Bad Boys Secret

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Katy is the gang leaders daughter. A group of new hot guys enter the school and start to cause trouble. Katy has her anger issues and beats half of them up in the first day. Attracting the eye of the leader of their group. He’s about to flip her life around while everything else comes crashing down around her.

Romance / Action
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This world isn't as safe as it seems.

Hidden in the world are those with ill intentions, people who feed off what causes the downfall of others. People like my father, like myself, my family.

Of course we all believe we are the best of the best, to us... we are good However, in the line of work we are in, our gang kills, we kill, I kill.

The gang my family so ruthlessly rules over isn't large, but large enough to cause damage. Large enough to kill...It only takes one for that really. The gang is still highly respected in the community, few in number, but we pull off quality work, That is what really matters.

In comparison, you get quality from Mafia with their large numbers, the collective honor, and loyalty. Based on numbers, our gang is miniscule. There are more groups, gangs, that have better numbers or better skill sets. A majority of the ones in our area aren't in our profession. All but one, the 'Pistols'. The gang itself is known for their cunning ideas and execution. In reality there is supposed to be some hotshot young ringleader. They rose to fame and began to truly become competition somewhere like four years back.

In the Kings my parents are the leaders, arguably though, my father does it all and becomes rude when my mother wants to pitch in. My brother, Jakob, is the heir of our little group and was supposed to receive it at 21. He's 24 years old now, and my father doesn't seem to be retiring anytime soon.

After my brother comes me, Katherine Reigns, 18 years of age and basically finished with high school. FInally, our younger sister Scarlet, or Scar, she's 11 and in middle school now. We both go to public school despite probably the necessity of us going to a private school.

One of the few benefits for us to go to public school is that we attend with fellow member's kids. So the kids we grew up with go to school with us. Such as my best friend Zach and Justice, both have parents which have high positions in our gang.

Justice's father is our best sharpshooter and grew up with our father. Zach has a great rank himself, he will take over as Jake's second as soon as the gang is handed down like it needs to be. Zach's father currently holds the second in command position for my father.

"Kathrine!" Mom came bursting through my door, I was gonna be late if I didn't get up. She shut the door softer than when she came in. As a teen so close to the end of this hell it was just natural for me to groan in detest as I gather the will to leave my bed.

"Yeah, yeah." I slipped off my warm inviting bed to hobble to enter my bathroom. I sat down on the white pristine toilet and relieved myself before washing my hands. A quick look in the mirror forced another long groan out. I looked tired which made my day worse. It's one thing to hide that I am tired, but it was evident. The bags were one thing, but the dark circles were awful.

I decide I need to shower after sweating through the night during my sleep. It of course left that grose muggy feeling of sweating in your sleep. When your clothes seemingly stick to your body, that's the worst feeling.

Finishing what I had to do in the shower, quickly I do the other essentials before moving onto clothing myself. The closet is expansive, a shelf or two of perfume, another of jewelry, three more of clothes on both sides and then a vanity of makeup in the center. On both sides of the vanity that is centered on the wall, there are false walls with hiding areas.

I began my endless search and long process of finding a cute outfit. Of course the simplest thing to do was the base so I slid on black lace underwear and then a black bralette to match. Finally I finished up my search for a good outfit before finally agreeing on a flannel and washed out shorts. Finishing the look off with a pair of boots I take a quick moment to appreciate the outfit before moving on.

Entering my room once more I fixed my grey covers and grabbed my favorite light pink soft blanket from the floor. As a routine it was normal for me to swipe my pistols that were hanging on the wall and put it in my bag for the day. Following my guns, I grabbed my assignments from the break I took from school.

I walked down the hall passing my brother's room, loud snoring soon filled my ears. Good to know someone is allowed to enjoy the peace of sleeping in. Further down the hall my little sister's room was open, blush pink and baby blue everywhere.

"Good morning." Finishing packing her bag for the day her eyes glanced up finding me with a smile. Beckoning her to follow, she bounded out and we walked down the staircase. Bacon and pancakes filled our noses, so we both dropped our bags at the door and ran into the kitchen.

We heard the loud voices as we were approaching and it was obvious mom and dad were fighting a bit. Again, of course. Scar didn't care, she just went right in. Their fighting stopped and mom was softly talking to Scar. Dad came out and he looked pissed like always, so I moved out of his way. Rolling my eyes I joined my mother and sister in the kitchen seeing a plate next to Scar already, for me.

