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Belong To Him

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"No Please!" My mother screams. "we will give you what ever you want just Please! don't kill them" I stood there listening to what was happening, my parents and sister didn't acknowledge me, i was behind them. The tall muscular guy smirks, gazing at me, from head to toe. "I want that daughter of yours to belong to me!"

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I flicked my eyes, once and twice.

I had a severe headache.

As my eyelids open, a black car door came to my view making my eyes widen seeing it being an unfamiliar car.

Where am I?

I quickly sit up, a gasp suddenly escaping my lips as I glance around my body to see that I was tied up in an unknown car.

That was when I look up and all the memories begin to rush back to me, tears starting to blur my vision.


Oh, God.

My hands, feet, and mouth were tied.

Allah, what is happening to me?


How cruel can they be?

I remember him pushing me in the car, and then I felt a pinch in my shoulder, like a needle going in me, he had given me an Injection to make me go unconscious.

"You are awake" my head lurches up to the sound of his voice. I a glance at him.

He was wearing his sunglasses, his focus was on the road above.

I began to move around, trying my best to loosen the ropes but they kept getting tighter.

Allah, it hurts. That hurts.

Please, My Lord. Get me out of here....please.

"Now, Now don't go crazy around in a moving car, you will only end up hurting yourself, sweetheart, we wouldn't want that, would we?" He smirks, making a sob to choke out.

How could someone be this cruel?

My body began to shake as i keep crying, I felt weak, everything in my body didn't respond as if all the energy was taken out of me. I didn't eat for the whole day, my stomach grumbles and I choke another cry.

My heart was heavy. I stare out at the clouds, Allah what are you doing to me?

What is this?

"Allah will fix everything, it's in His control, Belief in Him, never give up your belief. No matter how much this cruel world is, go to that prayer mat and cry your heart out, Make as many Dua as you can. Allah will listen, never think that He isn't with you, He is always with you. Remember Him and He will remember you. Sanam, you must remember Allah does not a burden a soul beyond it can bear. I promise you one day you will be able to see us all! Live for the purpose of this Life! Know what you are here for and Promise me one last thing you will always, I mean always Pray, Read Qur'an and live Happily!"

Mom's words ran to me.

I can still remember how she was crying so much, saying those words out to me because she had no choice.

But How? How can i be happy? How can I be happy when I am being taken away from everyone and everything that I love?

Did I have a choice? I didn't want my family to be in pain.

Ya Allah, What type of trial do i have to endure?

The car came to a stop, making my teary ways to glance up to see that he was getting out of the car. He walks to my side of the door, opening it making me stroll back to the end of the other side.

"Time to show you, our new house"

Fear grips upon me, I shudder back trying to merge through the door if it was possible.

His long arms reach out to me forcefully engulfing me in his arms, he picks me up bridal style, every inch of my body was refusing his touch.

I try my best to break free from his hold, but he tightens every time I move or even flinch.

Ya Allah, help me.

"Don't move or you will fall but I don't think i will let you fall, I'll hold on to you."

I glare at him in disguise. Every cell beneath my skin feels scared, every sound becomes silent to my ears. My body tenses, I don't know what to do, what to know.

He walks and gets my suitcase, I attempt to move again but his finger digs into my waist, warning me not to do it again.

I gulp. My eyes begin to wander around the area to see a big mansion-like house, it was alone in a large area.

He opens the main gate by pressing a button. He walks in, I could see the garden, pool, and a large amount of open area that i was so unknown to.

Where has he brought me?

My eyes look back at the gate and to him, I was still caged in his arms.

How can I run away from here?

I don't even know where this place is. A different state, country, or continent?

No. I don't want to be away from my family.

He unlocks the main door, as it opens my eyes widen. The furniture was covered with cloths as if no one had lived here for a while.

A-an abandons mansion.


God, No.

The fear within me increases, I hold my hand hands together trying to calm myself but my teeth were beginning to grind.

Ya Allah...please help me...Allah only you can help, please help me.

We went inside, he presses a button which closes the door. I swallow hard as his gaze goes down to me. My stomach drops hearing his words.

"So gorgeous, how to do you like your new house, isn't it better than the other garbage you were living in" I give him a death glare but he ignores them look and walks upstairs, and then to a room.

He opens it and the room is the same as the other furniture covered in white cloth except for the bed. I look at the room, my eyes accidentally go up meeting his gaze. Which were staring right back at me, I avert my eyes away to look somewhere else but I felt a sudden pain strike all over my body.

My eyes widen, I whimper. A cry coming out as he had dropped me on the ground. He bends down, his hand coming forward and he takes the cloth out of my mouth.

