The Spicy life of Marie

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This is part of the spicy life of Marie. I started a blog that l never published. Now l decided to share it with you. This is part of my spicy life, A life full of suspense, joy, cry, and victories. I started writing this every morning in 2012. But for a reason, l didn’t publish it on my blog as l intended to do at that time. Now l feel fine to share it. Send it to friends if you like it. Just relax and enjoy your reading.

Romance / Adventure
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The Spicy life of Marie

Chapter 1

All started when l was 17 years old. Our collage was a girl’s secondary school. l was a very brilliant student. l had three fathers. My mother never accepted the fact that my father was my real father. She took me to see a man in another country when l was very young telling me that he was my father. Then she later told me of a third man that l never met till he died.. But to me, my dad is the one I knew since l was born, simply because, even though he was poor, he was always there for me whenever l was sick, whenever l needed him, he was always there for me at all times. If l couldn’t sleep when l was young, he could not sleep neither. So since the school fees was very high and my mother was finding it difficult to pay, l went first to see my real father, he tried all his best to get me some money for the school fees but sometimes it was very difficult for him . The problem was that if l didn’t pay the school fees, l was sacked to come back home till l got the money. So sometimes l went to see my second father, despite in my mind, l knew l will never let him be my father, l went to see if he could get me some money but I found him too strict and l had no love for him as a father so l decided not to go back again to ask him anything. So when l got really tired of being so poor, and seeing my mother very desperate whenever l was sacked back home, l said to myself l had to do something. l decided to gain money by all means to continue paying my school fees. So when l was sent back home again and my dad managed to get me the total amount of my school fees and even added my pocket money, l was so surprised but very happy. I knew he sold something precious that belongs to him, but what? l never knew. When l took the money, l didn’t go straight to school. l travelled so many miles to the gold mines in the country. Even though it was very risky and prohibited to go to the gold mines to buy gold and cross the borders of the country to sell it at the other side of the border, nothing could stop me from crossing with the gold. l bought a very small quantity of the gold and managed to cross to the other side of the country to sell it. I got really happy because l had twice the money l used to buy it. l then came back to school, paid my fees and kept the rest of the money for the next trip. Since then, l went very often to buy and sell gold across the border. The buyers started to ask me to bring a bigger quantity if l could since they really liked the quality l was bringing to them. l then decided to asked one of the miners to join me by giving me a bigger quantity. He then went to see one of his boss , a corrupted manager who liked diverting some of their products to make money. I started doing business with this manager till l was caught at the frontier with 4 kilos of gold. That day l thought my days were over because people who were caught travelling with gold were either sent to jail for several years or sometimes shot to death if the border guards wanted to take the goods for themselves.

The boarder guards took me to their heard office. I was later handed over to the military police who were officers without mercy for smugglers. I was placed in a small empty office and an officer came inn to see me. He was the captain, he came inn and sat before me and started asking me questions. He was first surprised by my young age and the quantity of gold l was arrested with. 4kilos of gold. He was rather impressed and fascinated. He asked me if this was my first time of doing this and l replied no, and l told him l did this regularly and that l was still a student. He gave a little smile, and asked me, “Do you think if l give you money, you can get me the quantity of gold l want?” Amazing! l couldn’t believe it, l first thought for some seconds that he was kidding, but, l realized that he was really serious for this. So l told myself l had to seize this opportunity to play all my cards, since l had nothing to lose at that present moment, because l knew they would be sending me to jail for so many years.

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