another ch-chance” she muttered.

“Why should I? I already gave you a chance before and look how that turned out?” my voice was icy.

She looked at me with tears gathered in her eyes. I turned my gaze away from him.

“Look, Ella-” the sound of my phone ringing cut me off.

Startled and surprised, I picked up the phone to check for the caller ID. People don’t usually call me, as Ella and her friend so graciously pointed out before.

I only contacted people who were of use to me and in turn, people only called me when I was of use to them. In simpler terms, the only contact I had with people was for professional reasons.


The name itself made my hurt and anger flare up inside of me. Shaking my head, I rejected the call.

I turned my eyes to Ella. “Leave now. If you repeat this again, you will find yourself jobless. I am not a kind person. So, you know that I am saying the truth.”

The smile on her face clearly stated that she was expecting me to fire her.

“Thank you, Miss Vione” she gushed, “I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

I laughed tiredly. “Sadly, you had said the same thing when I hired you before. Anyway, Get out now.”

She rushed out, closing the door behind her. I looked down at my phone.

It started ringing again.

After debating for a while, I accepted the call.

“Hello,” I said.

The sound of a happy gasp came from the other side before she started talking. “Oh, Ivy, baby, I am so happy that you received my call. I-”

“Drop it. I told you to stop calling me. What part of that did you not understand?” I hissed, my hands balling into fists.

“But, Ivy-” her voice was less enthusiastic from before.

I didn’t care. she hurt me more than I could ever hurt her.

“You left me, deciding that I wasn’t important in your life. So, I deleted your existence from mine. And now you decide that you want to become a part of my life again? Sorry but, tough luck. I don’t want you anymore.”

A sniffle sounded from the other side.

I shut my eyes.

She hurt me before. She was the one who gave my heart its first crack. She deserved to feel the pain too.

“Do me a favor and stop calling me and disrupting my peace” I growled before cutting off the call.

The world was really against me today.

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