Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 2

“SAM! SAM! SAM!” A voice screams before I’m quickly picked up and swung around by a pair of arms. This was becoming a habit by everyone around me, I was going to get dizzy.

“Damien!!!” I laughed hugging onto my other best friend. He had been my friend since we were young and was also the only who came to visit me in the hellhole I was in. We were the same age, but he was friends with my brother, Jason first but instantly clicked when he came over for a play date when we were five.

“I missed you girl!” he boomed, his voice a lot deeper than all those years ago, it made my mind melt, but yet again, my best friend was gay. I had a habit of having gay best friends… Damien, however, was a little more feminine in the way he was, such a romantic, he loved a candlelit dinner, flowers and all the smushy stuff.

“I missed you too. You grew your hair! It looks so good!” I said as I ran my hair through his now shoulder-length curly locks of black hair. His green eyes peer into mine with happiness, his freckles dotted over his cute little nose as his gorgeous smile spread across his face.

“Yeah I look super-hot right? Shame the guys aren’t flocking to me.”

“You’ll find someone Damien” I smiled, taking his hand as he led me up the driveway.

“Calm down, your sweating girl” He looked disgusted at our hands as I rubbed mine on my top sheepishly.

“I’m nervous, it’s the first time in years I’ve seen them,” I said quietly.

“They missed you, they just didn’t handle it well. Time to move on and upwards” he smiled.

“I guess I will grab all your shit then!” Karlos shouted from the end of the drive.

“I’m going to go help him, go in, they’re waiting for you” Damien pushed me towards the door.

“Now or never Samantha” I muttered to myself pushing the door open.

The hallway was empty, it hadn’t changed, photos lined the walls, Jason, Dad, Mum and me, smiles bright, a few photos that I had sent over the computer also were in a few frames. Jason’s school photos showed that he had grown so much since I last saw him in person, his face filled out, strong jaw like our father, mums’ eyes and dads’ dark hair

“Samantha?” A booming voice came from the lounge through the door to my right, Dads’ voice.

“D…D…Dad…” I stuttered as I entered the room to see both him and my brother sitting nervously on the sofa.

“Sam!” My brother jumped up and tumbled over the sofa taking me in a bone-crushing hug.

At that moment, it broke me, memories flashed through my brain of years before, when we were a happy family.

“Muuuummmm, Jason took my spade!” a 4-year-old me whined.

“I didn’t! I borrowed it!” He shouted back at me.

I crossed my arms clearly upset at my brother.

“Sammy, I’m sowwwwyyy,” Jason said as he crept up to me hugging me and giving me back my spade.

“It’s ok Jase” I replied with a cute toothy smile as mum watched us with her beautiful smile I missed so much.

“Jase” is all I could get out as tears began to pour.

“My little girl has come back home, I’m so sorry Samantha. Forgive me?” My dad asked as Jason released me slowly.

“Start over?” I whimpered as he nodded and took me in his arms.

“I’ve missed you, Samantha,” He said buried into my hair.

“Not to break the welcome wagon up but can we get some help with madame’s boxes of shit please. How one girl can have so many boxes of stuff astounds me” My uncle grumbled setting down an obviously heavy box down on the floor.

I laughed at his child-like grumbling.

“Sorry uncle, I’m coming” I wiped my face clear of tears as Jason, Dad and I headed outside and began to catch up with each other.

“Last box, where do you want it?” Dad asked as I pointed towards my bed, I had been told to start unpacking while the others got the boxes.

I smiled at my photo albums which showed Taylor and I growing up in boarding school.

I missed him already.

“Who is that hottie?” Damien asked taking the album in my hands.

“Taylor, you met last time” I answered with a smile.

“Please tell me he swings my way… Please!” he groans in frustration.

“AAaaaaaccctttuuuaaallyyy, he’s…. gay” He looked at me quickly as my dad chuckled behind him.

“You’re joking? Right?” His eyes wide.

“Nope, I should know, I’ve been living with the guy for years” I smirked as Damien got giddy with happiness.

“How did you keep this secret from me? You’ve been living with a hunk of a gay man all this time!” He shook my shoulders as I laughed.

“I’m…sorry,” I said between laughs.

“Where is he? Why is he not with you? Is he single? Can I have his number? What’s he like? How big is his dic…” I stopped him before he could say anymore laughing.

“WOAH! I don’t know how big his…you know… is…. He is single, no you can’t have his number, he’s gone home to his parents and that’s all you need to know right now. You will meet him when he comes to visit next” I smiled.

“You’re telling me you never saw him naked when you lived with him for years?” His eyes zeroed in on me.

“I… well…maybe once by total accident…” I stammered blushing.

“Hey, Taylor! Where’s my gym kit?!” I shouted through the house looking for him.

“No idea, I’m not your maid!” his reply sounded but I couldn’t place where he was.

I ran upstairs to look and ran into the bathroom.

Steam flooded the air as I entered and right in front of me was Taylor, completely butt naked.

“Oh my god!” I screamed as I ran back out as he chuckled.

