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Actions Against Love

I stared at the mirror, checking if something was out of place.

The gown was tight, hugging my body without looking too provocative and non-professional. The gown was icy blue with an illusion neckline and transparent sleeves that were decorated with rhinestones.

The color gave my pale skin an ethereal glow. My light brown hair was pulled into a bun with fringes framing my face. My make-up was to a minimum, giving my face a natural look.

I looked every bit the stone-cold woman everyone thought I was.

After staring at my reflection for a moment, I went ahead and put on my sandals. With everything ready, I stood up and started waiting for that one winged-man.

I didn’t need to wait for too long. The familiar glow covered the whole room and I shut my eyes to block the light. I reopened them after a while to see the sight of him looking exactly like he did before.

He looked at me for a moment before his eyes met mine.

“So, what is your plan?” he asked, directly to the point.

I did the same. “My plan included taking you to the party so that you could witness everything directly” I informed him, before continuing with a taunting tone, “But, I forgot that you aren’t someone who I could drag to a professional party without people thinking that it’s a fancy dress competition.”

He sighed at my remark. I smirked, pleased to see that I was finally breaking through his calm exterior.

My satisfaction didn’t last too long as another glow lit up the room forcing me to shut my eyes again. An annoyed groan left my lips.

When I felt the intense glow fading, I reopened them again, ready to give him a lecture. But my words got stuck on my throat at the sight before my eyes.

Standing in front of me was a very familiar man at a height of approximately 6’2, hosting a grey suit. And, I doubt I had ever seen anything more majestic than him.

The suit was tailored perfectly, displaying his god-like physique. His hair was brushed up, making his eyes shine brighter than before.

After staring for a while, I realized that I shouldn’t be doing that. I shook my head to break myself out of the trance.

“Where are your wings?” I asked breathlessly, trying to sound composed.

He smiled that all-knowing smile. “They are still there. You just can’t see them. And if you are finished examining me, we should start going.”

I felt a blush lit my face as I cleared my throat and motioned for him to walk forward. “Let’s go.”

We walked out, me leading the way to my car. I unlocked it at sat on the driver’s seat. He opened the door and gracefully placed himself on the seat beside me. I glanced at him through my peripheral vision. I was sure that he would outshine anyone in the room.

I started driving when he was settled in.

Halfway through the ride, a question came to my mind. So I asked him. “How are sitting there with your wings?”

“My wings are not in the solid state of matter at the moment. Unless I summon them back, they will not function as they are supposed to and I will also appear completely mortal-like.”

My nose wrinkled at his choice of words but I just nod in understanding. The drive went silent again.

When we reached the destination, I parked the car and both of us got off.

I led him inside the hall and looked around. The hall was large, with people scattered all over the place, holding glasses filled with wine and talking.

After looking for a while, I found a secluded area. Picking up two glasses of wine from the waiter’s tray, I handed one to Cupid and went to stand on my selected area.

Sipping on it, I started to look around in search of the person I was here for today.

“So, aren’t you supposed to socialize with people when you are at a public event?” my eyes momentarily snapped to Cupid’s face before they started to wander again.

“No, my face will probably ruin their beautiful evening” I informed him.

I felt him shifting closer to me. “Why do you say that? If you don’t talk to them, they will keep distancing themselves from you. That’s probably why they have such rude opinions about you. Talk to them. Show them who you are.”

I looked him in the eye with a bitter smile on my lips. “I thought a god was supposed to be smart. Don’t you know that people don’t work like that?”

“Like what?” his voice was gentle but the curiosity in him was dripping on his words.

I turned towards him and took another sip from my drink before I decided to answer his question.

“People see what you want them to see. They don’t see who you are no matter how many times you converse with them. So, unless you want them to see the real you, they will never see the real you.”

He smiles. “So you are saying that people see you as a bad guy because you want people to see you as such?” he questioned with a raise of his eyebrow.

I shook my head with a sarcastic laugh. “No, in my case, people see the traits in their characters that they always try to hide.”

His smile widened. “So you are saying that you’re an image of a person’s darkest side.”

“I am saying that I am a being who displays too much of a hard exterior and all those characteristics that people find attractive only in the male species.”

“What makes you say that?” He moved even closer and as if on reflex, I leaned closer too.

“Don’t tell me you are that stupid!” I exclaimed with bewilderment, “I am arrogant, confident, temperamental and cold. These traits always seem to make a guy more attractive. They even have a special name for these kinds of guys. What was that? Oh, right, Bad Boys.”

He laughed out and I joined him.

It felt good to laugh. I felt light. Like there was no weight on me and for a moment all that negative plans inside my head disappeared.

For a moment, I decided to back down and enjoy the night. For a moment I gave in to my heart and aborted the stupid plan.

“Hello, Ivy” a familiar voice called out, making that moment end.

I turned around and my eyes fell upon the person I was searching for and another person who I had no desire to see.

A venomous smile automatically settled on my lips. “Oh, Hello, Dane. Kiara” I said with a nod at each of their directions, “How is your evening going?”

Kiara decided to answer. “Oh, quite lovely. Dane and I already danced and we both are enjoying a very romantic evening.”

I didn’t miss her petty attempt at trying to make me jealous and I also didn’t miss the way Dane shifted uncomfortably and gave me an apologetic expression.

“Very good to hear. I hope you enjoy the rest of you’re evening as well” I told her with the smile never disappearing, hinting that I wanted her to leave.

She didn’t miss the hint.

“Of course. I hope you enjoy your evening too even if it is a little hard for you to do so” with that she walked away, dragging Dane with her.

The rage slithers its way up into me. But, I clench my teeth and push it down. She was going to pay for that stunt pretty soon.

“That’s Kiara” stated Cupid with surety and a thoughtful look on his eyes.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh yes, That is your perfect princess. Do you see it now? What Kiara is?”

He sighed, his smile growing wary. “I know Kiara isn’t perfect, Ivy, nobody is. You don’t need to point it out. But, you should trust me when I say that they both are perfect together.”

He was making me feel worse.

“He doesn’t love her and neither are they perfect together. I will show that to you. Just you wait” I hissed.

He let out a breath, shutting up.

I turned away from him and focused on my target, waiting for the moment I could strike.

It didn’t take too long.

As I saw Kiara sauntering over to the washroom, I smirked. Handing my empty glass to Cupid, I instructed him “Watch carefully. But, don’t step in.”

He sighed again. “I plead that you think about it again, Ivy. Don’t destroy anything so beautiful.”

I said nothing in reply. Instead, I turned around and walked away.

Moving towards Dane, I tapped his shoulder. He turned around and surprise bloomed across his face.

“Oh, Ivy!”

I smiled. “Didn’t expect me, did you?”

He laughed awkwardly. “Not really. So, how have you been?”

I made an expression that showed discomfort. “I can’t hear you with the music. Let’s move to a more quiet area and talk.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said slowly, the disagreement clear on his face.

I raised my eyebrows. “Why? Scared you won’t be able to keep your hand off me?”

The hesitation disappeared from his face. “No, that isn’t my concern at all. Let’s go.”

I smirked, knowing that he would agree.

We walked away from the hall and into a balcony located at the farthest corner of the hall.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” he asked, turning to me.

I took the opportunity to move closer. “Nothing. I just wanted to ask you about your life without me in it.”

Realization flickered across his eyes. “Look, Iv-”

He didn’t get to complete his sentence.

I didnt

I slammed my lips onto his.

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