Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 5

It had been a week since it had all kicked off and everything seemed to go back to normal, it was like the family could suddenly breathe. I could tell my dad everything, albeit I left out some details of getting into danger more than a few times, but I could breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hey girl! Have you heard off that beefy friend of yours!” Damien jumped into the seat next to me where I had slumped into after a hard days training. I had been training Shaun’s cousin and he was taking it well, although he was very unfit, he was listening to me. Gone were the take-away boxes and donuts, now he had healthy snacks. He’d lost half a stone in weight alone already with very few changes, he knew I’d made my point.

“Actually… no…” I got up to get my phone, trying to call Taylor. It had been so crazy lately I had forgotten to call him these last couple of days. He hadn’t answered any of my texts either.

“Hey Taylor, its me, can you ring me back, I’m sorry if your pissed at me, I can explain. Please just let me know your ok. Call me back, love you” I said to his answer phone.

“I’m sure he’s just busy right?” Damien asked with a hand on my arm. I shook my head, there was more to this.

“Shit” I murmured before heading out the door and putting on my bike helmet before zooming off on my bike which had arrived yesturday, finally.

I got to the office and Ben let me in without a moment’s notice.

“Sam? Everything ok ma’am?” He asked but I ignored him, running into the elevator and up to my office.

“Sam? What are you doing here?” Again, I ignored the person talking to me, Karlos this time, as I grabbed my computer, looking into surveillance at the old cabin.

No Taylor.

“Sam?” Karlos repeated.

“I can’t find him” I muttered, looking through countless footage.

“Who Sam? Who can’t you find?” he said worry flooding his face.

“Taylor. He’s not answering my calls or messages. If somethings happened… its all my fault” I said quickly.

Karlos rushed to his computer our screens working together to find my best friend.

“I’m going to make some calls, see what my Dad knows” he said before quickly dialing.

Twenty minutes later and we were none the wiser, Grandpa didn’t have a clue where he was either.

“That’s it, I’m going to his parents house” I said standing from my desk and rushing out.

“Not without someone you’re not” Karlos shouted at me but the doors of the elevators shut on him and I heard him swear.

I ran out the building and got on my bike, speeding towards my destination without a care in the world.

I hope he’s alive. I couldn’t lose another person in my life.

Suddenly, I was being flanked by three more bikes, recognizing one, I used my Bluetooth to call them.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” I snapped.

“I told you not to go anywhere on your own, didn’t I? You’ve got to stop running off like this peach” Bradley growled back.

“I couldn’t give a shit, Taylor could be in trouble” I answer as I pull further away from them, clearly speeding down the motorway.

“You’re going to get yourself killed Sam!” he shouted at me as I sped off and they struggled to keep up.

Bradley kept growling at me through the headset until we got to Taylor’s parents’ house and I got off, slamming my bike helmet down and running up to the doors.

Glass was strewn all over the ground, I stopped in my tracks, the guys noticed, pulling out their guns.

I grabbed my gun from its holster under my jacket, standing beside the front door I signaled for the guys to kick open the door.

We stormed into the place; it was a pigsty. Furniture was strewn broken everywhere.

“Clear” Bradley cleared the lounge.

“Clear” Kitchen was cleared by James.

“Clear” Shaun cleared the dining room.

“Upstairs, on me” I ordered as we slowly went up the stairs, checking every corner.

“Sam…” Bradley looked at me worried as he pointed to a pool of blood on the floor that led to one of the bedrooms.

They cleared every other room; the bloodied room was the only one left as we kicked open the door.

“I think I’m going to be sick” I screamed as I saw the most gruesome sight. Taylors’ parents had been dismembered and flung across the room, blood pooling everywhere.

“Stay away. I’m going to check for Taylor. Don’t come in” Bradley ordered as fear crept into my eyes.

No, he couldn’t be in there… could he?

“Sam, I found this” Shaun brought out a note and attached to it was a ring, the ring I had bought Taylor when we were sixteen.

“Happy Sixteenth Taylor!” I screamed in his ear as he groaned and rolled over. I jumped into his bed; his breakfast laid neatly onto a tray on his bedside table.

“You made me breakfast?” He smiled as he gently lifted it onto his lap.

