A Gods Love

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Corrona is a lone god, not wanting love, yet wise enough to give others advice for love. Sometimes, the person you like finds you, most times, you are the one who finds who you love. Maybe love isn't about marrying someone, its about the fleeting moments of connection you feel between you and your partner. Corrona doesn't know what to do, what to love, how to love, but she will find out the two quite quick after a chance encounter with a...certain person.

Romance / Fantasy
S.A Ghouse
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

He ran his fingers through my black hair, caressing my head on his lap. The sensation of being petted like this...it was heaven in a way.

“Sis, you like weird things” he whispered, looking down at my smug self.

I stretched my arms out, yawning in satisfaction, “yeah yeah, Whatever

“I’m only doing this because you begged me for it, and your leaving to Sukar City tomorrow” he chimed before suddenly pushing my head out of his lap.

“H-hey!” I frowned at him before rubbing my eyes from exhaustion.

I was leaving early tomorrow to the next city. I felt a change of place would be good, Along with the fact that I have barely no friends, I have a feeling that maybe I might meet someone there.

“Arkon your so cold….” I shot him a lazy look before getting up from the couch and stretching my back.

“I’m going out for a stroll, I’ll be back by the time Galoka is rummaging through the snacks at night” I chuckled, but he just silently replied by crossing his arms and shaking his head side to side.

His white disheveled hair always made him look more relaxed than he is, and I liked that about my younger brother. Then you have his wonderful green emerald eyes...The one part I don’t like is that none of my family members look like we’re related to each other. So when somebody sees us together they say if we’re dating, or something simple like that.

Arkoth has green eyes and hair, I have black and and dark grey hair with red eyes. My sister Galoka has orange tipped white hair, and she has sharp orange eyes. Then my father has purple eyes...and my mother had gold and white hair with yellow eyes-

“What are you doing...just standing there. Didn’t you say your going for a stroll?” Arkoth snapped me out of my train of thought,

“O-oh, sorry, i was just thinking about something” he stared at me for a few seconds, perhaps contemplating something before looking away.

“Well then, I guess I’ll see you this morning...before you leave” he muttered, his face away.

Odd. That’s the one thing I found him to be at this moment, there was this seemingly cloudy, or hazy sensation of uneasiness that had been floating around in the room for a while. But I ignored that, I assumed Arkoth and Galoka got in a heated argument, around that premise.

I let out a deep exhale, “Bye”

Actually leave now” he got up from the couch and left to go to his room.

With that I made my way towards the cloth hanger. My preferences for cloaks seemed weird for most people, but it’s something dear to me. Akin to keeping a picture of dead loved one.

I swung the Black cloak over my body and clipped it on, pulling the hood of the cloak over my head. I slipped on my sandals before silently opening the door, coming face to face with the cold winter air outside.

“Damn, so cold and dry…” I bit my lip and shivered inside my cloak. I was only wearing shorts and a shirt, and the snow outside will probably make me a popsicle after a few hours.

But, I was intent on going. When you make up your mind on doing something, you sometimes just have to follow through, no matter what obstacle you come across.

I turned around, closing the door before stepping onto the snow caked street with nothing but slippers on my feet. What I was thankful for is that my cloak went all the way down to my ankles, and the cloak was decent at preventing my body from freezing.

I continued walking down a city street, passing by shops and lamp-lights. What I actually secretly do when i got for a stroll, is go to the local tavern. It typically takes me a few minutes to arrive there, and I regularly go have a small drink and sit at a table, listening to the jokes and stories of travelers who happened to stop by. In a way, it’s a way of getting a small slice of a social life.

Just around the corner” I muttered under my cold breath, take a left at the corner of the street towards the Tavern.

The Tavern itself isn’t that remarkable, the same as all. But, what sets it apart is the fact that it’s the oldest tavern in all of Riarkth. It’s a sort of tourist spot most travelers make a note to go to. This is the reason why every night travelers go there to eat, drink and talk about whatever topic at hand. It’s a fun place, with fun people, about fun.

I stopped by the door of the Tavern, the little sign above the door read ‘Riarkth’s Tavern’. Icicles had formed under the sign, which said a lot about the freezing temperatures of Riarkth.

“I’ll be so happy to enjoy the summer climate of Sukar~” I slipped on my slim brown leather gloves and opened the door to the tavern.

I was immediately flooded by the bright light and the loud noise of the chit-chat between people. The liveliness of the Tavern, was seemingly the first thing that would hit a new-comer who was coming to the Tavern.

It never ceases to befuddle me, how people can still be their happy selves even in dark times such as these.

I glanced at a couple of hooded people who happened to pass by me, leaving the Tavern.

I tipped the top of my hood downwards, obscuring my eyes. While going inside, I got rid of the water on my sandals with the mat at the front before looking for a seat.

The Riarkth Tavern was of the more well kept kind of Taverns. Beautiful birch floors, and smooth light red walls with polished oak counters and furniture. I partly liked the Tavern for its looks, but also for the good food they sold.

“A bit busier than usual” my eyes darted across the Tavern, most of the tables were taken. But, there was a couple of lone barstools that were at the corner of the room. I seized the opportunity and swiftly strided across the room, winding around tables and chairs.

Just then the barmaid, Yari spotted me. A huge grin formed when she saw me, patting the counter for me. I felt slightly nervous, I was never one to like being in the presence of her.

Her demeanor is very much different from mine, slightly close but not quite there. I envied her rose colored eyes, and her short cut golden hair. But, her looks don’t quite fit with her personality..

I pulled my cloak up slightly so I don’t sit on the cloak. With a glance to Yari, i sat down on the barstool, my elbows on the counter.

