Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 10

“She was lying in a cage of her own blood Karlos, for a year! We should have found her sooner. God knows what they did to her! The doctors still doing tests!” Bradley’s voice cried out beside me.

“Will you shut up! You’re going to wake her up. She’s been through enough without you shouting by her ear” Another voice said angrily as a hand took mine and squeezed lightly. Jason was here by my side.

I started to open my eyes; they were so sensitive to the light as I tensed up several pairs of eyes noticed.

“Where?” I asked, but my voice broke, suddenly parched as Jason quickly gave me a cup of water.

“Slowly Sam, slowly” He muttered holding my hand tighter as I went to guzzle the lot.

“Peach?” Bradley sank into the other chair next to me and began to sob as his head hit the bed next to my hand as I ran my hands through his hair.

“I’m here” I whispered as not to push my voice too much.

“I’m going to get the doctor” My uncle said from the end of my bed.

“Bradley?” I cried as his eyes looked at me, bloodshot and puffy from the tears he had shed.

“I thought you were dead; we couldn’t find you. I’m so sorry we didn’t find you sooner” he sobbed.

“Stop, not your fault.” I said tapping his nose where I had broken it all those years ago and I saw him smile a little.

“Sleeping beauty has awakened I see” Karlos came in with the doctor.

“How do you feel Samantha” The doctor continued.

“Sore” I replied

“Throat and stomach?” He looked at me pointedly.

“Did you finish your tests? What did they do to her? Is she ok?” Bradley rushed.

“I would like to speak to her alone first if you don’t mind” He gestured for everyone to leave.

“We’ll be right back ok sis. We’ll be right outside” Jase kissed my head.

“What do you remember about the time you were in that cage Samantha?” The doctor asked as if pained.

“Everything. Miscarriages…Pain…Rape…Cuts” I replied trying to say as little as possible because of my throat.

“How many miscarriages Samantha?” He asked noting down my answers.

“Four…” I sobbed. He sighed nodding solemnly.

“I’m afraid the damage was extensive. What happened and the lack of care means that you never healed properly. You have a severe chance of never being able to conceive. I’m sorry. Your other wounds will heal, and I will be recommending a counsellor to help you with your mental state. But I ask that you please talk to your loved ones. I’ve heard a lot of how you would run from your problems. Promise me” He told me, and tears flooded down my face again.

“I promise” I replied, and he nodded and passed me another cup of water and some pain meds before leaving the room and letting everyone back in.

“Sam? What did they find out?” Bradley rushed back into the room.

“Bradley! Enough!” Karlos whacked him round the head.

“Is everyone safe?” I asked ignoring his question, I wasn’t ready to tell him yet.

They looked at each other.

“Shaun was back in the hospital for a while, but he healed. Luka got your father and Taylor away…” Karlos began with no mention of Damien or the other boys.

“Where is she!?” I heard voices grow in the corridor as a bundle of men came flooding through the door.

Rob, Brian, Shaun, James, Wayne, Taylor, Luka, my father and finally…

“Damien!” I cried out as they all smiled.

“Sure she screams for the gay guy” Shaun jokes as they bundle into the room.

“You’re all here, all of you…” I blub like a baby.

I was so happy that they were all here in front of me, safe and well. I had been suffering this past year worrying that they would all be dead, killed by Greg and the other gangs.

“Greg… Grandfather?” My voice sounds scratchy.

“Grandfather’s dead” Luka said as he hugged me.

“Greg…” I looked at everyone’s pale faces.

“He got away… Luka got a shot at him and there was blood on the ground, but he got away. We don’t know where he is, he went into hiding” Karlos answered.

I began to shake.

“Stop! Sam, you are safe, we are here, and you are never going to be left alone where he can get you. You are safe” Karlos kneeled next to me, taking my face in his hands as he helped me calm my panicked breathing down.

“Samantha…My baby, I suppose we haven’t really met properly yet, have we?” The man behind Luka smiled.

My real father, Trent Jennings.

“Out, all of you, leave them to talk” Karlos ordered.

Bradley stayed next to me.

“Bradley, I promise I will tell you how I am when you come back, all you need to know is I will be fine and I need to talk to my father, please, on my own” I hold his face in my hand as he breathed a shaky breath, kissing my forehead before leaving me with my father.

“You look so much like your mother did at your age. I was scared I would never find you. Then Jon brought you down those stairs and I thought I was seeing her again, your mother. He slapped you and I lost it completely. Luka found me on the ground still trying to break the chair I was on. I tried to get you and your mother out. But she wouldn’t leave Jason and I had no chance getting all three of you out. When your mother died, it broke my heart, your mother had me go into hiding and she wanted Luka to get you, he was too late, and I was too much of a coward to go against your mother.” He frowned taking my hand slowly in his.

“Mum loved you. Luka saved me, just a little later and you’re here now. Forgive, forget and move on. We can’t hold on to everything” I reply, my voice still hoarse.

