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She saw the darkness. He saw the light. They found each other. Ema Mendes, a girl sent to face the world on her own when she moves to another country to pursue her dreams, has hope in life and humanity. She has more hope than most people. Nathaniel Blackburn, a boy with a troubled past, has no hope in the world. He hopes for nothing nor nobody, not even for himself. Their paths cross and they are faced to deal with someone so different, yet so similar to them. Secrets, lies, betrayals and a whole lot of hope and emotions are placed in their way from the moment their eyes first meet. They will have to fight for what they believe it's best for them and those around. United or separated their lives will move forward, but never the same after their encounter. Will hope hold them together or make them drift apart?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Ema’s POV:

Last summer I applied for a scholarship in a foreign country, away from everything and everyone I knew. I feel as if I am dreaming, I am scared, and all I can sense is a rush of emotions as I sit with my knees on the wooden floor of my childhood bedroom. The walls are filled with the paintings I painted growing up, quotes from my favourite books and TV shows, the room is small but filled with my hopes and dreams. It is my safe place, my world.

I am speechless, I don’t know if I should scream or cry as I read the word Accepted, so I just sit here looking at the letter of admission imagining everything I can accomplish.

My dream is just around the corner, I am excited but at the same time frightened about the unknown that my future holds.

The time to leave came, so I said goodbye to my home and got on the plane. My eyes are wide open to the sky next to me, but shut towards what is to come. I have no clue about what I will find on the other side of the plane, but I get up and walk like I can handle anything.


“I am standing just outside of the campus’ gate, mother.”

“Well, call me after you get settled in.” She demanded. I hate when she does that, she acts like I have nothing better to do than to tell her everything about my life.

“Of course, mother.” I oblige as I hang up the call.

As I am looking at the gigantic university, I must look like a child when they first see the outside world, but it’s a really fascinating place.

I am so caught up in my own thoughts that I don’t even notice a guy looking in my direction. He comes up to me and asks if I need any help with my bags, his smile is bright but there is something about his caramel coloured eyes, something that I am not sure about, but intrigues me.

“So? Do you need any help?” He asks again shaking me off my thoughts. His voice is deep and his British accent is strong.

“Oh, no thank you. Can you just point me to the administration building?”

“Sure. Go straight ahead and it’s the first building to your right, it’s big and white, there is no way that you could miss it.” He says, I thank him and start walking. My head is already focused on finding the building that I miss what he says next, I think it was his name or something but as I look back to find the blond caramel eyed boy he is already gone.

When I walk into the administration building an older lady comes to greet me, the secretary I assume. I follow her to her small desk and I speak my name, she gives me my schedule and my dorm key. We both say our goodbyes and I leave the building.

When I open the door to my dorm room, I notice a girl cleaning her side of the room. She is tall and slim, her dark hair is shiny and as she turns around I notice the bright blue eyes, she is indeed beautiful with the contrast between her fair skin, light eyes and dark hair.

“Hello! Welcome to our dorm. My name is Alison but you can call me Ali. I hope you don’t mind me choosing this side of the room.” My apparently roommate says and adds “What’s your name?”

I look at her wide smile, and smile back. “Yes of course, I’m fine with either side. My name is Ema.”

“Well nice to meet you, Emma.” She says turning to complete her task. Her accent is strong just like the boy’s, but gentler.

I place my bags on the floor, next to the bed chosen for me. The dorm is not exactly small, a little bigger than my childhood bedroom, but is poor decorated, I guess so we can decorate as we please.

“I know Ema here is written with double M but I’m from Portugal so, I write it with only one.” I add.

“Oh! Then welcome to the big island.”

“Thank you, -”

“What major are you taking?” Aliso-Ali asks what I was about to ask her.

“Architecture and Interior Design.” I tell her facing the wall behind her, she has a poster of a band, my favourite band. “You like The Neighbourhood?”

“Hell yes! They are my favourite band!”

“Mine too!” I almost yell and she laughs at my excitement, I laugh along.

“Wait? Did you say you are taking Architecture and Interior Design? My brother is taking that too, but he is a senior already.”

“That’s great, -”

“Oh, and I am taking Graphic Design.” She interrupts me again. I’m starting to think that that is going to happen very often, and silently laugh at the thought.

“If you need any help, you can ask my brother.” She adds and I smile.

We spend the rest of the day talking and learning things about each other, I learned that she likes fashion but only wears four colours, she was born in Canteburry and lived with her brother, mother and father, she despises spiders and she loves hedgehogs. Oh! And she has a best friend, Adam, that stayed in her home town.


Seven-thirty my alarm sounds, I only have classes at nine so I get up and decide to take a nice warm shower. It’s my first time taking a community shower and I am not a fan already, I always get the feeling as if someone is going to barge in a rip open the fine fabric separating my naked body from the rest of the room.

I notice that I forgot my clothes in the dorm, Very intelligent my subconscious tells me. I wrap a towel around me and hurry to my room. When I get there Alison is already up and dressed.

“Good Morning!” She says with that bright smile of hers. How is she already so energetic? My brain only starts to work after ten a.m.

“Morning. Are you going already?”

“Yes, I have classes at eight. I’ll be back at noon.” She is putting on a light eye make-up and red lipstick, God she is beautiful.

“Oh, okay. I have classes at nine but I will take the time I have to walk around and get to know the campus.” Ali is already packing to go, and I am getting dressed. Dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt seem fit for my lack of motivation in the morning.

“I’ll see you later then.”

It’s already ten past eight, I put on my black vans and leave the room to explore. This campus is huge, I will never be able to get to know every corner in such a short time. I walk around for twenty minutes and then find my way to my first class, I have no idea where that is. I look like a lost puppy, looking all over the place for the classroom.

“Hey! You are the girl with the pink bags, right?” Someone asks. I look around and at first I don’t recognise the boy, but then I look at the caramel eyes.

“Hum... yes. Can you tell me where I can find the Architecture building?” I ask looking at my schedule.

Wait, did he just said pink bags? They were purple...

“You are right in front of it.” He says looking behind me to the light brown building. Great, now I feel stupid for not noticing the big yellow letters saying Architecture just above the white door.

“Right. Thank you, again.” I look at my phone, five past nine. Already late for your first class, great first impression my subconscious teases. I smile once more to him saying goodbye and run to the class.

Classes go by fast, and I am done for the day at one p.m. I walk to my dorm, takes me fifteen minutes to cross half the campus. As I open the door Ali is sitting on her bed and a guy is in front of her, they are laughing. I walk in not saying a word and that is when I notice another guy with his back leaned on wall, face down to his phone.

“Ema! Guys, this is my roommate Ema.” Ali says loudly and excited.

“Ema with one M. She is from Portugal.” My roommate jokes.

I smile politely and as the blond guy leaned on the wall lifts his head mine turns to his eyes, I know those eyes.

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