Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 13


Silence… Then crack!

“Fuck! You broke my nose you fucker!” Shaun stood towering over Bradley’s bleeding form, Taylor right behind him.

“God damn it, that’s what I wanted to do!” Taylor growled.

“You should leave,” Shaun warned standing in the door.

Dad placed his hand in mine, looking on in sorrow, sighing.

“Let me talk to her,” Bradley pushed trying to get passed her, but more of the guys blocked the doorway.

“Go near her and I’ll break something else,” Taylor warned as Bradley squared up to him.

“I’ll leave when she tells me to,” Bradley looked at me, searching my eyes, I looked away not bearing the heart ache.

“Sam? What do you want?” Shaun asked.

“Leave,” I answered.

“See, she wants to see me, now all of you get out,” Bradley smirked cockily as if he’d won.

“No. Bradley you leave” I uttered looking at him. All feelings of love for him flooded out for me, leaving the hatred behind. He was so cocky even after he abandoned me.

“You heard her… leave now boy” Karlos warned, power just radiated from him.

“You don’t want that Peach, not really, I’ll have you back, your mine!” He growled trying to get passed Shaun but barely got a few feet before Taylor punched him in the jaw, pummeling him to the floor.

“Taylor enough!” I ordered and he shoved Bradley to the ground with a final thud.

“You’ll pay for that” Bradley spat rubbing his quickly bruising face.

“Get the fuck out! I am not yours, not anymore. You left me when I needed you. We are done. Don’t ever come back” I said furiously.

Shaun, Luka, Taylor and my Father all grabbed Bradley taking him out of the room before storming back in slamming the door shut.

“You just attract bad news don’t you” Jason smirked.

“Wish I bloody didn’t” I grumbled.

“Get out of bed Sam! We’re going for a run in five!” Taylor shouted at me shaking me awake as I groaned.

“Nooo, Shaun had me working out for five hours yesturday, let me rest” I murmured into my pillow.

“No, get out of bed lazy ass. You want to get fit again and get that kickass body back, you have to work. You’ve been eating way too much shit lately and you’re getting a huge ass” Taylor slapped my ass as I gasped out, quickly getting out of bed and looking in the mirror as he fell to the floor in tears of laughter.

“I do not have a fat ass! You’re dead Taylor!” I screamed at him as he ran while I chased him around the house.

“Damien! Save me!” He said standing behind his fiancé.

“What did you do now?” Damien asked as he looked on amused at me trying to reach Taylor.

“He said I had a fat ass” I whined like a child.

“Go ahead” He side stepped and let me get to Taylor as I tackled him to the ground tickling him.

“That’s…not…fair…you’re supposed… to love me!” Taylor laughed.

“Bitch, please. You deserve it” Damien said smirking.

“Get off of me woman” Taylor shoved me off him as I fell on my butt on the floor hard.

“Ow!” I groaned.

“Just go get your running gear on and meet me outside in five minutes” he ordered as he helped me up, pushing me towards the door.

“Yes DAD” I said sarcastically.

Running up the stairs I went into my room finding my gear, but not before noticing a shadow out of the corner of my eye through the window.

I opened the window quickly, looking everywhere.

“Going crazy Sam” I mumbled to myself. It had to of been a bird or something. There was nothing there, I was just paranoid.

The run was exhausting, and I was panting by the time we got back, but I still couldn’t shift the feeling there was something watching me.

“Taylor are we being watched?” I asked quietly as we went through the door.

“Watched? Why?” He turned suddenly to me.

“I just saw something out of the corner of my eye this morning and I can’t shift this feeling I’m being watched” I answered.

“I’m sure everything is fine but let’s check the cameras, just to give you piece of mind, yeah?” He said as we headed into the basement to check the system.

The cameras didn’t show a single thing, we checked every single tape.

“You’re going to have some paranoia Sammy. But, thank you for telling me. Did this help?” He signaled to the system.

“Yes. I promised I would tell you more didn’t I” I smiled as we headed back upstairs.

“Yes you did. Now go shower, we have stuff to do at work. Lots and lots of paperwork” he said as I groaned.

“Sam! We’ve got to go! Emergency! Right now!” Taylor shouted through my door as I was getting dressed. I opened my door not caring that I was only half dressed.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“School shooting, we’ve been called in as back-up” Taylor replied.

“What?! Are the guys all ready? Where is it? How many kids? How many shooters?” I questioned as we rushed out of the house.

