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Levy Williams, is the most popular guy at school. The hot, playboy, quarterback who has 2 brothers. But when, his girlfriend is murdered, and one of his brother, is sexually attracted to him, what does Levy do? Will he succumb to his brother's wiles, and what will he do about the killer on loose, who knows something terrible about Levy's past? Read to find out! Warning : This story contains disturbing imagery, Gore, incest and mature situations. Read at your own risk. You've been warned. [UNDERGOING EDITING]

Romance / Mystery
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[ T H I R D P E R S O N' S P. O. V ]

It was a bright sunny day, and Levy was already up. He had to get ready for school. After all, being the sexiest quarterback in their school, he had many ‘responsibilties’ except just managing the football team. Truth was, he loved the attention that the students used to shower him with. It was almost like he was the icon of the school.

Almost everyone wanted to date him. Girls, boys used to just fawn over how good those tan muscles looked when he peeled that useless shirt of his from his skin during the practice matches. ‘Useless’ because no one wanted him to wear his shirt, when he had that perfect body to expose.He needed to change into his black jersey. Students took the advantage and did the needful. Bunk classes and drop their friends just to catch a glimpse of that Greek god of a body. But, he had his flaws. Actually, many of them.

As the cliché stories would proceed, this one did as well. He was a playboy, a chain smoker, and was almost a jerk. But, even after all these ‘qualities’, the boy managed to score the highest marks in the academic section and bringing prizes to the school by making his football team win in each and every match he played. He was too precious a student for the school to lose. But, the authority would face his absence soon, keeping in mind the fact that, he was in his senior year.

He’s had a rather tough childhood. His mom died when he was a just eight years old. Leaving him with the responsibilties of two younger brothers, who were very small at that time. The one of them was two years older than the other. Levy was the eldest one. His father was a drunkard, used to come home and beat Levy with whatever he found near. Which is why Levy had some scars trailing his chest. He never spoke about them, not that he needed to. People had their own assumptions. Some knew the actual cause, yet others believed in rumours.

When he was finally sixteen, he left his father and moved to Seattle with his brothers. His uncle was rich, and bought him a mansion where he and his brothers would stay. Levy never complained; he was content with the life he had. He was rich, sexy, and bright. He had a good future ahead of him. He had everything he wished for — talent, money, looks and lots of sex. He was the type who'd date someone for two months, fuck their brains out every night, and leave them when he was bored.

People who've been with him, never got out of the relationship unscathed. They were heartbroken. Way beyond someone would imagine. Who wouldn’t be? He was basically the definition of perfection with that sculpted body of his. His brothers respected him because he was like their guardian. Guarded them with they needed protection, befriended them when they wanted someone to rely on, pampered them when they were not exactly on high spirits.

Summary is, he was a perfect brother. The brother that everyone wishes for. The school adored him even more for that. He always put his family first. Some say that he took Elijah Mikaelson's quote as his life time motto : “Family is power”.

About his brothers, Reign was seventeen years old, and Matt was just fifteen. Matt was a very obedient adolescent of fifteen years old. He was calm, well mannered and kind. Whereas, Reign was the very opposite.

He was headstrong, arrogant and ill mannered. But just like Levy, he loved his siblings. He was the smaller counterpart of his elder brother. Though, Levy was rather a smooth talker. Reign was far from that. Some said that the sexiness ran through the family blood. All the three brothers were swoonworthy. Matt was cute, with dark brown hair and soft curls that descended to his forehead and he was quite lean, but in good shape. Reign was the definition of handsome. A pure white, with beach blonde hair which he slicked back every now and then, reddish pink full lips, which looked ‘oh-so-kissable’ and his body was muscular and drop dead gorgeous.

Levy is a good mood today, and was planning to go for a morning run. That was the plan, until he got a phone call. “Levy Williams, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. And you are?”

“The sheriff. Tracy Nicholls has been murdered and your number was in her emergency contact list. You’re her boyfriend I presume?”

Levy was her boyfriend. Leaving that fact that he was about to break up with her today, as his two month time slot had been over. But, that call made him lose his voice and left him speechless.

“I am, yeah.” He confessed in a shaky voice. It was too much for him to process. How did that even happen?

“Come to the police station then, Mr. Williams. We'll ask you a few questions and let you go.” He had no other option but to give in, even though he was clueless about what was going on.

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