Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 6

I had never met Luka before and yet he seemed oddly familiar. His eyes bore a look I recognized.

“Care to take a photo, it might last longer” He smirked.

“Just looking at the man that killed my mother and friends and then decided kidnapping my best friend was the greatest option, leaving his parents in pieces” I snapped back.

He just laughed and it infuriated me that I brought out my gun point it at his head.

“I wouldn’t” He pointed behind me as I noticed three huge guys pointing their own guns at me, another two to my side.

I lowered my gun.

“Why did you kill them?” I wanted the answer, my grandpa had never explained it.

“I didn’t” he stated.

“Liar!” I screamed.

“No, it’s not me that lied Samantha. You don’t see the lies, do you? Your grandfather has filled your head with lies and deceit” he walked up to me.

“He would never lie to me” I stammered. I thought that was what I believed, my grandfather would never hurt me, never lie.

“You know who my father is right? Trent Jennings. Look at this picture and tell me your grandfather isn’t lying to you” He said as he took a photo out of his pocket and handed it to me, I look at it.

I was in shock.

There stood Trent Jennings with my mother, smiling happily holding a baby bundle and a little boy of around eight years old grinning widely.

“I never killed your mother. I wouldn’t kill my mother” Luka said sadly as I looked up at him shocked.

“No, this is fake! That’s not real, it’s photoshopped!” I screamed.

“No Samantha, you are MY sister. Gregory is not your father and we did not kill our mother or your friends!” he stepped closer again taking my arm.

“No… Taylor…. Where’s Taylor?” I said looking all around me.

“Bring him out” He told his men as Taylor was dragged out the car, hands bound and brought to me.

“Are you ok?” I said looking at him from head to toe, only a few cuts and bruises were seen.

“I’m fine. You shouldn’t have come.” Taylor answered.

“You see, I can keep a promise, he is unharmed, minus a few cuts, which we didn’t give him by the way…” Luka said as my eyes shifted between them.

“Then who?” I asked.

“Dad. Turns out the homophobia was too much for him to bare. I got home and he hit me. Then these guys turned up and it all went to shit”

“I saved your little buddy here” Luka laughed.

“Fuck you” Taylor spat at him; Luka punched him in retaliation.

“Enough!” I screamed. “Who killed my mother then and my friends if not you?”

“Gregory did, with the help of your grandfather of course.” I looked at him bewildered.

“Why would my own grandfather kill his own daughter?”

“Because she betrayed him. She was supposed to be Gregory’s and his alone, he sold her to him. She was his for a while, but then at a gala your grandfather was holding she met my father, our father and they fell in love. She was too scared to leave Gregory for fear of what his men would do. Then one night she showed up, pregnant with me and she was beaten black and blue before giving birth on our father’s couch. He kept me safe from Gregory and mum and dad kept their love affair even closer to their hearts, being more and more secretive. Then out popped Jason, but he was definitely Gregory’s and she stayed with them still. Our father pined for Louisa, our mother, and while Gregory was away on a trip, he visited our mother again and low and behold, there you were. But she couldn’t get you out, Gregory was too wary of her. He always kept men on you, as did your grandfather. See Gregory is part of a huge mafia too, even bigger than yours or mine. Then when you were just ten years old he found out that she had been sneaking out to see Trent still and so he put his baby boy to bed and went out to kill his wife and the child that he wasn’t sure was his. Your grandfather turned on him, telling him he couldn’t kill you, not to harm you, but to send you to a boarding school where he would fill your head with his lies and make you his property to sell onto whom he chose. He was going to sell you just like your mother” He finished looking me dead in the eye.

“Don’t listen to his shit Sam, your family love you” Taylor begged.

“I’m her family!” Luka shouted hitting Taylor again as he spat out blood.

“Boss we’ve got incoming!” One of the guys shouted as roars of engines came down the road.

“Load up, leave them both here. Sam, I beg you, don’t tell anyone, I will be back for you, sister I promise, I would never hurt you, just think on it. You can keep the picture” He said placing a kiss on my head before heading out in the car.

“You can’t believe all that shit, can you?” Taylor spat out the blood in his mouth.

“He didn’t hurt me. He punched you; but didn’t kill you. His eyes, they…they are so familiar” I stammer.

“You think he’s telling the truth, don’t you?” He eyed me.

“I…I don’t know. Promise to keep this quiet, I need to figure this out. Please Taylor” I said quickly putting the photo in my pocket hidden.

