The Rich, The Poor, & The Lovely

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Nova Pines and her best friend go on a once in a lifetime trip. While arriving at one of the most beautiful hotels in the world; Nova runs into billionaire Kieron Eckart. A man so captivating with an accent so thick, not even Nova could resist. All Rights Reserved © 2019.

Romance / Drama
✘ Katie ✘
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• P R O L O G U E•

Reagan and I stare in awe at the most beautiful hotel we've ever seen, people dressed on million dollar suits and dresses walk in and out of the hotel. "Wow.." Reagan says in disbelief.

"I wonder what the inside looks like." I mutter out, glancing down at my very basic outfit, I suddenly feel out of place.

We are quick to thank the cab driver and grab out luggage. A man dressed in a red and black suit holds the door open for us. "Thank you." We say in unison. I watch as Reagan's mouth drops once we enter the hotel.

Before I have the chase to speak, my papers fly and my luggage falls as I tumble to the ground. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" A deep voice with a thick accent booms from behind me. The man steps in front of me, extending his hand out. "Are you alright?"

I grab his hand as he pulls me up off the ground, "Calum I'll call you back." He ends his call and places his phone in his suit jacket.

I watch as the man scrabbles around to pick up all my papers the flew around the lobby. I feel mesmerized by his beauty, my cheeks heat up once I realize I'm staring. "Um," I clear my throat and pick up my bags, "I'm okay."

He stacks my papers nicely before handing them back to me, "I'm sorry, I'm such a gimp. Are you sure your alright."

I nod, "Yes, I'm good. No fowl done."

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