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"Just where do you think you're going?" He demanded, sarcastically. Isabel opened her mouth to speak, but the young man interrupted her. "You really thought you could just waltz in here? Get a randevu with the boss, and that be it?" He scoffed a cold and mocking laugh while shaking his head. "It's not gonna happen. But you can talk to me," he said with attitude in his voice. Isabel looked up at him with an arched brow, and the look on her face told him that she was not pleased with him. "What's the matter? You don't like me?" He asked, moving his head in that attitude motion. "You can't handle me? Well, I have some news for you; if you can't handle me you're not gonna last a single second in that room with him. So I suggest you toughen up."

Romance / Drama
Valeria Badova
4.7 7 reviews
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Lady Gaga • Bloody Mary

(male version)

"I won't cry for you"

Skitz Kraven • Bad Temper

"Keep on playin, we gon get your ass dismembered"

Taeyeon • I Got Love

"The darkness is deep, it will hide the secret"

Sofia Karlberg • Shameless (cover)

"You want me to fix you, but it's never enough"

Hozier • Take Me to Church

"I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife"

Bruce Springsteen • Hungry Heart

"Lay down your money and you play your part"

Ariana Grande • Leave Me Lonely

"My heart has had enough of the give and take and as much as I want you to stay you're a dangerous love"

Sofia Karlberg • Crazy In Love

"I don't understand just how your love can do what no on else can"

The Weeknd • Earned It

"You make it look like it's magic"

Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic & Ty Dolla $ign • Sucker For Pain

"Lord have mercy on the witnesses"

Adele • Skyfall

"But you'll never have my heart"

Billie Eilish • Bad Guy

"I'm only good at being bad"

Lara Dabbagh & Zeek Power • Lovely

"Heart made of glass, my mind of stone"

Klergy • The End

"If it's all just a wicked game

I'll show my hand, try to place the blame"

Halsey • Young God

"I'm the king of everything and oh my tongue is a weapon' "

VCTRY • Black Magic Woman

"She's a black magic woman

And she's tryin' to make a devil out of me"

Billie Eilish • bury a friend

"Your talk'll be somethin' that shouldn't be said out loud"

Frederick Lloyd ft Annaca • Wicked Games

"What a wicked thing to say

You never felt this way"

Selena Gomez • Fetish

"I push you out and you come right back"

Bryce Fox • Horns

"She got blood cold as ice

And a heart made of stone"

Chase Atlantic • Devilish

"Heaven lost an angel when I signed up"

Dynamite • Need To Change

" I know you want me to change, but I'm fucked in the head"

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