Dallas Lawson

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Alexis Vega 16-year-old girl has always been the only child but when her father re-married a woman Alexis never met, she instantly freaks out when she finds out her dad's new wife has an 18-year-old son. Who seems to be the new bad boy in her school. Dallas Lawson an 18-year-old boy has always hated everything around him. He's cold-hearted and could give a no crap about anything. When he finds out his mother married the sheriff who happens to have a 16-year-old daughter. He takes advantage of his new stepsister by ruining her life. Alexis and Dallas hated each other from the start. Alexis' goal is to avoid him. Alexis couldn't help but be interested in Dallas and his bad-boy ways. Dallas couldn't help but feel attracted to her weird and perky ways. Dallas has never been in love and Alexis only once but it didn't end so well. Dallas has a dark past and Alexis is interested in finding out more of it. Alexis has a big dark secret that he wants to figure out. Along the way, they find themselves in love with each other. But how can step-siblings ever love each other?

Romance / Drama
Mimi Martin
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Author's Note


Hi everyone, thank you so much for choosing to read this story, this is the second book I have written here on wattpad!


Four parts to the novel. All parts in this book.

Based on true-life events with ( few ) fictional characters, plot, main point, and scenes.

You can send me covers if you want I’ll be sure to post on my Instagram.

Music playlists and Gifs will be included in this story.


This story contains strong language, smoking (drugs), and mature scenes.

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Young readers are advised this is a young adult book.

No hate is TOLERATED! Please if you have nothing nice or respectful to say keep it to yourself! Thank you!

My grammar may be off at times so please point it out!

This is not a Paul n Nina romance fanfiction, they fit as my character’s model.

Remember to put a start and finish when you start and end reading my story!

Young Adult Fiction

A category of written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age. While the genre is targeted to teenagers, approximately half of YA readers are adults. The subject matter and genres of YA correlate with the age and experience of the protagonist. The genres available in YA are expansive and include most of those found in adult fiction. Common themes related to YA include friendship, first love, relationships, and identity. Stories that focus on the specific challenges of youth are sometimes referred to as or.


ChickLit concerns itself with the struggles of modern womanhood. While romantic elements often exist in ChickLit, stories typically focus on the female protagonist’s relationships with friends or family.


1. Nina Dobrev - Alexis Vega
2. Paul Wesley - Dallas Lawson
3. Ashley Bensen - Sarah Diaz
4. Nick Robinson - Jake Parker
5. Dove Cameron - Isabella Flores
6. Roshon Fegan- Ben Drake
7. Zendaya- Bella Drake
8. Kian Lawley - William Wells
9. Dakota Johnson - Delancey Lawson-Vega
10. Matt Damon - Jefferey Vega
11. Drew Roy - Ricardo Shaw
12. Gillian Zinser - Cassandra Lawson
13. Matt Bomer - Daniel Knight-Lawson

14. Elle Fanning- Lacey Shaw

15. Jordana Brewster- Marie Valeria Vega


For Mama and Papa,

my five amazing siblings,

my childhood best friend Steven,

my middle school teachers who believed in me,

Ms. Cyani who dealt with me coming every day to the school’s office to print out chapters books,


myself for putting up with restless days,

sleepless nights,

even school nights,

I am very proud of myself and this book.

Book One Playlist

Into You- Ariana Grande

Another Love- Tom Odell

Bad Things- Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello

Close- Nick Jonas & Tove Lo

Take Care- Drake & Rihanna

#Icanteven- The Neighbourhood

The Los Angeles Boys Trilogy

Book One

Part One, Two, Three, & Four



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