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Chapter 2 • A Sister?

Alessio tilted his head slightly to the side, studying the girl before him. She looked so much like her mother, Hayley from the cheekbones to the chin, hair, the shape of her face, skin complexion, lips— it was as though he was looking into a mirror from the past. The only one thing she didn't inherit from Hayley were the eyes. Hayley had blue eyes with a small hint of green. But Isabel had the same eye shape and hazel eyes like Alessio.

How could she keep this from me? Alessio thought to himself. I can't believe that she kept our daughter a secret all these years...Why? But Alessio knew the answer to his questions. Hayley knew just how dangerous his world was. She knew he had many enemies who would see Isabel as leverage if they knew he had a daughter that was in another country and not under his protection.

"No," Isabel breathed a small laugh.

Nicholas stood next to the fireplace, his eyes shifting from his parents and then to the girl sitting at the long table. If that letter and those documents are legitimate, then this girl that's not possible...this girl looked to be a few years younger than him...did my father have an affair? Nicholas shook his head at the thought.

"My father served in the army and passed away before my mother had the chance to tell him that she was expecting me—"

Alessio held the documents up. "But these documents speak another language," he said. Isabel sat still, only blinking as she looked at the man.

There was a very long and pregnant pause. The silence in the room felt thick and made it hard for Isabel to breath. Isabel shook her head and stood up. "Look," she began. "If you believe those documents, then I am letting you right here and now that I don't want to start any trouble for you or your family. I don't expect you to welcome me with open arms. I may not have anyone now that my mother is gone, but I can take care of myself. So no need to worry, I will leave and I won't bother you." Isabel made her way towards the door.

Shock danced in Nicholas' eyes as he looked at his parents and then at the girl as she got closer to the door with each step she took. If I know my father, he thought to himself, he will stop her before her hand can reach the doorknob. Nicholas slightly shook his head at his parents before he tuned to look at Isabel.

The dining room was large, with tall windows and white and gold curtains that were drawn back. The walls in the room were a light beige tone that almost looked white. There were four golden candelabras on the walls, and a diamond chandelier hung down from the ceiling. The long, dark brown table in the middle of the room looked as though it could have been a mirror. And under the table, on the hardwood floor was a Persian carpet.

"Where is this girl?" Victoria sighed, as she reached for her glass of water.

Just then a young girl, with long, dark, dirty blonde hair walked into the dining room. She had blue eyes with brown and sun-kissed skin. She had a pastel pink, leather rucksack on her back, she wore a black skirt with a white blouse that was tucked in, and a black tie with two white stripes on the bottom and a hung over her right arm.

"I'm right here, mother" Aurora said, as she walked around the table and sat down. Curiosity filled her veins once she noticed the girl sitting opposite her. "Who's this?" She asked.

Alessio and Nicholas looked at each other. Aurora was a sensetive girl, she was close to her mother but even more close to her father and finding out that she had a long lost sister would feel like a threat.

"Aurora, this is Isabel," Alessio introduced the two girls. Isabel smiled at the girl politely, but Aurora shot Isabel a smile she knew was forced and painful.

Aurora picked her fork up from the side of the plate and played with her food. "So," she began. "Are you staying with us?"

"Actually," said Victoria. "Isabel will be moving in with us."

Aurora looked at her parents with a frown. "Uumm..."

"Aurora," Alessio spoke for the first time. "There is...there is something we need to tell you." Aurora slowly, but hesitantly nodded. She could feel something in the pit of her stomach telling her that what her father was about to tell her would slap her in the face. "You see," he said. "Isabel here is...Isabel is your sister."

Aurora dropped her fork onto the plate, and the room fell immediately silent. Aurora looked from her parents, to her brother and then to Isabel. She blinked a few time, her brain trying to process this new information.

"We know that this may sound crazy and unexpected," said Victoria. "But Isabel is your sister. She is family."

Aurora found it hard to believe. How could this girl be her sister? How old was she? She looked to be a few years younger than her brother. And where was she for so many years? Why show up now? Aurora had so many questions, but no answers.

For now, at least.

After dinner, Isabel followed Victoria upstairs. Isabel saw that there were two hallways; one was on the left and the other was on the right, and both had multiple of doors that led to bedrooms. Victoria turned to the right, and Isabel followed her to only make another right. Another staircase was once again in front of Isabel. She stood still for a second before she followed Victoria. And at the end of the second staircase was a door on the left hand side. It was a dark brown and had a gold doorknob. Victoria opened the door, and Isabel followed in after her.

There was a four-poster, queen size bed with the headboard against the wall, there was a chandelier hanging down from the ceiling and there was a fireplace one the side of the room with a dark, velvet blue sofa, sitting in front of it. There was a walking in closet that had a makeup dresser inside and also a mirror and also a bathroom. And opposite the bed was a window that stretched from the mid-ceiling all the way down to the hardwood floor. The window had fiery lights, and so did the balcony outside. And by the window, on the right was a tall bookshelf of books.

"Mrs. Creed had the girls prepare this room for you," said Victoria. "It's not much, but you can decorate it how you wish—"

Isabel turned around to face her and shook her head. "No, it's fine" she smiled.

Victoria nodded and walked towards the door. "If you need anything let me know, okay?" She said, and Isabel smiled before she left.

Isabel looked around the room once again, a smile appeared on her face as she walked over to the bed, and collapsed like a starfish. She stared at the ceiling and she could feel her body relaxed. She closed her eyes and sighed.

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