My first love

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Chapter 3

In classroom

As the poppers pieces fell down I notice it was the guy who was staring at us when we were talking with Jerry and he wasn't happy with things that happen with him that time. Before we could explain him Kabita burst into laughing seeing we were fooled and we also laugh.

Suddenly he said "what wrong with you guys first with this school and now this I just hate it."

He thought we were making fun out of him as we were laughing. Hearing what he said Anu tried to explain him saying it was plan for Kabita mistakenly he came in class instead of her and said sorry but he wasn't ready understand us and said "do you guys treat your new classmate like this what the heck is happening to this school and you guys?"

Anu couldn't say anything when he said that in rude way I stood up looking at his face I was literally short in front of him compare in height and I said "firstly we didn't knew you were our classmate secondly we already said sorry why do you have to act rude? On the top of that you should have thanked us at least we welcome you."

He pointed his finger towards me he was about to say something Kelivin appear and took him out of the class.

Who is he to act superior I said to all the girls. "Oh shit! Karma Dolma do you know who he is he is Jerry cousin brother?" said Luna. Luna used to have all the information of the boys whether outside the school or inside. Luna came forward and told us that his name was Wangyal who had come from Hong Kong and his first cousin brother of Jerry and he was good at basketball and math.

"Ah! That why you were staring at him from the door right but I suggest you to stay out of him as Jerry told he like to talk with other much" said Kunsel as Kunsel was best friend of Jerry. Bell rang time for the class with smiling Kabita said that she was thankful for welcoming her in Hostel and sorry for what happen that time. With nervous I told her not to worry and we gave her small sweets that we had brought from home.

in my mind I was like what I have done what if he said to Jerry that I treated him in wrong way what if JERRY think I am bad girl who like to bully other I was thinking like that since Jerry had been my crush and I had been hiding from him and who would like to show their crush bad side but now it turn out boy I had argument turn out to be his brother at that moment I felt my school life this year is gona sucks.

Everyone started to settle down slowly boys were coming into the class and me and Amisha was wondering were to stay. "karma Dolma let stay in middle row in third desk?" said Amisha when I looked I saw there was already a bag and I replied her that it seems there it was already occupied by boy looking at bag. She didn't care about bag and person who was about stay and said that she will keep the bag in other desk since desk was for two people but it looked like he was alone so it was better if we give him desk partner. I was feeling nervous since it looked like we were bullying other looking at my face Amisha said ' no worries it is our class boy they won't mind since they are our friends"

We took our seat and everyone came inside the class at that moment I felt it was destiny for me and Jeery since next in front of my desk was Jerry sitting with his desk partner Kelvin. Jerry looked at me and smiled at me but Kelvin some how got the feeling that I had crush so he was teasing me.

I notice Wangyal wasn't in our class and was feeling thank god but who had knew god would play trick with me. Lk Sir came inside the class and we all stood up and greeted him at that moment I was looking at Jerry suddenly sir called new student and it was him. Amisha pinch me and said "Dolma see he is here" when I turn my head to looked at sir I saw him and I was like no way. Sir told us to be friendly with him and told him to go to your desk.

He walked toward my desk and I whisper to Amisha "is he coming toward us to complain to sir?" "Don't gossip you two "said Lk. our class girls were looking at him what he was going to do? I felt he was searching for something when he came to our desk. "Wangyal why aren't you grapping a desk instead standing?" said Lk sir with surprise. He looked at me and Amisha and said "you" then he turn around and went to sit with Tashi (Tashi was tall guy with pimple on his face and chubby body) then we notice that bag which we keep was his and he was looking for his bag at that time. In my mind I was thinking why out of all it had to be his bag? And asked Amisha if we had done wrong she said in cool way that it wasn't.

On his first day we had lot of misunderstanding.

In class my eyes were on Jerry looking at his hair style which was curly black and watching him draw which was his hobby. When I turn my head on other side I notice Wangyal observing me.

"Jerry and Karma dolma go down and bring all the books from stationery "said sir. Amisha laugh and smile at me trying to tease me. Jerry looked at and told let go.


I couldn't look at him and my face started to become hot and red.

As we walk down the staircase I was following his footstep left and right behind hi. He looked at back bending his head low and asked me how my vacation was.

my cheeks more red and with nervous I told him it was fun at village watching mother nature mountain and snow and told him that he should visit some day in my village Lukla.

he smiled at me and replied me that he will one day looking at my picture at face book makes him to visit and asked me if I could take him ?

I was too nervous and I said of course I will since we are friends right and hit on his shoulder.

He laugh at me and walked I was too happy that he observe my face book activities and cared what I was doing.

All together we had to carry 20 books and notebook which was heavy.

I was about carry 15 books since it was to heavy at that time he came and pick three books from mine with care told me " Dolma it is heavy I will carry rest u just carry that much I will come back to take the rest later"

I was feeling happy that he care about me my cheeks got more red and heart started to beat like usual when ever I saw him.

he saw my face and touch his hand on my cheeks I could feel his cold hand and said " are you okay Dolma your cheeks seems to be red and hot ?"

I let his hand down with shy I reply" yes I am oaky no problem"

ah! He smiled and with curious ask me " ever time when I meet you or talk to you I notice your cheeks getting red are you sure it is okay?"

I couldn't say it was because I was shy in front of him but I lied him that I had skin problem if I didn't drank water and guess what he believed me.

He patted on my shoulder and said I should care drink water.

He started to remind me of drinking water and gave me his water to drink when ever he saw my cheeks got red.

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