My first love

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Chapter 2 :unknown guy


Elisa madam was shouting to girls and she didn't notice we had entered.

I told you she is Hitler whispering in my ear Amisha.

Namaste madam said mother.

Elisa madam turns around and she greeted.

She was little fat with chubby face wearing little make up and in red Kurt-a. She assigns me a bed and this time I was bed partner with Kabita. Kabita was little fat with chubby face and brown skin complex with long curly.

Everyone was settling there things in bed, cupboard and bed bunk.

Elisa madam check all my things asked me if I had brought any gadgets or eatable stuff as our school doesn't allowed this stuff.

Mother patted on my head looking at Elisa madam she said "no madam my daughter is good student being her mother I wouldn't allowed her."

When mother said this me and Amisha pinch each other and were laughing in heart as mother taught us how to hide chocolates in secret pocket of suitcase which was never found by any teacher and she says sometime it is fun to break the rule.

Elisa looking without trusted eyes she said if she finds any she will take action. I was little scared and mother hugged and kiss me and told she will come to meet me soon.

At that time my dad and mother use to work so hard to earn money 6 month in Japan and 6 month in Lukla Nepal running hotel. With tear in my eyes waved her back.

Finally we are senior girls and only three years is left said Anu coming from back of my bed when I making cupboards. Anu was funny girl she was taller and bigger in age than us and she was average in everything she had light brown complex's face with power glass we call her four eyes and shoulder length hair.

As if this year will pass fast don't forget we have Elisa madam said Amisha.

Who cares with Hitler rules unless we don't do mistake I said looking at both.

Let head to class our friends are waiting for us and I hope we get to choose desk.

Basketball court

We headed to class building on the way to there was basketball court to pass and the student had already arrived at school side playing and heading to class at 8.30 am. As we were waking and talking and we didn't realize a basketball rolled over us.

Oie karma Dolma pass the ball shouted a boy. We didn't hear and he again calls Amisha and Anu name but still we didn't notice we were taking about Kabita welcoming plan.

he came walking and picked the ball and said you guys don't have a ear when he said that finally I noticed the voice of that boy after hearing his voice my heart started beating fast and my cheeks started getting red and I could hardly look at him as he was jerry a guy to whom I had two year crush from six 6 grade.

Jerry was 5.7 feet with brown complex face and curly hair with power glass on eyes he was good at everything especially in guitar.

Ah it you sorry jerry since it is first day we had lot of things to talk so we were into taking didn't notice you had called us said Amisha.

He looked at us and smiled. Anu and jerry hand shake each other "Where is your brother I heard he has join this school from this year and is in same grade as we are."Said Anu.

Holding the ball in his hand and dribbling he said "he is in the building trying to be familiar with the school and people."

He looked at me and raises his eye brows up two times and it was signed to say hi.

I just smiled at him and trying not show my face I was looking at class building at that moment I notice a tall and slim guy with curly hair and fair skin was observing us when we were taking with jerry and I didn't know who he was at that time seem like new guy in school.

Jerry saw my cheeks being pink and red he was about point a finger and talk about that I pull both of them and told to him we need to go like idiot trying to avoid it. Amisha and Anu both laughed as they knew I had crush on him.

Did you see how she reacted in front of him and literally her face was red and pink said Amisha. Anu smiled and patted on my back said that I should stop it if I am never gona say to him. At that moment it was my first crush and I didn't knew how to handle it and I just said to them let be we need to meet our other friends.

Our class was on left side of the building in third floor with corridor. Middle was for grade 9 and right was for 10. As we were walking meet my brother Karma and his friends he looked at me and his friend were waving at us saying hi. Anu and Amisha said hi to my brother but he just smile and went. Karma and I were like cat and mouse from small when he was born my parents didn't want child as he grew he wanted to have sibling like aunty and that was the reason I was born but he wasn't satisfied with me being born as girl as he wanted a brother so my name was kept karma from his name and Dolma because it is girl name. Thought we fight we cared about each other.

As we walk on our class corridor wall of class were color and it gave me new feeling. I saw my classmate boys and girls as usual I and Amisha were section A and Anu section B. Every girls of our class was on section A so we went to class as I was going I saw same guy who was observing us at basketball he was standing in corridor and looking at down in basketball court without talking to anyone.

Inside the class room

Class room was clean and colorful with student bag on each desk. Finally you guys arrived we were waiting for you said the entire girl who was inside the class.

Kabita as already reach in school area just now since it is her first time staying hostel we need to welcome her like we had plan in group messenger as we girls haven't talked with her since two days she may be thinking we are not happy with her being in hostel said Tsering.

Looking at everyone Amisha and Anu came forward and said okay girls did you guys bring poppers and small sweet like we had plan.

We shouldn't let her feel she is alone or not a part of 19 batches but make her feel special said Tsering. Tsering was talent student able to solve math problem she had white skin with pimples and long hair and easily she can communicate with any people.

Yes we had brought without letting teacher know by hiding small sneakers in secret pocket said classmates.

Short girl about 5 feet with light dark complex and short hair was looking at the door and said " guys Kabita is on the way I can see her one meter away from us be ready"

The girl on the door was Luna a popular girl of our class and among boys. Everyone gather around the door with poppers on their hand and Luna counted 3, 2and 1 door was open who had knew Kabita would had to miss this grand entry with one second. We all open the poppers and said welcome Kabita in our hostel world when pieces of poppers started to fall down we saw thin body rather than chubby body and pant rather skirt at that moment we saw Kabita enter the class after poppers fell down and she wasn't the one to open the door first but a guy. We all were what the heck it happens.

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