Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 3

By the time we got to the party it was in full swing. Dominic and Tyler were fun guys, constantly flirting which made my brother glare at them before they retreated for a few minutes only to keep going.

We entered the house which smelt like sweat, alcohol and I was pretty sure the smell of weed.

“You want a drink?” Jason asked holding up a beer. I nodded overwhelmed by the sights around me. Dancing bodies thrusting up against each other, drinking, smoking and extremely loud music. I looked around me, surveying the house, noting exits and threats as I would normally.

This isn’t a job Sam… Get it together.

“Breathe Sam” Damien held my hand, seeing I was nervous.

“First party nerves” I shrugged.

“You look like you’re surveying the house” he answered.

“I was” nervously chuckling.

“Get your work brain turned off and your fun brain turned on! Now we are doing shots”

Several shots of vodka later and I was starting to have fun, dancing to the beat with Damien as we compared notes on the hot guys around us.

“Ooohhh he’s cute!” Damien pointed to a guy with massive geeky glasses.

“Ew! Why would anyone wear those glasses!” I laughed.

“How about that guy” I pointed to a buffed tanned, tattooed guy whose ass was peachy.

Damien started to laugh hard.

“Go say hi then” He chuckled.

“Why? Don’t think I can?” I raised an eyebrow in question. He gestured to go ahead.

“Hey, I’m Sam” I tapped the guys shoulder. He turned around and woah! That monobrow was a huge turn off!

“Hi beautiful, I’m….” He started.

“Sam get over here now!” My brother shouted from the other side of the room.

“Sorry, got to go!” I ran off as quick as my heels would let me.

“Oh…My…God… you actually… did you see the monobrow… still hot?” Damien said through laughs.

“Do you mind not trying to flirt with all the guys” Jase groaned at me and Damien.

“I’m going to get another drink” I walked off into the kitchen.

“Well if it isn’t my future wife” Dominic smirked from the counter.

“If you don’t mind future husband grabbing me a new drink, please” I smiled as I stood next to him.

“What do I get in return?” he asked, taking a step towards me pinning me against the counter, a hand either side of me.

“Well, what do you want?” I see the lust in his eyes.

“How about a kiss?” He smirked as his hand came towards my face.

“What the fuck is your problem mate! Get the fuck away from my girl!” Shouting began behind us.

We turned quickly to see my brother holding a girl in his arms, another guy red with anger, who was obviously the one shouting.

“She’s not your girl! You were feeling her up, she was uncomfortable!” Jase shouted back, putting the girl behind him.

I walked around the counter which happened to lead around to the other guy.

“What’s going on here?” I asked as the guy whirled around to me.

“None of your fucking business” He growled and turned back towards my brother. Dominic held my hand shaking his head as if to tell me not to keep going. I took my arm out his grip and tapped the guy on the shoulder again.

“You think trapping girls into something they don’t want to do sexy?” I growled at him.

“Listen bitch, she’s mine and if you’re not careful you will be too” He smirked darkly as I saw my brother grow angrier.

Damien smiled behind Jase knowing I could beat the shit out this guy, no one else knew though.

“I’m going to say this once and only once do you understand? Leave this girl alone and never harm another girl again or you will feel what a girl can do to you. Understand?” I stepped up to him further. He looked into my eyes darkly.

Then suddenly, his hand went up to slap me, I caught his hand quickly, twisting his arm behind him and sweeping his legs from beneath him so he was on the floor pinned.

“You bitch!” he growled loudly trying to get out my grip.

“Listen here, if I hear you have touched or harmed a single hair on anyone’s heads next time, I will break your arm!” I said in his ear as I looked up to my brother as he stood in shock.

I let the guy go as he continued to grumble angrily as he got up.

“Stupid bitch” He said angrily as he walked off rubbing his arm.

“Wow, that was so hot” Dominic said behind me, I smirked.

“Since when could you do that?!” My brother looked in shock.

“Since Grandpa trained me. What do you think I am doing in security?” I answered.

“Camera work, desk work! Not that!” He answered. I walked around to the girl he was holding.

“Jase shut up. You ok hunny?” I asked lifting her face carefully.

“Y…yes…thank you” She cried.

“How old are you?” I asked, she looked young, too young to be here.

“Cindy! What the fuck are you doing here? Mum said to stay in your room!” A guy came flying around the corner, furious.

“How old is she?” I asked again.

“12! What’s it to you?” He replied.

“Watch this dude! Girl just saved your sister’s ass!” Another guy who had been watching from the side showed him a video, his face dropped.