“Nope its mine” I smirked taking a bit of his toast as he grinned.

“What’s that?” He said at the small wrapped box on the tray.

“Your birthday present…duh…” I flicked him on the forehead; and he grumbled and rubbed it.

“Ooohhh Present!” he said opening it excitedly.

“I hope you like it” I said nervously as I saw his face go into shock.

“I love it!” He screamed hugging me tight.

He placed it on his finger, it fit perfectly.

The Midnight Rose crest sat beautifully on the top of the ring as I turned it to look at the inscribing. ‘S & T Family & Friends Forever’.

“No…” I cried. I began to read the note attached.


I hope you don’t mind the mess I left for you, such a shame to waste lives but they just, got in the way.

Taylor is alive and if you hope to see him in such a way you will come alone to meet me.

Let’s say… where your mother died.

Send a message to the number below with your acceptance.

Come alone or I will kill him.

I have so much to tell you, and I do hate blood on my hands.


“I’m gonna kill him” I said angrily as I punched in the number before Bradley could say anything.

“Luka speaking” His voice sent shivers down my spine, the urge to kill him grew.

“Prove that he’s alive right now Luka” I growl.

I hear shuffling in the background, Bradley took my phone off me and put it on loudspeaker as I gave him an evil glare.

“Sam?! Sam? Do not meet him! He’s fucking crazy…Ugh!” I heard Taylor shout before he grunted as if kicked.

“Luka, I swear if you hurt another hair on his head!” I warn.

“You’ll what little girl?” He chuckled evilly.

“When do you want to meet?” I growled.

“Well I’m awfully busy right now, but tonight, say… eleven pm will do” he answered

“Fine” I answered.

“Do not bring anyone with you or I will kill him. You come ALONE” he said before hanging up.

“Sam?!” my uncles voice called up as I heard doors slam.

“Up here” Shaun answered.

“What were you thinki….” He began as he took in the view behind us.

“I was thinking my friend was in danger. I was right. But now it’s time to get that revenge I always wanted” I said cocking my gun.

“Luka did this?” Karlos questioned.

“Of course he did, and I’m going to meet him, tonight” I answered walking down the stairs determined.

“Over my dead body are you meeting up with that psycho!” He turned me harshly, I pointed my gun at his heart anger surging through me.

“I’m going, alone, I’m getting my friend and then I’m going to kill Luka. Understood?” I said and I saw fear in the eyes of him and the guys behind him.

“Sam, you don’t need to get revenge for your mothers’ death to feel better” Karlos replied.

“Just my mother… What about Jake and Laney… what about the fact he has Taylor right now. What’s to stop him coming after everyone else I love… You, Jason, Damien, Dad, the guys… Bradley…” I said

“How come Bradley gets a mention separately and we are just bunched as the guys” James sniggered as Bradley hit him in the gut.

“Don’t do this for me peach, I won’t have you die for me” Bradley uttered before leaving the house. All thoughts of us kissing and having a moment together clearly forgotten. We’d barely spoken since.

“I’m not going to die, Luka is!” I shout at him, but he’s already gone.

“He loves you; you know. You can see it” Shaun says quietly in my ear walking past me.

“If he loved me, he wouldn’t have left, or ignored me these last few days” I sneered.

“You’re still a kid in some ways” Shaun shook his head grumbling as I threw a photo frame at the doorframe beside him in anger.

“If you are determined to get yourself killed you will lose everyone you love anyway. Take our help or leave now Sam” Karlos frowned.

“Fine” I said storming outside, getting on my bike heading towards the area where my mother had died, stopping at a local café.

My phone kept ringing, Grandpa, I ignored it, then it was Karlos, again I ignored it. Then Dad rang and I turned my phone off, sitting and drinking a coffee in silence, hands shaking.

“Are you ok hunny?” The waitress looked at me curiously.

“Fine, thank you” I said, and she looked at me sadly before going to wait on another table.

I sat there for three more hours before it was time to meet Luka.

Grabbing my bike again I rode off into the woods, the road clear, until a large blacked out car stood idling in the middle of the clearing, I stopped next to it and got off, the door of the car opening too.

“Sam” Luka stated.


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