“The guys are all at the office, we are doing a fly by to get the bullet-proof gear, luckily its on the way and then going straight there. We don’t know how many shooters and there are too many kids rushing around to get to them all”

I’d always had a soft spot for kids, and this was my worst nightmare.

“Get this on! Move Taylor!” Shaun said jumping in the car, flinging our bullet-proof armor at us why taking the wheel so we could change.

“Robs niece goes to that school…” Shaun mumbled.


“How’s he doing?” Taylor asked.

“He’s a fucking wreck, he won’t be joining us, I benched him, hope you don’t mind Sam, I know we are your team, but I couldn’t let him. He’s coming with us but only to stay with his sister. She’s a single mum, that kids his life” Shaun answered.

“No, you did the right thing” I nodded as we arrived at the scene.

Police cars, fire engines and armored trucks sat in front of the school.

“Why were we called? We don’t deal with school shootings…” I ask, this wasn’t our normal type of call.

“It’s a Midnight Rose protected school” Shaun looked at me pointedly.

This was huge. If a school was protected by a gang it meant it had a lot of members’ families in them. They were tied to us and important. We had to protect them with our lives.

“How many families are ours?” I ask.

“Forty-eight” he mumbled.

“Forty-eight of our peoples’ kids are in that school! That’s a huge hit if its an enemy in our territory!” I’m in shock. I hope this wasn’t a hit. I hoped it was just a normal idiot with a gun. Not that I would wish anyone to be hurt by a gun, especially kids. But if it was a hit, things could get even worse.

“Let’s go” Taylor nodded as we headed towards the officers.

“Samantha Jones, nice to meet you. What’s the situation officer?” I ask

“Have we got cameras inside? How any gunmen?” I ask as the guys all surrounded me waiting for orders.

“Cameras are connected to monitors over in that tent there. Four out of ten cameras have been shot out. We have a lot of blind spots. From what we’ve seen we have five main gunmen and three grunts” He led us the tent which held monitors showing the schools halls.

There were scared kids in every hall and classroom.

“Damien, I want you on cameras, I want to know movements and updates as soon as possible” Damien nods and quickly joins the police team as he takes over as they look in awe as he does everything they were doing with three people with just one hand.

“Have you got a plan of the school?” Shaun asks.

“Tony, I need that plan!” The officer shouts as another brings over a huge piece of paper which showed every detail of the school.

“We have gunmen in these rooms, the grunts are roaming the hallways.” He said pointing to each section.

“Libraries empty?” Wayne asked analyzing the plan.

“We don’t know. That’s a blind spot” The officer grumbled.

“Did any students get out?” I ask.

“Yes, thirty-three. But we still have a school of over four hundred.” He said.

“Rob…” I started.

“Yes?” he replied quickly.

“Go find your sister” I said, and he took off racing towards the huge group of parents waiting noisily in the local park.

“Have they even tried to contact police with demands?” Taylor asks.

“Not a word” He says glumly.

“Sam! You’re going to want to see this!” Damien shouted as I rushed over.

A man was holding up a piece of card towards the camera, a gun pointed at one of the teachers’ heads.

On it read: Gregory sends his regards to his daughter.

“Who is Gregory and who is his daughter?” The officer asked.

“Gregory was the man that raised me, but he is by no means my father” I growled as the officer looked shocked.

Then a sudden bang and the teachers’ body slumped on the ground.

“I’m going in” I said as I watched the screens, taking in every detail.

“Not a chance” Shaun said before his phone went off as he mouthed it was Karlos.

“Wayne and Brian, I want you to sneak around back and see if you can see any point of entry that we might have missed. Look out for guards and gunmen, keep count” I ordered as they nodded taking a route through the trees that surrounded the school.

“Is that one of Vern’s men?” James uttered looking at the screens. Pointing to a blurry image.

“That’s not just one of Vern’s men… That’s Vern…” I muttered as I took in the frame of a man I knew off by heart. I could make out ugly scarring across his face, which meant Bradley missed his shot.

“Bradley shot him, that’s not possible” James breathed.

“Karlos just informed me that… Is that VERN?!” Shaun began before getting angry at the screen.

“Yes” They looked at me for signs of break down. That was not going to happen today. I was saving these kids.

“You’re leaving. Now” Shaun tried to take my arm, but I gave him a death glare and he let go.