“I promise, I’m here for you Sam, always will be, we will figure this out together” he said as I unbound the straps on his wrist as he rubbed them.

“I want two of you after them now! Sam! Taylor thank god you weren’t killed!” Karlos called out.

“No! There’s no point they’re gone!” I said quickly hoping they didn’t notice I was trying to stop them getting to Luka. Until I figured this all out, no one was hurting anyone else.

“Boss?” Shaun’s voice called from the bike.

“I said no” I growled. Karlos looked at me curiously but left it, nodding at the guys to do as they were told.

My whole team were here plus a few of my grandpa’s, except for Bradley.

“Taylor, are you ok? What happened?” Karlos demanded.

“They ambushed me as I was in an argument with my parents, homophobic bastards, blindfolded me and kept me somewhere, no idea where and then the next thing I know Sam’s on the phone and then I’m here. My parents are dead, aren’t they?” Taylor asked as Karlos nodded solemnly.

“Shit.” Is all Taylor replied. He knew that although his parents were homophobic, they didn’t deserve to die. They just needed…re-educating.

For the next few weeks I stayed quiet, just getting on with my work and making sure Taylor was ok. He had had his parents house deep cleaned and sold it off and moved into my house that Grandpa had bought me.

I still had no idea what the truth was, but I had a bad feeling there was a little truth in Luka’s story.

Bradley didn’t talk to me at all, he just kept to himself while we worked.

A security job for a celebrity, he didn’t talk to me once, the boys looked between us glumly.

I was walking down a red carpet with some famous actor who I knew nothing about in a bright red tight-fitting dress that made it hard to walk, I hated every minute. Keeping an eye on our surroundings. The guys spread through out watching my back as I acted like this guys date. I hated this type of job.

“Try smiling sweet cheeks” the guy jabbed at me.

“I’m here for the job, not to smile at all the flashy cameras to make you look good” I snapped in his ear. This guy was doing my head in.

He held my waist tighter in anger.

“I paid for you; you’ll do as your told” He sneered.

“I’m gonna kick that guys ass if he carries on like that Sam” James warned through my earpiece. I put up a hand to signal him to calm it without anyone noticing.

“When can we GO” Brian moaned.

“Guys, three o’ clock, you see the piece that guys carrying?” I said clocking a huge bald man with a gun in his jacket.

“Keep him walking, no more camera time” Wayne answered getting closer to the man with the gun.

“We’ve got to move, now” I say to the idiot holding my waist tightly.

“Not a chance in hell baby” He said. Stopping me from moving as he posed for the camera.

“If we don’t move now, I can’t do my job, if I can’t do my job, you might get hurt” I say as he finally lets me move him towards the doors of the gala.

“Get down!” Rob shouts noticing the guy getting the gun out.

“Shit! Move!” I said pushing the guys head down, quickly getting him inside as gun shots flew through the air.

“While your down there, love” He grinned just before I pushed him down forcefully to the ground as he landed on his ass.

“Oops, sorry” I shrugged as he glowered at me.

“Update guys, update!” I call out.

“Four guys with guns, shit, there’s too many people out here. Casualties everywhere. We are going to need back up” Rob calls.

“I already called it in!” Bradley called back as I heard more shots.

“I’m coming out” I start.

“No, you stay with the dickhead, stay down, stay safe” Shaun answered as I groaned.

The dress I was wearing was getting in my way, I grabbed my knife out of a boot and ripped the bottom half off, making it easier to move.

“If you wanted to take your clothes off for me sweetheart, we could have done it somewhere more private, I would have happily torn your clothes off for you” the guy suggested.

I punched him, out cold.

“Dickheads out cold” I said through the coms.

“Man down, man down!” James shouted.

Fuck this guy I was going out there, I hid his body behind a statue for him to stay put and crept around the corner. There was a guy standing right in front of me, aiming at Bradley’s head.

“Not a chance big guy” I said shooting him as he went down hard.

Shit, my first kill…

I looked at the area around me, screaming, chaos and bullets flew. A body of one of my men lay a few feet from me.

“Don’t you dare try to get me” The voice choked with blood out of his mouth.

“Fuck you Shaun” I said as I ran out, grabbing him by the arms and trying to drag him into the entrance.

“Behind you!” He coughed out.

I twirled round quickly, shooting quickly as another guy went down.

