Midnight Rose (Rose Series Book 1)

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Chapter 9

Panic began to set inside me as I looked at the three people in front of me, tied up and gagged as the crowd cheered on.

“This man, is Trent Jennings, father to that girl right there, my granddaughter!” Grandpa shouted; the crowd booed with screams of kill him.

“This boy is her best friend, a boy she met in boarding school, a traitor to me, he was trying to help Trent escape, Taylor” Greg continued as I cried, and he held Jason close to him while Jase tried to struggle against him.

“Then finally, Taylors’ little boyfriend, Samantha’s other friend who chose to go against us too” I sobbed as I saw my father and two best friends’ necks at the chopping block.

Where was Luka?

How were we going to get out of this?

Bradley? Where was Bradley?

Suddenly, I was dragged up towards my father I had never known, and a gun was put in my hands by my grandfather.

He tore the gag out of his mouth before smirking me and getting the crowd to cheer.

“Kill him” He ordered.

“My baby, I’m so sorry, it’s ok, I love you” Trent’s gruff voice sounded as it sent me into shaky flooding tears.

“NOW Samantha!” Greg shouted at me.

But I noticed something behind him that he didn’t, Bradley hiding in the dark.

I pointed the gun towards my grandfather as he looked at me in shock.

“I wouldn’t little girl” he growled.

“Fuck you” I said shooting him in the chest suddenly as it all went crazy.

Bradley tackled Greg down, releasing Jason as Karlos ran up to the stage.

Karlos grabbed Jason as Luka grabbed our father and the boys, fleeing out the back of the kitchens.

Bradley and Greg were still scrambling about on the ground as I ran up to them, gun shots popping everywhere, as the separate smaller gangs decided to take this as an opportunity to wipe out the competition.

“You’re not going anywhere sweetheart” a voice growled behind me as the guy who squeezed and groped the hell out of me held a gun to my head.

“Sam!” Bradley shouted noticing as Greg got a punch to his face as he was distracted, getting the upper hand.

“Move, right now. You are coming with me”

I dropped the gun and he dragged me away as I watched Greg beat Bradley within an inch of his life before I was bailed into a van and knocked out.

Darkness swallowed me, pain flooded my head as I began to wake, my hand rising to my head to feel the dark sticky blood leaking from the wound.

I was in a barred cage in a cement room, grey walls and a single metal door was all that I could see.

I heard the clunk of locks on the door being opened as the man burst through the door.

“Good your awake” He smiled like a predator, as if I was his prey to seek and destroy piece by piece.

“What do you want?” I said shakily.

“Everything I was promised. You, a child and a very strong alliance. It doesn’t quite look like I will get the alliance I hoped for. But maybe when Gregory rears his ugly head again, he will make a deal. You and a child, however, I can do a two for one.” He said dragging me out of the cage he opened by the hair as I scream as he throws me to the floor.

“No! Don’t touch me!” I scream, he punches me in the stomach and face, shutting me up, my sobs filling the air as he stripped me bare, baring all. Then dragging a sharp knife down my stomach, leaving a shallow cut as I screamed in pain before he took down his pants and trousers.

I screamed wide-eyed as began to plunge into me painfully taking every piece of my innocence I had wanted to give to Bradley.

He left me in a mess on the floor and this was how it continued, day by day.

It had been months and I was surviving on basic rations that were chucked through the door and a bottle of water a day.

He came into the room daily to rape and torture me.

It killed me more and more slowly.

Three months later and I was puking my guts up, one of his gang came in with a pregnancy test to check and I got a quick look once they had forced me to pee on it that it said I was pregnant.

“No, no, no, not this, please, let me die” I begged.

He left me in that room from the day he found out I was pregnant.

A few months later and I suddenly began to bleed.

“Help! I’m bleeding!” I screamed out as someone rushed in to take a look.

A few days later and one of their doctors had come in to check on my miscarriage.

Then the torture began again, worse than before, he blamed me for losing the baby as I lost every piece of my being, I stopped feeling. Stopped crying and let him do what ever he wanted.

The pain of thinking of those I left behind became too much as I drifted into nothingness.

One year later and three miscarriages later and the man had decided I was no good, I was washed up and had ordered to have me executed if I was to miscarry again.

I bolted up right in the cage as I heard gunfire not a few days later.

The door suddenly flung open and a group of people entered my field of vision.

“They’ve come for the girl! Kill her” The man shouted while his men marched forward, but not before gunshots suddenly flew into the room, flying into the men about to kill me.

“Where is she you bastard!?” A familiar frame of a man held the pig who had kept me captive over the past year in his fists, a gun held under his chin.

“Sam?!” A man I recognized came flying into the room.

The gun went off and I pushed myself towards the back of the cage, scared and unsure.

“Who? Who are you?” My voice felt like it wasn’t my own, I had hardly used it over the years.

“Samantha, it’s me, your uncle Karlos, it’s ok. Come out… Brian give me your jacket she’s freezing and naked” he said taking my shaky hands.

I crawled out of the cage as he covered me with the other guys jacket. The men surrounding me looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite remember.

My brain was a mess.

“Peach…” A wobbly voice came from the man who had shot last, killing my tormentor.

Memories flooded in all at once as I remembered everyone.

Then I passed out.

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