“I’m not going anywhere, this is my mess, I face it, not run from it. I am going to, however, send Bradley this” I said as I took a photo of Vern on the screen sending it to him with the words ‘You Missed’.

One of the cameras caught my eye.

“Can you zoom on these things?” I asked pointing to the screen in question.

“What did you see?” Taylor asks.

I look at my phone again as Bradley’s reply came through.

Bradley: I didn’t miss. I shot him in the head! How is he alive?

Sam: You tell me

I replied watching intently at the screen as I told Damien to zoom on the phone in the hand of the guy, I was watching.

I sent the message, and just as I thought his hand raised, looking at the phone.

“I knew I had a bad feeling about this” I mumbled.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on in that head of yours?” Taylor asked.

“Shaun, who did I just message?” I ask.

“Bradley” He answered.

“And when I did this what did that man there do?” I questioned.

“He looked at his phone… You can’t be saying…” James answered.

“That’s Bradley” I state in shock.

“Who is this Bradley?” The officer asks intently.

“He was a member of our team once. Until things took a turn for the worse. It would now seem the shit has hit the fan” I answered.

“Look it has to be coincidence. Bradley, as much of an ass as he was, is no killer of children!” Shaun tried to persuade me, but I could see the look in his eyes that he wasn’t sure either.

“One way to be sure” I said as I readied to call Bradley.

“Wait, think about this, if we go straight into asking him where he is and what he’s doing and accusing him, this could make the situation worse. We need to use this to our advantage, to get us in” James stated. He was right.

“Sam, we surveyed the whole perimeter and there is no other way… why does everyone look like they are at a funeral…woah! That’s Vern!” Brian and Wayne returned.

“Not even the half of it…” Damien mumbled tapping the screen.

“I don’t get it…That’s some grunt, probably one of Vern’s” He answered.

“Watch and wait.” I said as I dialed Bradley’s number.

His phone began to ring and the guy on the screen looked at his phone and answered.

“Peach, good to hear from you. How is Vern alive?” He answered, but I could hear the smile in his voice as I watched the men around me frown in realization that this really was Bradley on our screen.

“I don’t know, I thought you shot him in the head. So, how is he alive exactly?” I replied.

“I don’t know, but if he comes near you again, I’m going to kill him” Bradley turned in the vision of the camera as we got a clear view anger surged through me.

“How are you going to do that? You left Bradley. You left me” I tried to make my voice soft, to make him believe I would forgive him.

Brian began to bring over the map, circling in red where they saw gunmen and grunts. There were more than we thought.

Twelve gunmen were spread through the school with two grunts per gun.

“You have to believe me when I say I’m sorry peach, forgive me?” I grimaced at his nickname for me.

“I forgive you. Where are you Bradley? Come home” I said.

“I’m busy right now peach.” He sighed.

“Busy doing what?” I ask, Taylor mouths for me to stay calm.

“Don’t worry about it peach… no dude not now… peach I have to go…shut up!” He hung up as I heard the screams, watching as he back handed a small girl.

“That didn’t go how I wanted it to. I hoped to get a way in.” I sighed.

“These men want you? Why?” The officer asks.

“This man…” I pointed at Vern “Kidnapped me, raped me and tried to make me bare his heir to get a higher position” I shivered in disgust.

“This man is the man who made me believe he loved me and then abandoned me. The guy who held the sign, he works for the man that I believed was my father for years”, the officer took in the information.

“So would they want to harm you?” He asked.

“Vern would, Gregory I’m not sure and Bradley, I hope not” I murmured.

“This Bradley is in this section of the school, furthest from the others, if he won’t harm you, it could, potentially, be a way in” He stated.

“There’s an entrance here that’s hidden from their sites, its in their own blind spot. We could get you in through there, directly to Bradley. But what about the grunts, if they spot any of us, they won’t stop to inform others” Wayne pointed out.

“You are not going in alone. Before you even think about it” Shaun warned.

I sighed, there was no way I wanted anyone else to get hurt, I walked forward just past the police car.

I was going to regret this… Boys forgive me.

I ran, straight towards the entrance that Wayne had shown me.

“Sam no!” The officers stopped my men from getting past them too.

I crept in the door as Shaun sounded over the com piece in my ear.

“Come back out right now. Do you want to die?!” He urged.

I stood back to the door, peeking around the wall, I saw two grunts not ten feet away from me.

I turned on the camera on my vest in hope they would shut up and let me do this.

