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Meri Phuppo Ki Beti

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Sheroze Khan a 23 year old Pakistani living in UK has eyes in which girls can stare for hours , lips that make the perfect smile , cheeks that makes the perfect dimple that makes the girls skip a beat . And when he opens his mouth his voice is like OMG. Hoorain Ali , A pretty 19 year old having sarcasm as her second language , quite crazy , friendly girl living in Pakistan . Dive in to know about them two and how will they end up together...

Romance / Humor
Rehma Aqil
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“Bro,Was that the only place left to get married ?” I asked
“Dude she lives in Pakistan , So yeah I have to go ” Replied Asif with a sigh.

Wow great ! Now I’m have no choice but to go to Pakistan, Cause my best friend happens to have a death wish. That’s right marriage is always a disaster, at least that’s what I’ve heard so far. Now either I get motions or constipation, I’m stuck with it. Good going Asif. Well done!
I remember the last time I went there, boy I spent an hour in the washroom waiting for the water so i can do my ​buissness
Plus aunties there are so annoying they keep pulling my cheeks I was like hey they are not stuff toys .
And the worst memory of all! Oh Allah I’m not sure if I should mention it, anyways here goes, So I was walking towards the roof and one of my cousin was Infront of me, I was shocked when she screamed for no reason and complained everyone that I tried to bite her bums which I definitely DIDN’T urghhh I hate that girl . I’m not a savage duhh . The most exciting moment yay I’m getting on the plane for Pakistan *note the sarcasm*

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