“I’m proud of you and your mother would be too” He smiled squeezing my hand again.

“I might not be able to have kids. I had four miscarriages…” I blurted out and he looked at me shocked, curling his fists in anger.

“Good thing Bradley killed the bastard, or he’d be slowly being torn apart right now” he growled under his breath, but I caught him.

“How do I tell him?” I whimper.

“Tell him the truth, this past year I’ve got close to all those lads and every single one of them cares for you. We’ve been wrecks without you. You have to be strong; your men need you.” He kissed my head and started to head out.

“You’ll be back right?” I ask before he left.

“Of course. I’m not leaving you with this lot” he smirked at the faces pressed against the glass. Damien, Taylor and Jason all making stupid faces before quickly pretending to be normal as he left the room.

I laughed properly for the first time in a year, but pains in my stomach caused me to stop.

“How are you doing Jason?” I asked.

“I’m ok. Glad you’re home. Dad ran, god I still can’t believe it. All this is so crazy. But I’m glad I know what’s going on now and my baby sister is back home where she belongs”, He smiled painfully remembering what Greg did to us.

“Damien? Taylor?” I pushed as they held hands.

“We’re good. Bradley has been a nightmare to deal with. We’ve been all over the country looking for you. Howeeevvvveeerrr…” Damien began and then raised his left hand as I screamed in joy before having a coughing fit which Jason quickly passed me a cup of water.

“You’re engaged?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, the day we found you, Taylor out right just asked me.” Damien grinned.

“You find me locked in a cage… and ask him to marry you… really?” I choke on my water laughing.

“It was more we were so happy that when we found you and you were safe in the hospital that I then decided that I could finally take the next step. There was no way I was getting married without finding my wing woman” Taylor answered.

“Who was there that day? How many days has it even been?”

“Bradley, Karlos, Shaun, Taylor and me” Jason answered, and I looked at him wide eyed.

“You? But you’re not trained…” I start.

“I had to find my sister, so Taylor trained me and Damien” He replied as I glared at Taylor.

“They were supposed to stay out of it” I growled.

I was distracted by another set of footsteps come into the room as Bradley re-entered.

“You going to tell me what he did to you now?” He badgered me straight away and Damien, Taylor and Jason all gave him an evil look.

“You serious dude, we just got her back and you’re bugging her with what he did to her!” Taylor got in his face.

“Boys! Sit!” I ordered sternly taking another sip of water.

“Sorry” They murmured.

“That guy who had me…” I began.

“Vern” Bradley growled.

It was the first I had heard his name and now I had a name to go with the face it brought memories to the surface.

Tears escaped.

“You don’t need to do this yet” Jase placed his hand in mine.

“No, I need to… He was bidding for me, he wanted power and…and…an heir” I stumbled with my words as Bradley stood suddenly kicking his chair forcefully.

“Bradley sit your god damn ass down right now!” Damien pointed to his chair as Bradley sat down while Damien took my hand and sat on the bed next to me, careful not to hurt me.

“Continue” Jase said softly.

“He…he… raped me…. Cut me… beat me…” I cried and suddenly Bradley jumped up and stormed out of the room as I sobbed even harder.

Bradley would never want me after that bastard had touched me and ruined me, especially when he heard the ending, but he had left, already abandoning me.

“Sam…” Damien began to cry, and I held up a finger to stop him, to continue and finish telling them.

“I…I…had four miscarriages… the day you guys turned up was the day they were going to kill me as I was too broken. But the doctor, he told me earlier…he told me…he told me that there is a high chance I will never bare children due to not healing and damage that was inflicted.” I cried as the boys swore.

“Oh Sam, hunny, I’m so sorry” Damien cried as he laid next to me hugging me carefully as I sobbed.

“He’s never going to love me again is he?” I sobbed.

“He does love you, of course he does. It’s been a long time of him looking for you, he never stopped, I think he was really beginning to think you were dead. Then we got a tip about Vern and we saw the doctor come out, caked in blood and we were all scared. We got in as soon as we could, but we all feared we were too late. Bradley was beside himself. He’s also angry that he let Greg go to chase after you and not only did Greg get away, but he lost you too” Taylor said.

“That’s quite enough now boys, Samantha needs her rest. You may come back tomorrow” The doctor popped his head back in.

“I’m not leaving her” Jason claimed.

“You haven’t in in three days, I wouldn’t expect any different now” He smiled.

“I’ve been in here three days!” I exclaimed.

Jase held my hand as I began to have a panic attack.

“Go, I’ve got her” He urged the others as they kissed my head and said goodbye.

“Breathe Sammy, Breathe,” He sat on the edge of the bed before laying next to me, holding me tight like he used to when we were kids.

We fell asleep in that same position and I fell into the first dreamless sleep I’d had in over a year.

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