“You are going to get yourself killed Samantha!” Taylor added.

Knocked a loose pencil that was between my feet as the small noise echoed.

“What was that?” One of the guys grunted, turning towards me as I quickly hugged tight back to the door.

“Only one of them is coming down the corridor Sam, the other disappeared into the blind spot, you have seconds to take this guy down” Brian informed me as a pair of boots edged forward as I took my knife from my boot, put the guy in a choke hold and stuck it up through his jaw.

One down.

I looked down the corridor again, I didn’t see a grunt or gunman anywhere, just a few kids and teachers.

One of the teachers noticed me and signaled me to be quiet, a Midnight Rose branded on his chest.

“Karlos just got here, he is not happy with you Sam. He just informed me the man who just signaled you is one of his main men who are in charge of taking care of the kids.”

I crept slowly up the hall, trying not to alarm anyone, including the children as they muttered, I put a finger to my lips.

“You’re Samantha, Karlos’s niece, aren’t you?” The man whispered hiding me in amongst the children and himself as a grunt walked by, obviously looking for his buddy.

I nodded before creeping up to the second man, taking him down as swiftly as the other, dragging his body to the doorway as I wedged it open with their bodies.

“Do you think you can get the kids out, without making too much noise?” I whispered.

“Yes, tell me when” He said as he began to spread the word that the kids were to stay low, quiet and quick.

“Guys are you ready to get these kids out?” I whispered into my com link.

“Ready and waiting to receive” Shaun answered.

I signaled.




“Go!” I said as I kept an eye on the gunman in the class nearby, hiding by the door.

“Shit!” One of the kids cried out as they tripped. This triggered the gunman to become curious and walk out.

“Hey! Get back here now!” He shouted about to shoot but I stabbed him through his boot as he hissed in pain, kicking me in the chest.

I wiped his legs out from under him. We grappled for dominance as I gained the upper hand and snapped his neck.

“Fuck” I winced as I noticed the cut on my arm.

I took his gun, checking it was loaded before entering the class.

Kids became worried and murmurs spread. The room was empty other than the children.

“Sam” A tap on my arm scared me as I jumped with my knife in my hand which went straight towards their throat. I stopped as soon as I noticed who it was.

“James, what are you doing?” I growled.

“Helping, I’ll get these kids out and come back” he said as he tried to lead the extremely scared and whimpering children quietly out of the room and outside.

“Down the next hall on your left is where Bradley is hoovering, he seems nervous” Damien told me.

My phone rang and I fought to turn it down as my ringtone sounded.

“Sam!” Damien exclaimed.

“Bradley, why are you ringing me now? I thought you were busy?” I answered on the phone, trying not to be too loud.

“Sam, where are you? You seem awful quiet” He sounded suspicious

“I’m at home, Taylor’s asleep” I said.

“Don’t lie to me peach, you’re here, aren’t you? At the school.” He stated as I hissed.

“Come find me” I said as I checked the corridor it was clear as I hung up on the phone.

“Keep James out” I spoke quietly.

“Come out, come out wherever you are peach!” Bradley’s voice echoed through the corridor.

“Sam he’s got company. Four guys, two with guns and two with knives. You have twenty seconds” Damien stated.

“I’m going to regret this” I said putting the gun down, making sure my knife was tucked away and my gun was hidden in my holster.

“Where are you Samantha?!” He grew angrier.

“I’m here” I said as I walked with my hands above my head.

“NO!” the boys voices all rang through my coms.

“Good to see you peach. Check her” he nodded towards me to the grunts with knives.

“Try it” I growled as they looked at me with predatory gazes.

“Don’t make this harder than it has to be, Vern and Greg want you alive” One of them says as he goes to grab my arm.

I twist his arm, hearing a pop and a scream before taking out the other guy with a kick to the testicles.

Bradley laughed as his gunmen raised their guns, he held a hand up for them to stop.

He cocked his gun, shooting the grunts in the head before walking up to me.

“If you can’t trust someone to do a job properly, do it yourself and kill the grunt” He smirked cruelly.

His hands dropped to my waist as I watched him enjoy the look of disgust in my eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt you peach. Just making sure you don’t hurt yourself” He said has he felt every inch of me with his hands looking for weapons.

“You’re one of Verns little pigs, are you?” I spat.

“No, quite the opposite. I’m one of Gregory’s” He smirked.

His hand came across my boot, taking out my knife and then he went straight to my holster and took my gun.

