Bad Boys Secret

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Katy is the gang leaders daughter. A group of new hot guys enter the school and start to cause trouble. Katy has her anger issues and beats half of them up in the first day. Attracting the eye of the leader of their group. He’s about to flip her life around while everything else comes crashing down around her.

Romance / Action
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This world isn't as safe as it seems. There are deep dark secrets hidden around, people with ill intentions. People like my father, people like me, we may seem like good people to ourselves... What about the people we affect. With the line of work, we are in. Our gang kills, we kill, I kill.

Our small but fairly wealthy gang reigns over a small portion in the U.S. with a large reputation. Highly respected, fewer numbers than most, we do a lot of what the gang community thinks as good.

Compared to the world the gang is small, the Mafias are always huge. The largest gang in our area of the U.S. our rivals, the Pistols. Smart, stealthy, with some hotshot gang leader. Rumors that he will give the gang away soon, or that he is a mafia son, or that the gang has only existed for 4 years.

Kathrine Reigns. My name, please I would rather you refer to me as Katy. I really only allow certain people to call me Kathrine, it's too... old. We reign over the West side of LA, I am not allowed to pass the neutral zone into the East where some smaller gang rules. I am only allowed in the West that we reign which is like ΒΎ of the city.

My mother and father are the leaders of the gang, my 24-year-old brother will be the next in line. If dad ever gives it up, Jake was supposed to get it when he turned 21. That did not happen. I am the next Reign child, 18. My younger sister is the final, Scarlet is 11.

My best friend Zach is gay, which works out for me. I can cuddle with him and watch movies without getting hit on. He also doesn't expect sex from me as a friend. My other best friend right along with Zach and I, is Justice. She, of course, has a high rank, her father is our best sharpshooter. Zach will be Jake's second when Jake finally gets the gang.

Today is our last semester of Senior year.

"Kathrine!" Mom came bursting through my door, I was gonna be late if I don't wake up. She shut the painted door softer than when she came in. I groaned as the light finally hit my eyes, that morning light that poured into my window. I fell off the bed from the start it gave me.

"I am up." I jump off my soft weathered grey carpet, I ran, or well hobbled to the sliding barn-like door opening it to enter my bathroom. There was another barn white door that was open already and I caught a peek at my closet as I closed and locked my bathroom door. The bathroom was a soft white with a gold line that went all around the wall on all sides 4 inches below the ceiling. The molding and trim are all a vivid white against the soft grey-white of the walls. I sat down on the white pristine toilet and relieved myself before washing my hands. The sink is a white bowel lifted off the rest of the bathroom vanity that is set into the wall and not on the ground.

I stripped the grey Nike sports bra and the green booty shorts with white lines on the side off my body. The clothes were really helpful with the heat of the night. I opened the glass sliding door of my shower and entered turning the water up. I washed my hair and then my body. I washed my face and shaved because I desperately needed it.

I stepped out of the shower and brushed my teeth. I lotioned my body and put on some light mascara. I dropped the towel in the hamper and walked into the closet.The closet is expansive, a shelf of perfume, another of jewelry, three more of clothes and then a vanity of makeup in the center. On both sides of the vanity that is centered on the wall, there are false walls with hiding areas. I slid on black lace underwear and then a black bralette to match. I searched for a good outfit before finally agreeing on a flannel and washed out shorts. I strapped on some boots and smiled at my reflection in the full-length mirror.

I unlocked the bathroom door and exited back into my white room. I fixed my grey covers and grabbed my favorite light pink soft blanket from the floor. I grabbed one of my pistols that were hanging on the wall and put it in my Fjallraven Kanken bag. I grabbed my assignments from the break and stuffed those in there from off my desk.

I opened my door and stepped out onto the silver-grey wood floors my mom picked when we built the new house. I walked down the hall passing my brother's room, loud snoring soon filled my ears and then a little further my little sister's room was open. Blush pink and baby blue everywhere, she was filling her backpack and I smiled as she bounded out to follow me as we walked down the staircase. Bacon and pancakes filled my senses and we both dropped our bags at the door and ran into the kitchen.

We heard loud voices as we were approaching and it was obvious mom and dad were fighting a bit. Scar didn't care, she just went right in. Their fighting stopped and mom was softly talking to Scar. Dad came out and he looked pissed, I moved out of his way. I rolled my eyes and entered seeing a plate next to Scar already for me.

I walked up and sat down, "How are you this morning kiddo?" Mom asked putting the milk back into the fridge as she cleaned up.

"Tired, I worked a little harder than I intended in the gym at the warehouse last night." I chewed my pancakes and took a couple more bacon strips from the plate.

"Is that why you were out so late?" Mom asked looking through her phone and I hummed as I chewed the last few bites of my pancakes.

We fell into a comfy silence. Scarlet was done before me so she started up a conversation with mom.

I finished quickly and Scar noticed, she went out to where we left the backpacks. I set my plate in the sink and mom looked up from her phone. "Be safe baby, have a good day at school." She kissed my forehead cause she's taller.

I nodded and walked out meeting Scar at the door to the garage. I picked up my bag and opened the door looking across the 8 cars to find mine on the far end. It is a silver Mercedes Benz F015.

I buckled in and set my bag on the floor next to Scar. I pressed the button for the garage door to open and rolled down our windows at the same time.

"I want coffee." I thought out loud as we sped out of the drive and onto the road in the direction of Scar's school.

I saw a small drive-through and pulled in stopping at the little speaker box and the menu. I parked and waited for the lady to speak up. I leaned over and rummaged in my bag trying to find my card to pay. I brushed my hand over it and pulled it out.

"Hello, what can I get you this morning?" The lady asked, she sounded older and tired. She must have just opened before we got here.

"Good morning! Just give me a second." I answered and looked over to Scar who was busy watching cars pass. "Would you like your usual?" I asked and she turned to nod.

I looked back out to the speaker box, "I would like a medium vanilla bean frappe and a medium vanilla shake." I ordered.

"That'll be 6.75 at the window." The lady answered, I shifted out of park and drove up to the window parking to wait for my coffees. I checked my phone but no one had said a word yet.

"It's odd that you are having phone silence?" Scar pointed out and I nodded agreeing just as the window opened.

"6.75." The lady leaned out the window as I handed her the card. She was maybe 5'6" and had greying hair that used to be blond. She looks like may she used to dye her hair but has recently given up. She looked tired so my assumption earlier was obviously correct. "Here you girls go." She smiled and handed me the drinks which I gave to Scar so I could put the card away.

I shifted out of park and pulled out of the exit lane. I sped off to Scars school, of course, we were pumping music and singing along. I spotted the school, drove up and parked. "Thanks, big sis, be careful." She smiled sliding out of the car and walked away with a short wave. I made eye contact with Alan. Alan is the guy who keeps an eye on the school so Scar is safe at school. He gets here watches her and takes her home. So I don't have to.

I sped away and looked down at my phone, nothing. I shrugged and turned the music back up. I pulled into the parking lot and saw Zach leaned against his car in his parking spot. I pulled in next to him and grabbed my phone and bag before slipping out.

"Wait till you see this," Zach announced with a grin and pulled me away from the cars as I locked my car. He pulled me in the direction of the school and then through the large doors. We passed many people who were staring.

"Zach slow down, I want to drink." I groaned and he pointed as we stood by the office. He was pointing down the senior branch.

A group of buff guys was standing there soaking in the attention of a large group of girls. New guys. One of the many was Justice, my best friend.

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