My first love

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There goes a saying we tend to choose the cloth which is comfortable time to time so like this in our daily life also we experience many relationships some last long some don’t until we find perfect which is comfortable in this way it is story about Niel normal school who doesn’t have experience in love or relationship all she care is to study and play. School where she study there is prohibit for dating and strict. As she grows she experience many things that normal teenage girl could face eventually will she find her comfortable cloth. ( this is short story of hostel life and I want to say sorry if my writing is not good and I hope to improve and enjoy writing which I love to do )

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter1 : memories

oie(hey)karma Dolma did you pack your bag and ready to go or you are still watching the basketball match like a kid, it is time to go bus is waiting for us shouted Dawa.

Mom I am ready to go and I will be at 2 min I said.

I came to out from room and I saw mother locking the door of every room and checking the gas and light whether it was off or on.

Looking at mother alone doing all the stuff I asked where is dad mom.

"Dolma just carry your suitcase and wait for me he is talking with your brother on the phone in bus with granny and waiting for us" said dawa.

After locking the door they went down and set off on the bus.

"You girls are always late by the way Dawa did you lock the house well and karma Dolma did you carry your things that is needed for your work daughter." said Jigmay with skeptical looking.

Inside bus

Dawa sitting with her husband on bus seat and looking at his face he said "yes, hubby I did you don't have to worry about that."

Granny and I stay in same seat and I asked granny what they talked with brother. With happiness to hear his grandson voice she said that brother is going to sent her money and vitamin for her from USA.

We are going to Pokhara for New Year vacation and I have a work at there so we plan to celebrate. Bus is driving from one road to another from one hill to another with almost 20 people on it and with the time my mother and dad fallen in sleep. it is 6 hour drive a long journey until we reach our destination all I can feel my body passive looking outside the window and listening to music with granny by sharing earphones granny being 75 years old loves listening to music and she never misses any movies basically we can say she adjust with the trend.

as we are listening song next song came aashiqui 2 movie song tum hi ho hindi song listening to this granny is talking about her first love how she meet grandpa as this movie is known for best movie base on love and she asked me if I have ever known what is meant to be love or feeling of love as I have never share with my family about love only studies and work that I have done.

I just look at her and smile.

"Dolma it is time to be in love experience a relationship and have company when I was your age I had already married your grandpa don't just be into work at this age when you were teen also you were in study may be you don't know what is meant to be in relationship or even had a first love "said granny to me with care about my future.

I didn't say anything eventually she also feel sleep and looking at window seeing the clouds, sky and natural beauty I remember my first love like people say first love memories never fade away but stays always in memory which I never let my family know and school life, time I had three years in school was best year where I never had any problem I was surrounded by model education school building only peer pressure it was wonderful time of my life all it had happen 10 years back.


10 years back

I still remember I was so happy that finally I became senior girls as I was grade 8 and only three years was left for me to complete the school and eventually after graduation I will be joining college will be able to explore living off the campus life that I what I used to feel when I was teen. From small I was kept in hostel and I always wanted to explore being day borders (off school students) at that time I was 5 feet tall with long hair and fair skin and I was all rounder in everything from sport to studies.

After summer vacation our new class begin and it was time for us to go back to school hostel and I was feeling bore to go after staying in home for many days and I didn't knew that day was going to be funny day. I was on taxi with my brother and mother sending us to school back of taxi there were our suitcase. We enter the school gate and all teachers were in sari and suit welcoming every student with a smile as this was the new season we can say New Year and new student and fresh start. My brother took his suitcase went to his dorm. Karma make sure you study and call me if you need my help mother hugged him and said. He felt little embarrassed in front of his friends and he waved to mother and went inside.

On the way when I and my mother were walking towards my dorm we meet Amisha. Amisha was my best friends at school life she was known for best swimmer of beast stroke and fluently English speaker. She is tall 5.4 feet and fair skin with little big nose.

Oie do you know this time our dorm warden is Madam Elisa with excitement to give news said Amisha.

I was shocked to hear before I could say anything mother interrupted and said "hi Nani where is your parents?"

" oh sorry aunty Namaste they have already went back after letting me in hostel and I was waiting for karma Dolma " with a smile she said.

Ah I see okay you two don't gossip let go said mother.

Every student was heading to their own dorm with their suitcase and parents. In our school one building was fully for hostel students it was three stored building one the bottom was for senior boys and top was for senior girls for us and middle was for junior boys and girls dorm each dorm had its own male and female warden to take care of students.


As our dorm was on third floor my mother was holding my suitcase and me and Amisha was taking.

You mean Elisa madam you mean Hitler who is very strict about girls taking with boys is back after three years to become our warden Omg this gona be hell for our friends who are dating thank got Amisha we are not into relationship other wise Elisa mean would have kill us I said to her.

Do you she is known for spying skill in previous when she was here Working my sister use to say nobody can hide from her if they were in relationship said Amisha.

At that time I felt there was not too worried about Elisa madam but who had known I will be one. When we were taking in softly my mother put her ear near us trying hearing our talk. I pushed her mom don't listen it is our talk I said to her.

Don't just gossip about your warden since u guys are taking so much about her I also want to see who is she that made you guys so talk said mother.

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