“Try knocking next time!” He laughed at my distraught face as he came back out in a towel.

“Try locking the door” I pushed him.

“Here, it was in the airing cupboard” he chucked my bag at me.

“I… thanks” I blushed.

“How much did you see?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Too much, I’m scarred for life” I put my head in my hands as he guffawed.

“I suppose you had to see a cock at some point”

“Not yours!” I screamed and he just laughed and went to go get dressed.

“Spill it Sam!” Damien shouted at me.

“Nope, no way, that scarred me for life, I never want to think of that moment again.” I shook my head taking my photo album from him.

“SSAaaaaammmm, was it that big?” He asked cheekily and I guess by my face he got his answer.

“Hot damn, I’ve got to see this guy again” he fanned his flush face.

“One day you will, hopefully soon, I miss him already,” I say sadly. Damien hugs me, knowing how close Taylor and I were.

“Well until you do see him, you will always have your phone and all that just like we did and also I have plenty of things we can do to distract you, like the party we are going to tonight” He smiled broadly at me.

“A party? Tonight? I just got home, and you want to take me to a party already?!” I groan as we headed back downstairs to go grab some drinks.

“You’re going end of!” Jason called from the kitchen.

“Not you too!” I answered as I spotted him sipping a beer.

“We have people to introduce you to and you need to get back to the world away from all that work you do with Grandpa” He smiles passing me a beer as I crack it open on the table-top with ease without an opener taking a swig.

“Bet you can’t score the lid in the bin” Jason taunts playfully.

“Try me” I smirk as he opens the bin lid. I aim and it lands perfectly as Jase looks impressed.

“Since when did you have any coordination?” he asked.

“Since Grandpa drilled it into me” I replied remembering every work out we ever did.

“He certainly drilled something into you and not just coordination” he looked at me with concern.

“Yeah passion to work hard, to survive and protect” I replied without wanting to delve into details.

“Will you tell me what else?” He said tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Nothing else” I lied. He couldn’t know it all. At least not yet.

Taylor: Heyyyy Biatch, get home safe? I’m guessing you didn’t die on the way, right? I would hope my best friend would tell me she got home safe right???? Text me girl! X

Taylor had text me and I had completely forgotten to tell him I was here and safe like I promised!

Sam: I’m so sorry! I’m safe… for now… at least until my best friend forgives me for being shit for not telling him I got here safe! How’s things at home? Missing me? How many guys you had over? Partying without me? Miss you Big guy! Luv Ya! X

Taylor: Thank god! Seriously, message me next time! Oh, it’s a total party over here, guys left, right and centre! Trashing the place! ... Honestly, it’s too quiet without you here… How’s it going there? Who’s the new team? They pathetic? Bet you’re livid about training new guys x

Sam: At least clean up after yourself :P It’s going good here so far, I think it’s going to be ok here after all, just wish you were here too, and my bike, dude when will my bike be here!? The new team… you will never guess who Grandpa brought down here!!!!

Taylor: Who?! X

Sam: Bradley and his team of misfits! Flirtathon is still going on 😉

Taylor: Are you serious! Will you just lose it already! Bradley is obvs into you!

Sam: Don’t you think it’s a little… awkward… we work together! X

Taylor: Only as awkward as you make it. Seriously, you’re 20, get it girl! X

Sam: Maybe… I gotta go, being taken….no … dragged to a party x

Taylor: Go live your life girl, after everything you’ve been through lately, I don’t blame you, have fun, be the teen you never got to be! Love ya hun, be safe, talk soon x

Sam: Thanks Taylor, miss you, love ya xx

“You okay kiddo?” My Dad peered at me as a tear slid down my cheek.

“Hard year, ya know?” I replied as he nodded.

“Karlos told me, the car crash… I’m sorry you had to go through another crash Samantha, one is already too many, but another, and to lose your friends… that’s not what I wanted in life for you” He took me in a hug.

“It’s ok dad, I’m dealing with it, we have to get on with life right, for the ones we love” I smile sadly as he nods knowingly.

“I know. I’m proud of you kiddo” he answers.

“Thanks, dad” I smile as we head into the lounge.


“No way! Pizza all the way!”

“Thai! Have some class”

“What’s going on?” I giggle watching Damien, Jason and my Uncle all fighting.

“What do you want for dinner? Dads buying take away! Please go pizza!” Jason shouted at me as I laughed.

“I... uh …I’m afraid to say I agree with Uncle, Chinese sounds awesome” I laugh as Damien and Jason both fling a cushion at me, sulking.

A few hours later and we had stuffed ourselves with a huge array of Chinese food, full to the brim.

“You’re so skinny, how’d that all fit inside your body!” Jason groans in defeat.

“I work for this body; doesn’t mean I can’t eat like an elephant” I smirk.

I help tidy away all the containers into the bin.

“Time to get ready to party! Go get dressed!” Damien shooed me out of the kitchen.

“Can’t I go like this?” I asked.

