Law of Attraction

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Arsen Valentine, 26, never felt loved, protected or save in any way. Literally fighting for her life since the age of seven, now after all these years she's a lawyer at age 26 and doing it the only way she knows, fighting, stealing, cheating and seducing to help her clients. Lorenzo Camorra, 31, the biggest name in the mafia today. Losing his mother at a young age really messed with him but his father always taught him family is the most important. Now everybody shivers when even thinking about him, but nobody knows how much he would want a family. Arsen was never afraid of the dangerous underworld or the Camorra family that runs it but what happens when she is reminded of her past and people start recognizing her. And let's not forget the devilishly handsome brute that is Lorenzo Camorra.

Romance / Action
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AN: Thank you for reading the first chapter of my story, I hope you like it so far. Comments, questions and request are always welcome. Let me know what you think!! I plan on updating regularly! It is also available on Wattpad.

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