Quickly, I ran across the room to scarf down my food, "How are you this morning kiddo?" Mom asked putting the milk back into the fridge as she cleaned up. She looked sad, like she always does after dad and her get into it. Of course we will never discuss it, because she will never acknowledge it.

"Tired, I worked a little harder than I intended in the gym at the warehouse last night." I chewed my pancakes and took a couple more bacon strips from the plate.

As a gang everyone has access to a couple 'gyms' we have across the city. In reality we all are mostly expected to train rigorously for any assignments, or jobs that could come up. I choose one that's out at a warehouse we have for shipments that are going out.

"Is that why you were out so late?" Mom asked looking through her phone and I hummed in confirmation as I chewed the last few bites of my pancakes.

We fell into a comfy silence. Scarlet was done before me so she started up a conversation with mom. The silence wasn't much we were used to, you can always hear men entering or perusing our house.

I finished quickly after and Scar noticed, she went out to where we left the backpacks. I set my plate in the sink and mom looked up from her phone. "Be safe baby, have a good day at school." She leaned down enough to press her lips against my forehead.

I nodded as soon as she got upright, bidding her my own version of goodbye and walked out meeting Scar at the door to the garage. I picked up my bag and opened the door looking across the 8 cars to find mine on the far end. It is a matte black Lykan HyperSport.

I buckled in and set my bag on the floor next to Scar. I pressed the button for the garage door to open and rolled down our windows at the same time. I would never be concerned about ruining my hair when I can drive one of these.

"I want coffee." I thought out loud as we sped out of the drive and onto the road in the direction of Scar's school. We may likely still be late, but to me it was worth it. I needed something to get me through my wretched day.

Scarlet smiled and bounced her head along with the music, which I just took as okay. Either way I was going to get coffee if she wanted to go or not.

I saw a small drive-through and pulled in, stopping at the little speaker box and the menu. I leaned over and rummaged in my bag trying to find my card to pay. I finally found it in the main compartment, I have a bad habit of just shoving it back into my purse and not into my wallet.

"Hello, what can I get you this morning?" The lady asked, she sounded older and tired. She must have just opened before we got here. She may have even been here all night, I think this is open 24 hours at least?

"Good morning! Just give me a second." I answered and looked over to Scar who was busy watching cars pass. "Would you like your usual?" I asked and she turned to nod, then like a switch she was back to headbanging to regular pop music.

I looked back out to the speaker box, "I would like a large cold brew and a medium vanilla shake." I ordered for both of us. I love coffee, but Scarlet hates the taste of it.

"That'll be 10.50 at the window." The lady answered, I shifted out of park and drove up to the window parking to wait for my coffee and Scarlet's shake. I checked my phone but no one had said a word yet. I expected at least some update on the happenings of last night, but nothing. Silence.

"It's odd that you are having phone silence?" Scar pointed out and I nodded agreeing just as the window opened. Jake was a part of the job last night so it must have been smooth for him to be home and sleeping.

"10.50." The lady leaned out the window as I handed her the card. She was maybe 5'6" and had greying hair that used to be blond. She seemed tired, so my assumption earlier was obviously correct. "Here you girls go." Smiling a forced smile that was too wide for her face, she handed me the drinks which I gave to Scar so I could put the card away. I slipped a couple loose dollars from the center console into the tip jar. I hope maybe that'll cheer her up?

I shifted out of park and pulled out of the exit lane in the direction of Scarlet's school. I spot the school, so we drove up and parked. "Thanks, big sis, be careful." She smiled sliding out of the car and walked away with a short wave. I made eye contact with Alan who of course was waiting for her where they meet every day. Alan is the guy who keeps an eye on the school so Scar is safe at school. He gets here, watches her, and takes her home. So I don't have to. I nodded to him and he sent me a serious nod back.

I sped away and looked down at my phone, nothing. I shrugged and turned the music back up. I pulled into the parking lot and saw Zach leaned against his car in his parking spot. I pulled in next to him and grabbed my phone and bag before slipping out.

"Wait till you see this," Zach announced with a grin and pulled me away from the cars as I locked my car. He pulled me in the direction of the school and then through the large doors. We passed many people who were staring. Our fast walking began to make me regret my boots for today's footwear.

"Zach slow down, I want to drink." I groaned and he pointed as we stood by the office. He was pointing down the senior branch. I take the moment before looking to drink from my coffee, then I look at what he was pointing at.

A group of buff guys was standing there soaking in the attention of a large group of girls. New guys. Of course, one of the girls fawning over the men... Justice. I recognize those tattoos on the side of their wrist though. Pistols.

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