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Ideas Against Love

“Miss Vione, Tara Lynn is coming today and she has called all the employees to the cafeteria within ten minutes” Ella informed me, sounding more chipper than I had ever heard her. She also looked less miserable in my presence.

Maybe it was the scare I gave her yesterday or maybe it was something different altogether, but I didn’t give it much thought.

If she kept her nose out of my business and did the work I paid her to do, I had no problem with her or her attitude.

Shutting off my computer, I stood up. “Okay then, let’s go.”

We both walked to the cafeteria which was already filling up with people. Almost all the tables were occupied. I looked around for a vacant one and when I found one, I went ahead occupied it.

I made my self comfortable and started waiting for the arrival of Tara and her announcement.

Tara Lynn solely owned the magazine company.

She was from an extremely rich family that owned an extremely successful line of the textile industry. Her ancestry was wealthy too.

She was the eldest child of her family. This also meant that her family was expecting her to take over the business. But, she wasn’t interested in that kind of business. She wanted something more challenging and creative. She also wanted to build her own life and stand on her own feet.

Hence, going against her father’s wishes, she used all her inheritance from her grandfather to start ‘BOLD’. And now, it was one of the most successful national magazines.

I admired Tara a lot. She was smart, determined and resilient. When she wanted something, she would go after it and she didn’t care what others had to say about it. Her self-confidence and willingness to fight for her beliefs were what made her so successful.

Tara was probably the only person I could call a friend. She was the only person I could have a decent conversation with, without the fear of being back-stabbed or mocked.

That was one of her other endearing qualities, loyalty. It took me a while to believe that, but now I know that.

But, that didn't mean we were extremely close. We were friends with mutual respect for each other. We had coffee together and sometimes invited each other to dinner. But, we were not really close.

After fifteen minutes of waiting patiently, I saw Tara finally walking inside. She was sporting a maroon blazer with black jeans.

Without delaying a minute more, she walked to the center of the cafeteria. Then, she climbed up a table and faced us.

“Okay, I am finally here. I am sorry to keep you all waiting but something really important kept me away” she stated, her posture confident and voice expressing happiness.

I stared at her in curiosity. Tara hardly ever called all the employees for meetings. But, whenever she did, it was either because something great had happened or something too devastating occurred.

And by looking at her face, I could tell that it was the former rather than the latter.

“So, I have great news and I want to share it with you all” her face lit up with excitement and happiness which was rare. She usually didn’t show her emotions.

But, I didn’t need to put much thought as to why because she revealed the reason herself.

“I want to let you all know that I have won this year’s ’Top Entrepreneur Award” she screamed it out, expressing her excitement and happiness very clearly.

The whole cafeteria broke into a thunder of applause. I felt a genuine smile lift my lips as my hands started clapping loudly on their own accord.

I felt happy for her. I felt really happy.

She was finally getting all the praises she deserved. She went through so many hardships to get where she is. She deserved to be at the top.

“Guys, stop” she stated with authority but the smile on her face didn’t disappear. The sound died down, allowing her to continue.

“I want to thank you all because I didn’t reach the peak without your help. Without your dedication, I wouldn’t have what I have now. And I thank God every single day for giving me so many dedicated people to lift this magazine” her words were genuine, it was clear from the emotions displayed on her face, “And I want to especially thank the heads of each department. Without your dedication and extra-ordinary leadership, this company would have fallen years ago.”

Her eyes scanned through the crowd, looking at all the people she was thanking. When they landed on me, I smiled and gave her a nod. She smiled back.

She continued, “And to celebrate this success and to thank all of you, I am hosting a party this Friday. Every one of you is invited and you all can also bring a plus one. The dress code is glamorous. So, go ahead and get dolled up” she grinned and yelled out the last part.

Excited murmurs started buzzing throughout the hall. The chatter was so loud, it was a total cacophony.

“Okay, okay, you all can discuss it later. For now, go and continue doing the great work you all do. This achievement was made due to hard work, so don’t start to procrastinate” she ordered, her tone still light and playful.

Everybody stood up and started rushing out. I sat there waiting for the way to be cleared out so I could walk out with stumbling into anyone.

As the area got a little remote, I stood up and started making my way to the office. I had a lot of work and the deadline was approaching. I couldn’t afford to slack now.

“Hey, Ivy, wait” a voice called from behind. I stopped, already knowing who it was.

I turned and a smile instantly bloomed on my face. “Hi, Tara. Congratulations.”

She laughed. “Stop being so formal. And nice. It doesn’t suit you” she stopped for a second before adding, “Well being formal does. You are always formal.”

I smirked. “Well somebody has to balance you out. And since you are single, the responsibility falls on me as your friend.”

She raised a perfect eyebrow. “Are you finally admitting that I am your best friend?”

I gave out a sarcastic laugh. “You are my only friend. Nobody else can tolerate me. I am too much of a bitch.”

A sympathetic look fell on her face.

“Don’t think too much of it. They just can’t see past your barriers” her voice was soft and comforting.

“What barriers? I don't have any” I asked, a little lost. I didn’t think I had any.

For some reason, talking to Tara always made me feel exposed. And I couldn’t figure out why because I had no idea what she was unfolding.

“The barriers that close off all your vulnerabilities and feelings.”

Tara was walking through dangerous territory. She was getting too close and personal. I didn't want that. She needed to learn how to keep her distance.

But, she was the only person who I liked hanging out with and I didn’t want to yell at her and then lose her.

So, I decided that our conversation had come to an end.

“You should stop trying to act like a psychologist. You studied business. Anyway, I have to go now. So, bye” I turned around and started walking away from her, not giving her a chance to say anything else.

“You are coming to the party, Ivy. Don’t even think that you can skip it” she yelled behind me.

I shook my head and headed towards the restroom. I needed to calm down and also use the toilet.

When I entered the restroom, it was devoid of any people which was a very good thing.

I entered one of the stalls. Just as I did, I heard the door open again. The sound of laughter filled the quiet space.

“I am very excited. I am so going shopping today” a woman stated.

“I already know what I am going to wear” admitted another voice. But, this voice made my body tense up and my unsettled emotions to take a bitter turn.


One woman, I tried to avoid at all costs even though we worked at the same company.

I had always disliked her. She was nice. Too nice. Her personality was so kind, it felt like it was faked. It was extremely unnerving.

But, nine months before, that dislike turned into hatred. The hatred that cooled down a bit but was still there.

“Of course you have. You are always prepared for everything. By the way, are you bringing Dane as your plus one?”

“Yes I am” her voice sounded so dreamy, I felt myself twitch in annoyance, “I am so excited. It is the first time we are going to attend a formal event together.”

I decided that I heard enough. I unlocked the door and stepped out of the stall.

Hearing the sound, they stopped mid-conversation and turned around. Seeing me, all kinds of excitement faded off of their faces.

Glad to know that I ruined your mood as much as you did to mine.

Stepping aside, I washed my hands and walked towards the door. As I turned the knob, Kiara’s voice called out, “I hope you are going to be there at the party with your plus one, Ivy. I would love to interact and get to know you.”

I turned my head and gave her my best condescending smile and walked away.

She was taunting me as well as flaunting the fact that she stole my now ex-boyfriend.

As I walked ahead, I felt a renewed hatred towards her.

Then, an idea dawned upon me.

A cruel smirk took up my face.

I knew that I could cross many limits and boundaries when I wanted to prove myself right. And this plan would not only prove to Cupid wrong but also show Kiara her place.

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