I could see the cloth had blood on it because of how tight it was tied on my mouth that it lacerate the skin.

I plead out to him. "Please let me go"

He chuckles. "Nope, can't do that, I already told you." His gaze travels to my eyes and with no hesitation, he lets out. "You are mine." His gaze then goes to my hijab, I grip it.

"Why don't we take this off first" he points at my hijab.

I shake my head at him. "No, please don't take it off, please!" He is a non-mahram.

Allah, please stop him.

His hands come towards my hijab, I try to move back but his hand grips my waist and he takes the pinout of the hijab, slowly by slowly my hijab falls off.

I bite my lips. "Please stop"

He does not, instead, he takes my ribbon off from my hair letting my long brown hair sink down. A hiccup escapes my mouth, i glance up at him.

He was staring at me, intensely. His orbs going from my hair to face, I felt naked under his eyes. I move back only for his hands to surround my head.

His fingers digging into my scalp. "You have beautiful hair." I cry, trying to pull his hand away.

His face comes closer to mine, my eyes widen and I again try to back away but in vain. His hand throws the scarf away, as his eyes go all over my face.

I shiver as his index finger runs around my neck.

His-his touch is burning me.

Allah this is Haram...please help me.

He leans down, his breath fanning and I feel his lip on my neck. My eyes widen and i try to back away but his hold on my hair tightens, he keeps me steady and I whimper.

"Why did you move away? Not like to be touched" he smirks.

"Just please stay away from" I cry out. "Its Haram, yo-you are-are a--non-mahram" He chuckles, moving back to glance at me.

"Come on sweetheart, speak in a language that I will understand" He pulls me a shriek leaving my mouth, i bite the inside of my cheeks to hold myself from breaking apart.

"You probably have guys all running around you, but" he grips my hair tighter, I could feel some of them falling. "Say goodbye to them all, because if I see them anywhere near you or if you even think about anyone, you have no idea what I can do to you. I will murder them all" he wipes the tears off my face.

"You disgust me" I stare right into his eyes. "You disgust me with your words, your actions, I loathe you! Do you really think I will ever give my self to a heartless man like you, then you are wrong? Because never ever, I will ever give any damn about you!"

As soon as i said it, his eyes burn with rage. His jaw clenches as he grabs mine. "Darling, you have no idea, who you are messing with, you might have killed and ruined my my my best friend's life but now I will show you what's it like to be a man."

He picks me up, throws me on the bed as he loosens his tie. My eyes expand, a gasp coming out.

No. He wouldn't, No.

He opens two of the buttons of his shirt and comes closer to me. He touches the ropes on my feet and unties them, then the same with mt hands.

"Wh-what are y-you doing?" No answer. Instead, he gets on the bed and i immediately move back but only for his hand to grip my legs, pushing me down on the bed as he hovers over me.


"Please get off me." My hands went to his chest, I try to push him off but I was weak. I try to punch him as hard as I can but in return, my own hands start to hurt.

"Get off of me. Please. Please stop!" He takes his shirt off, revealing his body's muscular body. I close my eyes tightly.

This is Haram.

Allah forgive me!

Please help me!

I sob harder, I thought he will feel sorry for me and will stop.

"Sweetheart, this what happens when you don't want to be mine, now you will know how you are mine. Tonight I will show you, that your soul and body are fully mine."

I scream "NO!!"

He kisses my ear. "Please Stop" A whisper escapes. But he doesn't, he snuggles into my neck, smelling me.

Allah stop him!

I forcefully try to push him off of me, but no use. He catches my wrists then he places them on both sides of my head.

"If you want your family to live, then you have to listen to me. Or else you know, what I can do to them" He speaks harshly. "Do you understand?"

"You promised." I wail out.

"I can break it really easily, it all depends on you"

"Please No!" I scream.

He kisses my temple and then going down kissing my earlobe, he bites my ear, leaving a scream out of my mouth.

Please stop!

He starts to peck my neck, giving me harsh wet kisses and biting Every place he gives a kiss at me, I shiver in disguest.

How can I stop him?

It's no use!

"Please stop" By now my cries and screams had no effect on him.

He looks up at me, my eyes beg for mercy but his eyes were filled with lust.

His hand goes underneath goes to my abaya and he takes it off of me and throws it on the floor, then his hand goes underneath the kameez (shirt), he touches my stomach. I wail out again. Telling him a no.

He slowly holds the kameez tightly.

I couldn't handle his touch or let him do this sinful act.

With his other hand, he holds the back of the kameez and that's when I realize he was about to rip my kameez

No! No!

I have to stop him, he can't​ do this!

I have to do this, I scream,


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