“To a party? You’re wearing a shirt Hunny, that won’t do at all. You’ve got dresses, right?” Damien asked hands on his hips.

“Yeah, I…just…never wear them, I don’t do parties” I mumble.

“You’ve never been to a party?!” He asked shocked.

“Just the social gatherings Grandpa had, but that was all suits and being professional, I didn’t really do dresses, just uniform” I answered as his jaw dropped.

“I need back up. I’m calling my sister” he said running off to get his phone as I groaned. His sister was into fashion and makeup, she was such a girlie girl, with platinum blonde hair and a perfect model figure.

Half an hour later and she had turned up with a huge case of make-up. I was in awe, I put on basic amounts of make-up, a little foundation and eyeliner to outline my eyes and finally mascara to make my lashes pop but that was it. But she had so much more.

An hour later of torture and she was finished, she found a little black dress which I had bought a few years ago which went down to my knee and hugged my body perfectly. It hugged my breasts in my push up strapless bra and I finished it off with my family crest necklace, a Jones Midnight Rose.

“You look gorgeous, wish I had your curves” Damien’s sister smiled as I thanked her, and she left as swiftly as she arrived.

I felt nervous, this was new to me, I was never a girlie girl, I never wore anything like this, yes, I had them, but I never had the nerve to wear any of it.

I sent a photo to Taylor, hoping he would calm my nerves.

Taylor: Holy shit girl you got curves?! If I wasn’t gay, you’d be mine in a heartbeat! Make sure you stay with your brother tonight. He’s going to have to beat all the guys away! But seriously, you look hot, go have fun, stay safe! X

His message made me smile and gave me the confidence to leave my room.

As I was coming to the top of the stairs, I heard new voices coming from downstairs.

“So, where’s this sister of yours Jase? She hot?” One voice said.

“Hands off Tyler, you don’t touch my sister, right?” My brother growled protectively.

“I’m pretty sure your sister can handle herself” Karlos chuckled. I smiled knowing that he was right, I was trained to handle anything.

I started walking down and Damien was first to spot me, jaw-dropping.

“Dude what are you staring at?!” another voice called out before two new faces peered up the stairs.

Twins… not only that, but both were hot, tanned skin, caramel coloured eyes, dark hair, they were the epitome of tall dark and handsome. They were also very identical.

Oh my god, this was going to be a long night…

“Hi” I waved slowly.

“Take that off right now… Go get your jeans back on!” Jason shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah, take it off, right there” The second twin smirked lustfully. I blushed.

“Enough boys, you look beautiful, just like your mother” My father grinned, smacking the boys around the head.

“Thanks, dad” I smiled. Jason still looked angry.

“Is it too much?” I asked.

“Yes, go get changed” Jason answered.

“No way” The twins answered together.

“You look great Sam” Damien Smiled, winking at me nodding towards the two hot guys in front of me.

“I’m Sam and who are you?” I put my hand out to shake theirs.

“I’m Dominic, your future husband” He smiled taking my hand and placing a kiss on it.

“Tyler, this twit’s better half of a brother” The other shook my hand lightly as if I might break.

“Nice to meet you future husband and better half of a brother” I smirked.

I was distracted by my phone ringing in my clutch bag.

“Excuse me a second,” I said walking into the kitchen as I answered the phone while watching my brother smack the guys around the head before telling them off.

“Hello?” I answer the phone.

“Hello, my little Sam, I had hoped you would ring your grandfather and tell him you were home and safe” I cringed.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to message Taylor too, everything just kind of, got to me, little overwhelmed” I answered.

“Do not worry my sweet child, now how was my surprise at the office?” You could hear his smile through the phone.

“It was fantastic! Thank you so much, Grandpa, I can’t wait to work with my team again! It’s so great to see Bradley and the team again”

“Good and I hope your father is well and your brother is behaving himself” He chuckled.

“Yes Grandpa, Dad and Jase have been great, they apologized straight away for everything and everything just fell into place” I reply smiling.

“Good, now don’t forget that you have work as of Monday, you may have your weekend to have fun but then its systems go, understand, I still expect a tight ship even though you are not here. Understood?” He said sternly.

“Yes Grandpa, understood” I reply.

“Good, now go have fun, but for god sake be careful, you are a grown woman with class now and I do not want everything I taught you to fly out of that head of yours. I expect you fully intact! Now go have a joyous evening and I will call you Monday, goodnight little Sam” He said and hung up before I could reply.

Fully intact, complete virgin he meant, not touched, focused on work and that was it.

I had to rebel one day, right? One night wouldn’t kill me.

“Jon?” Karlos questioned, nodding at the phone. I nodded.

“Don’t worry about him tonight, enjoy yourself, be a child for once, I might work for that man as he is my father, but I don’t always agree with how he brought you up back there. Have fun, work will still be there Monday” He smiled lifting a finger to my chin to look at me fully.

“Thanks, uncle” I hugged him before turning to the other guys.

“Ready?” Damien smiled and I took his hand as we all left the house, ready for a new chapter of my life.

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