“Move!” Bradley and James grabbed Shaun’s arms quickly and dragged him into the buildings entrance.

James began looking at Shaun’s wounds, shoving gauze into the bullet hole.

Finally, swat arrived, but it was too late, the gunmen were all down.

“Stay with us Shaun!” James shouted as sirens filled the air.

My head swirled, I felt sick.

“You fucking punched me you, stupid bitch!” The vulgar guy had finally woken up and looked ready to kill me.

“Have you seen what’s going on around you!? There are men and women laying shot all around you and they were after YOU. I saved your ass and my man is one of the men hurt, so don’t you dare talk to me like that!” I scream in his face.

“Think it’s time for you to go home now” Bradley growled.

“Rob and Wayne take this bitch home” I said as they dragged him away and shoved him in the truck.

I knelt next to Shaun.

“Stay with me Shaun, don’t you dare leave us” I cry.

“It’s ok kiddo, you did good” he said before falling unconscious.

“Medic! Get a medic over here now!” I shout as they ran to us. I walked off watching as the scene developed before looking at my blood-soaked hands.

“Sam?” James shook, looking between me and Shaun.

“Go with him” I nod as he rushed off, they were like brothers.

I then remembered the guys I killed and puked my guts up into a bin that was nearby.

“Shit, Sam. Calm down ok. He’ll be ok” Brian rushed up to me.

“Its not that… I killed two guys… I’ve never…” I began. Just because my family were tough guys and I could take down a guy in a fight was by no means as close as shooting a man in cold blood.

“That’s your first… oh shit… first is always a tough one… keep breathing, you’re a tough cookie Sam” He rubbed my back as I saw Bradley looking over briefly with concern.

“He still hates me, doesn’t he?”

“He doesn’t hate you Sam, he cares so much for you it hurt him to see you like that”

“Ma’am can we have a word?” A policeman asks.

For the next few hours it flew by, worry filling me as I repeated every event that had happened to the police, filling out paperwork before I could leave and get to the hospital. I had already sent the guys off to go see how Shaun was while I was stuck with the business side. Brian had looked at me worried before taking off.

“Sam. The guys messaged me, what are you doing here still?” Taylor stormed into the room.

“It’s not like I had a fucking choice Taylor.” I gestured the paperwork in front of me.

“Fuck paperwork, lets go, NOW Sam!” He grabbed me, dragging me out of the room and we headed to the hospital.

We rushed up to the front desk and asked where he was and then headed straight there.

“Sam…” James was the first to see me.

“Tell me he’s alive” I looked at James’ shaking form.

“He’s in surgery, its touch and go right now” Brian added with his head in his hands sat in one of the many blue chairs.

“Fuck!” I screamed as I hit the wall crying out as I felt a finger break.

“For god sake Sam!” Bradley rushed up to look at my hand.

“Leave it!” I snatched it out his grip as he looked at me hurt.

A nurse entered the room while looking at me.

“I was just coming to let you all know, Shaun’s out of surgery, they got the bullet out, but there was a lot of bleeding. They managed to stop it, however, its still going to be touch and go. He’s not out of the woods yet.” She frowned at my hand as she walked up to me, turning it in hers.

“Can we see him?” I whimpered as she tried to flex my finger.

“Once we have him settled and you come with me to get this hand of yours sorted.” She said as I nodded and followed her.

“Thank you” I breathed out crying.

“I saw what you did on the news, it was very brave” She said bandaging my hand, splinting my finger which had been cracked back into position.

“It’s my job” I shrugged.

“Well your job is a very frightening job to do and in this situation with weapons as advanced as they are now, you could have all died. You all saved a lot of lives today. People get to go home to their families” She smiled.

“The guys I shot won’t” I murmured.

“The men you shot, were they shooting at the innocent?” She asked.


“And did they give anyone a chance to live?”

“No, they just shot without thinking”

“Then they won’t go home because of their own choices, they shot maliciously, evilly and you did it out of defense. To save lives. I know it can’t be easy, just like its not easy when I have to patch up a prisoner who doesn’t deserve any love. You did your job and you protected what was yours. Do not let what they did make you blame yourself” She smiled with her hands on my shoulders, I smiled back lightly.

“Thank you” I gave her a quick hug as she left me outside Shaun’s room. The guys were already inside.

“Don’t you worry. Your mother would hate to see you like this” She said, I looked at her shocked.

“You…You knew my mother?” I asked and she smiled brightly.