“You… Thank you… Parties over! Everybody out!” He shouted, looking at his sister worriedly.

“No problem. Take care Cindy. Damien, I’m going to go find that guy and kick his ass, excuse me guys, no one does this to a little girl, especially a girl whose 12!” I said storming out the house.

The guy was further up the road than I thought he would be, surrounded by a group of guys.

“Hey! You! You think it was good to try it on with a 12-year-old! I’m going to kick your teeth in. One heel at a time!” I shouted as he and his guys laughed.

“Just because you got a lucky swipe at me, does not mean you will get all of us” He smirked evilly as they surrounded me in the dark street.

“Shit! Sam!” I heard Jase from down the street.

“You have three seconds to back right off, right now” I replied looking into his dark eyes as he laughed.


“Bitch deserves a beating”


“Sam! No!”

“Three… I warned you” I growled.

The sound of a loading gun… I smile.


The guys eyes widen as he turns around to see a gun in his face. His men also surrounded… by mine.

“Now, what were you saying to our boss?” Bradley smirked playfully.

“Boss?” The guy whimpered.

“Yes, Boss, now would you like to tell my guys what you were doing?” I kicked him in the balls, and he went down.

“The lady asked you to tell us what happened!” Bradley looked at him menacingly.

“I pinned a girl, tried to fuck her, stupid bitch” He grumbled.

I kicked him again, this time in the stomach and then grabbed him by the throat.

“How old was she?” I asked looking into his eyes, I could be scary when I needed to be, and this was one of those moments.

“Tw…tw…twelve” He cried as I looked at Bradley. My guys all shouted angrily around me.

“Sam?” Jase said from behind me, the anger in my face showing clearly.

“What should I do Jase? Should I kill him? Take his cock from his body?” I ask as he looks shocked.

“That’s enough Sammy” Jason replied.

“Fine” I answered but not before I clocked the guy on the head knocking him unconscious.

“Now if I find out that any of you hurt another living soul you will end up worse than this. Understood?” I growled looking at the scums little friends as they all nodded quickly before scarpering, dragging the unconscious guy with them.

“What the hell was that?!” Jason shouted at me.

“That was me dealing with the problem” I deadpanned him.

“Dealing with the problem? You would have killed him! Call the police next time!” he said angrily in my face.

“Don’t play with things you know nothing about brother” I growled walking off towards Bradley.

“Isn’t it time you told them the truth?” Bradley placed a hand on my shoulder, helping me calm down.

“That’s not for me to tell. Grandpa would kill me. I won’t involve them in this” I sighed.

“Your Grandpa’s going to be the death of you” He mumbled, thinking I didn’t hear him.

“I died years ago when my mother did” I sighed, walking off towards Damien’s car.

“Sam don’t let your Grandfather change the real you” Bradley said catching my arm lightly.

“I don’t know who I am other than what he made me. Ten years is a long time” I replied glumly.

“You are a beautiful, funny, strong young woman, capable of anything. A woman to be loved hard and fucked harder” I smiled as butterflies filled my stomach before laughing hard at the last statement.

“See you at work Bradley. Damien! Can we go home!” I shouted as I got into the car that was unlocked now filling with the other guys.

I watched as we drove off as my men stood watching.

“What the fuck was that…” Tyler mumbled.

“Ten years of training” I sighed as my brother looked calculated at me.

“You’ve changed” He sighed.

“No shit” I replied curtly. Everyone in the car going quiet for the rest of the ride.

We dropped off the twins to their house and then headed home.

I jumped out of the car as soon as I could and headed straight to my room.

“Sam? You ok? Sam!” My Dad called out as he saw me storm upstairs.

“I’ve got it” My uncle said as he followed quickly behind.

“Go away Uncle” I said shutting the door in his face before he stormed back in furious.

“Don’t you slam the door on me young lady. What the hell happened!?”

I then told him everything and had a complete meltdown on the floor, tears spilling from my eyes.

“Oh Sam… What did my father do to you? Your mother would kill me right now” He murmured hugging me against him.

“Karlos? Sam? Jason explained to me what happened, I would like a moment with my daughter please” My dad waited pointedly by the door until Karlos left.

“Sam, just… just tell him, I will deal with your grandfather” he said sorrowfully.

“But…” I started and he just shook his head and left.

“Tell me what?” My father closed my door.

“Well I better start from the beginning” I said and that’s what I did from the moment he left me at the school to now.

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