“If you take me to them, they will kill me” I said.

“No, I made a deal. I get you here, I take you, I get to kill Vern, again, successfully this time, and I take everything Vern has and share it with Gregory” He answers, twiddling my knife in his hands.

“Son of a bitch” Taylor groaned through the coms a little louder than planned, Bradley looked towards my ear.

“Are the boys here too? Give me the com link Samantha” He ordered with his palm outstretched.

“Let the kids all go and you can have me. What use is my com link?” I ask swiping his grimy hand away from me.

“Give me the com link!” He shouts in my face as he holds me via the throat.

“Let go of her now Bradley!” James shouts from the end of the hall as he turns me with my own knife to my throat, holding me by the hair and pushing me to my knees.

“James, it’s good to see you. Leave right now. I don’t want to hurt you. You’re like a brother to me kid” Bradley says.

“A brother wouldn’t hurt the ones he loves” James said getting closer, gun still aiming for his head. The guys behind Bradley walk out in front, their guns trained in on James.

“Just go!” I scream.

“Listen to her James, leave, please” Bradley says, pleading.

“Shaun get him out!” I scream.

“James! Out here right now!” Shaun’s voice comes from behind the entrance we had all entered from.

“You did this… Bradley how could you!” James shouts.

“You have to the count of three James before I order them to shoot”

I try to wriggle out his grip.


“James go!” I scream


“Get out!” Shaun shouts, gun peaking the corner.


Gun shots ring in my ears and my screams flood the halls.

“James! No!” I scream as a sudden burst of adrenaline bursts through me I get out of Bradley’s grip, knocking him to the ground, get my gun from his hip and shoot.

Shaun shoots too and we take out the guys with guns.

“James!” I scream running as I slide next to him.

He’s covered in blood, his breathing labored.

“Get him out! Now!” I shout at Shaun as I help drag him out.

“You are not going back in there!” Shaun grabs my arm.

“Watch me” I said snatching it away before heading back in.

Bradley lies unconscious.

I slap him, waking him up.

“Get up! Move right now” I order, and he does as he is told, hands above his head.

“Don’t do this peach. I didn’t want to kill him. He should have just left!” He tried to sound innocent.

I dug my gun to his back making him walk.

Hall by hall I cleared the rooms.

One by one teachers and children were able to get out of the school.

“Vern… next… room” Damien said through the static of my partially working com link.

“Well, well, well. I wondered what all the commotion was” Vern turned as we entered the room.

“Feisty, isn’t she?” Bradley commented, earning a jab in his gut.

“Oh, I know how feisty she is. I had fun with her plenty for the past year. Although, it got a little boring when she stopped reacting” he grinned looking my body up and down, biting his lip. I shivered.

“Let the kids go” I ordered.

“I don’t think I will my love” He answered as his hand skimmed across the heads of a group of girls.

“Don’t you dare touch them!” I shout, point my gun at him. But three aimed their sights on me.

“You failed to give me my heir my love, maybe, just maybe some of these lovely beauties will bare me one, once they’re a little older, of course” He grinned maliciously.

“Vern, Vern, Vern, don’t you understand by now that the children are not yours to keep” Another voice joined in behind me. A voice I knew too well.

“Gregory” I spat, distracted, Bradley knocked me to the ground, my gun flying through the air.

“Stay put!” Bradley ordered having grabbed another gun and pointing it at me.

“School…empty…Last…with…you” Damien said through the static. I hoped that that meant that the school had been emptied and the last of the kids and assailants were with me.

“The girl is mine, you promised me that Gregory” Bradley looked between the men beside him, from Gregory to Vern.

“I did say that didn’t I? The only issue is that Vern has already paid for her.” Gregory tapped his chin in contemplation with his gun.

“Don’t do this. Daddy please” I begged.

“Daddy?! How dare you! You call that…that murderer father and dare to sidle up to me and call me daddy!” Gregory kicks me in the chest, I cough, blood spitting everywhere as pain surged through my chest.

“Trent hasn’t murdered anyone” I spat blood at him.

He kicked me again.

Pain, intense and hot pain flowed through my body.

“Vern, I promised you her death. She is yours to do as you will” Gregory gestured towards me.

Bradley backed up putting me behind him.

“You’re not going near her” He hissed gun moving from man to man.

“You think you’re getting out of this alive?” Vern stepped forward, gun pointing to Bradley’s head.

