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They started being next door neighbor. Became friends and classmates but Cadence did not expect in her wildest dream that she gave her virginity to Jaron. Her next door neighbor that just moved in not long ago. Jaron a guy who never do kissing on the lips when hooking up with girls but other than Cadence. He could not help it her lips were so tempting. A girl who does not like going out a lot and always love to stay at home. A guy who loves partying and hooking up. But feeling could not deny if you are meeting your soulmate. It will lead you back together like destiny that already written in each palm.

Romance / Erotica
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I woke up with the noises outside the window early morning. As in five in the morning, who would be that sane person does that?

My head is spinning from alcohol last night as they went to a birthday party of one of her friends in school. They went home around 12 midnight as what the Cinderella time is. Well, my parents are not strict with us not totally, as long as we do well in our studies and not do drugs. Yeah, isn't it cool right?

Anyways, I got up from my bed and look outside my window that is my neighbor's house. My mother told me yesterday that we have a new neighbor will transfer today but I did not expect it will be this early for God's sake.

I saw some men carrying things actually heavy things and it seems they are not just an ordinary people. They are definitely super rich as the way I see all the things they have carrying were superb. Well, their place is not just an ordinary place to live in.

She was lucky enough to have parents that can afford everything but they still train them to work for part time as service crew in the city every Saturdays.

I have been doing that since she was 16. Actually, all of her siblings goes there as a training options. I love the job very much.

Luckily, it was Sunday morning, no classes, and no working schedule for me. I was all alone in the house since my siblings were gone to college both of them. I am the youngest among my parent's children.

My parents were in Italy right now for some conference, of course, work. They left me yesterday morning before they dropped me down to my job in Coffee Shop.

I was used to that every day in my life that my parents go to some sort of business meetings or conference whatsoever.

My parents were one of the trusted employees in the company they were working. It has been more than their lives working with them since they could remember.

I got out from my double size bed and went down the stairs. I needed some milk to drink to go back to sleep no matter what commotions outside doing. I really needed some more rest before Monday starts to another busy school thing.

I went to the kitchen and found my favorite strawberry milk in a pack inside the ref that my mother did some groceries the other day. I grabbed one and slide some straw on in then sipped. Wow, I cannot get over it you know.

However, half of the milk I was supposed to drink when my front door bell rang. I quickly went to opened it while holding my milk. I was shocked for seconds as what I saw in front of me.

'Holy cow!' That was in my mind frozen just like that. It is a beautiful creature right straight from my eyes early in the morning. He was the most handsome person I ever see well, that is not true because most in my school were more. However, this one is different you know, I am not fond of admiring guys with beautiful appearance but this one in front of me was totally superb.

"H-hi! I am your new next door neighbor and glad to see...," he said while I am still drool with him actually, no, just kidding it was just my mouth opened widely that's all. He was still looking at me but not in my face. He was staring at my chest the whole time I was busy looking at him as I opened our door.

"Oh my gosh!" I screamed loudly then dropped my strawberry milk on the floor just to cover my breasts. Thank goodness, my milk was already empty when it dropped the floor. Yeah, I covered my exposed breasts not very naked in front of the stranger. I forget that I wore my pink spaghetti top without bra. Blessed with that part as 18 years old not too small and not too big but just gifted.

"Wow that was very welcoming for a new neighbor." He grinned as he said that in front of me.

I frowned and rolled my eyes. "Hey, what do you want?" I said as my face still blushed from embarrassment.

He chuckled looking at me. "Well, I just want to pay respect with my neighbor but did not expect that was..." he did not continue saying the words as I found it turning on as he was biting his lower lips looking at my chest.

'Stop that Cadence what is wrong with you. There is a pervert in front of you and you are thinking horny now.'

"Will you stop starring at my chest or I will kick your ass pervert." I said angrily.

"Oooh, I am just going to love that princess." He licked his lips with grin.

I was going to slap his face but caught me off guard. He pulled me to his chest.

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