“So, how are ya?” She cheerfully said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you-”

The Tavern owner came in, interjected, “You mean it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you”

My attention switched to the big burly man with the apron. He was a rather large person with a long beard, and he himself was quite old. My best guess is that he’s sixty years old.

“H-hi” I placed my hand upwards, gesturing to them my good will.

“So~” a light blush overcame her, I knew what was coming. This always happens, and she can’t help but tease the living soul out of me.

Them, those dreaded four words escaped her lips, “Have you found someone?”

My hands clenched together, the faint tint of pink painting my face “w-well, no…”

Her expression changed from that of glee to disappointment,

“Seriously? I really did think you got someone” she frowned, sighing in disappointment, “...Come on, come on your driving my nuts kiddo. It’s been nearly a year and I’ve been giving you tips and tricks, everything I know and you always say you don’t have someone you love!”

She ranted, making me lie my head on the cold counter and contemplate my life.

Nobody really likes a shut-in person like me, I’m too different for most people to try and even attempt to make friends with...now that think about it that does sound a bit cl

“Come on...Yari, just stop” I groaned in embarrassment,

“Fine, fine…” those two words scare me, she never says that, “Then, does anyone here catch your interest?”

She gestured with her white gloved hands towards the large group of people in the tavern. Being the person I was, I simply glanced at the crowd and went back to lying on the counter,

“Nope” I muttered quietly, Yari had...quite a look of astonishment, but also disappointment, maybe a hint of anger as well.

You didn’t even try!” she scoffed, “You need to have fun Mrs.Lykoth!”

I chuckled silently before giving a cold stare at Yari, “uh-huh, and have you got a man?”

There was some silence, and I saw the Tavern owner silently laughing in the background as he wiped the glasses. Well, that explains enough then.

“W-well” she blushed, “T-that doesn’t matter! Your the main effort here!”

I got up, looking at her in a serious manner as possible, “But I already have fun by myself”

She shook her head vigorously, “no, no no, you need to have fun with a man

“Right...and I wonder if you’ve ever had fun with a man…” I looked past her to see the Tavern owner motioning with his finger the number…

“Ze-ro” I quietly laughed,

Yari swung her head towards the Tavern owner , her face completely red, “I won’t forget this old man!”

She rested her face on the counter, embarrassed and ashamed, “your hopeless…”

I rolled my eyes at her, “so are you”

“Hey!” a voice suddenly shouted out to me, electing a glance from me, “Girl on the barstool, what’s your name?”

“My name? It’s Corrona” I tilted my head at the person who called me. To no surprise it was some drunk person at one of the tables, he had black hair and emerald eyes. He had a warm blush over his face, he’s probably been drinking for a couple hours...

“What’s your profession?” his voice slurred, I got a bit uncomfortable, but I replied anyways

“I’m a mage” suddenly the entire group of people there gave a sound of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’.

No, no, no…

Getting attention drawn to myself is the worst possible thing for me to do. I panicked, my mind was running fast, trying to find out ways to try and escape this nightmare. I’m anti-social, give me a break...

“What kind of Mage?” He asked, drinking another whole glass of alcohol.

I got out of the Barstool, surprising Yari. I dusted my cloak before bowing apologetically,

“Sorry, but I have somewhere to be-”

I felt a strong tug at the back of my cloak, looking back, Yari had the most nightmarish expression I’ve ever seen. It sent shivers down my spine.

Where do you think your going?” she muttered darkly,

Regrettably, I sat back down on the Barstool muttering under my breath, “Nevermind

“Good!” she gave a light-hearted slap on my shoulder, “now tell them what kind of mage you are!”

My heart throbbed, trying to find something to say other than, ‘I can do Shadow magic’ which is akin to saying, ‘Hi! Kill me! I’m a demon!’.

Its safe to say i would die the next day after I utter something similar to that, Demon Hunters have lived in this city for centuries. I can put up a fight, but what’s the point? I’d just be labeled another demon and I won’t be able to visit another city ever.

Hey” Yari whispered into my ear, “your a mage right? Tell them what kind of mage you are!

Inevitably I had to talk, so I told them something a bit of the opposite,

“I can do Light magic” I slowly said, my eyes scanned across the room. I was a bit concerned to say the least.

“Light magic? How boring…” the man said, he immediately lost his attention on me.

I heard a disappointed sigh behind me, “Your pretty boring-”

“Correction, we are pretty boring” I Interjected.


I had ordered a glass of Tree milk and a dish of beans with rice. The usual that I order. For those who don’t know, Tree milk is just extremely sweet and runny tree sap from the Uop Tree that grows near the city. It’s like liquid sugar, except watery.

I finished my rice with beans and downed some of the Tree milk, feeling full and ready to leave in the morning.

While Yari was wiping the counter she suddenly muttered, “I wonder when I’ll get a man-”

That was the last straw for me. I don’t know what had overcome me, in a way it was the pent up wrath that needed to be carried out. Perhaps an awful truth that needed to be known.

“Yari, you speak big. But you don’t carry out your ambitions. You wonder if your ever going to get a man, but have you tried to get one?” I interjected politely, eliciting a glance from the Tavern owner.

“Yari, if you keep being hopeless, then only someone as hopeless as you can fall in love with you. If you try hard to find someone you love, then you will find someone who will love you just as much as you love them” I took a sip of my Tree milk, finishing it.

Yari looked at me deep in thought, I suppose maybe i had gotten through to her. Or maybe she’s just thinking im wrong and she’s always right, typical but…

She stayed silent, and so did I. She was seriously thinking, so maybe I had gotten through to her...

She folded her cleaning cloth and kept it on the table. She looked up at me, a lopsided smile on her face.

Your a good friend” she muttered with a sigh,

I smiled at her, “So are you”

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