“Of course I did, she was my best friend. If you ever need someone, come find me, my names Tracey” She smiled and put a piece of paper in my hands before running off.

The note she gave me held her phone number and I smiled; I had never met this woman before but maybe, just maybe she would be able to give me some answers I was looking for. But for now, I had to get back to my men.

Shaun’s body lay stiff on the bed, tubes going to all parts of his body, bandages filled his chest, machines helping him breath and giving him extra blood, he needed to be replaced.

“He’ll wake up, he will” James said sitting by his bed, looking at me with puppy dog eyes brimmed with tears.

“Of course he will. He’s got to get his ass back into the gym” I try to smile.

“How’s the hand?” Taylor looked at the bandages.

“I broke a couple of fingers, no biggie” I shrugged as Bradley looked furious.

“No biggie, never is a biggie to you is it? Its no biggie that you run off to get yourself killed by Luka, no biggie you run off when your upset, on your own and we have to come find you, no biggie that you ignore the advice of everyone that loves you, you put yourself in danger! Yeah, no fucking biggie, right?” He said angrily.

“Don’t…” I begin.

“Don’t what? Care for you? Fall for you? Love you? Want to protect you with every fiber of my being?!” he said standing in front of me.

“Yes, don’t love me, don’t do this, I can’t love anyone, not when there is so much I don’t know right now” I let a tear escape my eye.

“Sam, maybe we should…” Taylor began but I stopped him abruptly.

“We should what?” Bradley questioned.

“Sam…” Taylor repeated sternly, and I glared at him.

“No. Not now!” I growled.

It was at that point that my father, well at least he might be my father, and my grandfather turned up.

“Thank god your safe, what the hell happened to your hand?” Dad asked.

“I kind of punched a wall in anger” I mumbled.

My grandfather gave me a look of disbelief.

“Perhaps you should not have come home, it seems I have to come here too often” he says shaking his head.

“I think it’s time a lot of you went home, there is too many people in this room right now, let the guy rest” Tracey came in suddenly, eyeing up with grandfather with disgust behind her eyes.

“True. Boys, head home, I’m sure Shaun is in very capable hands” Grandpa looked at Tracey with a look I couldn’t quite recognize.

Oh, she knew something, and I would find out.

“Stay for a moment Samantha” he ordered me.

Taylor looked at me while standing waiting to the side.

“Did I say your name Taylor… now leave us!” He growled and Taylor went off signaling he’d wait outside.

It was just myself and my Grandpa in Shaun’s room now and he looked furious.

“Do I need to pull you from the team?” He asked.

“What? No why?” I asked shocked.

“Because it would seem that your…teenage rebellious escapades are getting in the way of your work. You are not thinking clearly. Do I need to bring you back home?” He growled and for once I was scared.

“No, I promise I will do better, I promise Grandpa” I panicked.

“Fine, one last chance. However, I also have another gathering for us to go to. In one week, we will be having a new gala for some potential business propositions and I will be introducing you to some very important people. You are to woo them” He said, and I looked at him wide eyed.

“Woo them? Why?” I ask.

“For business purposes and that’s all you need to know. Understood?”

“Yes Sir” I lowered my eyes.

“Good girl, I expect you on your best behavior, or god help you” He said storming out of the room.

Taylor was waiting outside the hospital while all the others had gone home, my father was in the car with grandpa when they sped off, but not before he gave me a look that chilled me to the bone.

I told Taylor everything and he looked angry.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Luka was telling the truth” He said.

“Me too” I nodded sorrowfully.

If I had to woo the businessmen at the gala, were they men who he wanted me sold to? Just like my mother was sold to dad… Greg.

“Sam!” Tracey called out of the double doors.

I ran back into her.

“I’m going to get into a lot of trouble for this, but I had to do it for your mother. Here she wrote this and gave it to me. She made me promise to give it to you when you were ready, I didn’t know when would be best but when I saw you today, I couldn’t think of a perfect moment. Read it and then burn it. I don’t know if your grandfather knows about it but if he does, my life is in danger, stay safe Sam, trust Luka, but have people you trust around you too. Your team, they don’t look like guys who would trust anyone but you but be careful. All of you. Stay safe” She said placing a kiss on my head before rushing back inside the building.

“Our house?” Taylor asked.

“No, cameras are everywhere. The old rec” I said as he nodded as we rushed off the letter held firmly in my hands.

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