“Do you?” He replied before glancing back towards me.

His eyes held tears, like he had been hiding something, they held love for me.

“Karlos snuck you into their gang…” I murmured as he looked deep into my eyes and nodded before it all kicked off.

Glass breaking.

Gun shots.



So much blood.

“Go, go, go!” Voices shouted coming through the window as smoke filled the air.

“Stupid bitch!” Gregory grabbed me through the smoke, but I punched him hard in the face before a bullet whizzed past my face and got him right between the eyes.

“Taylor…” I breathed as he came running up to me through the smoke, trying to get me out of the building.

I laid coughing my guts up as a medic checked me over and the shooting continued and then suddenly, slowed and stopped.

The smoke cleared and I pushed the medic off of me against Taylors wishes.

Climbing over the windowsill I looked over the mass of bodies. Some of the children had be killed in the shooting.

“Bradley!” I screamed as I noticed his body on the ground.

“P…Pe...Peach” He coughed out as blood poured from his wounds.

“Medic!” I screamed.

“Peach, I…I’m…I’m sorry” He said with tears in his eyes.

“Shh, don’t talk, save your breath” I said trying to stop the bleeding, tears flowing.

“I… Love…You” He whimpered out.

Then he drew his last breath as the medics ran to us.

They were too late.

I watched them try to revive him. I no longer heard the noises around me.

“I’m sorry, he’s gone” A medic placed a hand on my arm, leading me away.

My uncle did this.

Bradley was spying for my uncle.

All I saw was red, rage flowed through me.

“Sam!? What’s going on?! Sam!” Shaun and Taylor both try to stop me as they notice Bradley’s body.

“Karlos!” I shout as I spot my uncle, taking my gun that had been laid down on the floor near Bradley.

“Samantha, thank god you’re safe. You’re bleeding! Medic!” He called but then his eyes zeroed in on my gun as I brought it out and aimed right between the eyes.

“What did you do to Bradley?” I ask giving him the chance to speak up.

“Bradley? Bradley left, he left you” Karlos tried to move the gun but I replaced it so close to his head there was no way that he couldn’t feel it.

“Sam, calm down, put the gun down” Damien said from behind Karlos.

Another car screeched into the road as my father jumped out with Luka and Jason in tow.

“Tell them what you did” I order as the guys all look at me like I was crazy.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Sam” He lied again.

“What the bloody hell is going on?!” Trent, my father asked looking into my eyes.

“Were you part of it too? Did you have Bradley spy for you?” I answer pointing the gun at him.

Genuine shock flooded his face and then anger.

His gun flying into his hand pointing at Karlos.

“I told you that if anyone touched you to take your virtue, I would hurt them once, didn’t I?” Karlos smirks.

“You’re as bad as them, as bad as grandpa and Gregory” I took the safety off my gun.

“Sam, what are you talking about?” Shaun asks.

“Karlos had Bradley leave us, he had him spy on Gregory and Vern. That’s how you found me, that’s why he had Bradley miss his shot on Vern. That’s why Bradley left!” I shout.

Guns were raised from every direction from my team, all pointing at Karlos.

“Bradley’s dead. It’s your fault. If James dies, that’s your fault too. You did this. And for what?!” I add.

“Power. My father left quite the legacy. Do you really believe that all these years that I had been completely innocent in all this. Do you think that I could have taken my father’s power from him on my own? Of course not! I needed help and the stronger you got, the better my plan became. My sister dying was not the plan, but accidents happen. All’s fair in love and war Samantha. It’s just business” He said.

“You did this! You use my daughter as something of a power play. I trusted you Karlos, I trusted you were good and truthful. My daughter trusted you. We all trusted you” Dad said angrily.

“It was all a lie. Midnight Rose is a power play. The only thing is, who is next in power if you die?” I ask as Karlos looks at me as if he dared me to try to kill me.

He was egging me on.

“The next in power would be the next eldest in the Jones in the family, your brother” He looked at Jason.

“Then it’s a good thing he has me and doesn’t have an evil bone in his body” I say as Jason looks at me perplexed; I knew he would never want to be in charge.

“Are you going to kill me Sam? Are you going to kill your Uncle! Come on, who is man enough to take me out!” He screamed crazily at me; his arms out wide.

Tick, tick, tick,

Time ticks by slowly,

Tick, tick, tick

Guns are loaded,

Tick, tick, tick…


Blood drips over the Midnight Rose crest.

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