Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 13

Damn it! How could I have overslept!?

I hurry down the stairs taking two at a time, praying I don't fall and break my face. Dad had woken me up earlier today just as always but I'd felt so worn-out I fell asleep as soon as he had left.

Which is why I'm hurrying down the street in alien speed without even tying my shoelace.

I'm gonna trip and break my nose for sure!

Honk! honk! honk!

Whipping around I find Travis in his car putting his head out the window and beckoning me to come over.

It'ss been so long since I first met Travis that I've given up the idea of this guy ever going back to college. He wasn't like the other guys. A decent fellow whose company wasn't suffocating as much.

Which is why rather than giving him my middle finger for calling out to me, I retrace my steps back, glaring at my watch and then at him.

"Where are you running off to in such a hurry?" Travis asked once I was standing next to his car.

I perk a brow at him and wanted to slap him for asking such a stupid question from a student on a weekday.

I throw my hand in his direction so he could see the time but I went too far and hit him in the eye.

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

Fuck. Now I've done it.

Your dead Judith.

"I'm fine. I think?" He touches his eye wincing in pain. As he takes his hand away from his eye I inspect it and heave a sigh.

"There's no blood," I say relieved. Travis looks at me in shock like I had tried to kill him.

"Forget it. I've long since given up the idea of you saying something human to me." He says shaking his head.

What does that mean?

"You didn't answer my question, apart from trying to blind me." He says and I roll my eyes at him.

"I'm late for school."

The nutjob then realizes why I'd been running.

"Hop in. I'll give you a ride. If you try to go by bus you'll miss your first class. Don't want our smartass getting late now do we?" He smirks. The jerk actually smirks.

I should have hit him on both eyes.

I take up the offer though and quickly climb in next to him on the passenger seat.

"Step on it brother gorgeous!" I command and he clicks his tongue in annoyance before pulling up into the street and down the block to get to the main road.

"You never oversleep. Are you alright? Exhausted?" Travis starts small conversation. Unlike in the past, we don't feel uncomfortable around each other. At least I don't.

"I'm fine. I just felt a tad bit sleepy. That's all." I reply with a wave and look out the window praying I'll be to school before the first bell.

I could feel a deep gaze burning behind me and I find Travis looking at me.

"You've been constantly practicing, studying and helping out at the gym Judith. You should take a break." He says and his voice held genuine concern.

I wave my hand once more and chuckle brushing him off.

"I've been in worse situations, dude. I'll be fine."

He only shakes his head at me, the concerned expression still on his well-sculptured face.

The school was almost close and I unstrapped to jump out and run to class as soon as we stopped at the school entrance.

"Are you free after school?" He asks so suddenly I let go of the seat belt and it hits my face.

How does that even fucking happen!?

"Ow... What?"

"Are you free after school?" He repeats as he stops the car in front of the school.

"Why?" I ask staring at him in doubt. It's not like we haven't met out of school. Occasionally my good for nothing Cupid playing best friend sets me up to having coffee with her brother by bailing out on me at the last moment.

"I just need a breather. I could use some mischievous company." He says with a smirk trying to lighten the mood but I guessed there was something going on with him.

I was about to ask him what's wrong when the school bell rings.

Nope, I didn't hear it. I'm not some creepy Alien with superhuman senses. The kids on the grounds started running towards the school building frantically and I knew I missed the first bell.

I pry open the door and quickly step out pulling my bag behind me. Throwing it over my shoulder I start jogging towards the school. But then I turn around and see Travis standing outside his car, hands in pocket still waiting for a reply.

"Let's meet at the usual." And with that, I make a sprint towards my first class.

The gym door opens wide taking us all by surprise. We were going through some last-minute orders from Senora about our next upcoming match. Everyone turns to stare at the open door and standing outside was Travis.

I stare at him wondering what the hell he's even doing here.

"Sorry but this is the girls' basketball court," Señora calls aloud. He doesn't even look embarrassed.

"I know. I'm here to see someone for a minute please." He calls back.

He's decent enough to not just walk inside like he owned the place. My teammates look at one another wondering who it is that the gorgeous dude wanted to see.

I sigh aloud. Internally.

"I told you, let's meet at the usual Travis," I say raising my voice so he could hear me.

And jaws drop open.

"Judy? He's with you?" Cassy asks in shock. I just give a shrug.

"That's the thing. What does 'the usual' mean?" He questions with a cute expression and I roll my eyes at him.

Typical of him to say that.

"Cafe Astoria," I say and mutter dimwit under my breath.

"Gotcha. I tried calling you but you wouldn't answer and so I decided to stop by."

Before I could reply to him, Cassy pounced on me like some hungry animal.

"How did you get him as a boyfriend!?" She demands still in shock.

"Because he wanted me as his girlfriend?" I say in a questioning manner.

Cassy's brows raise high and this makes me laugh.

"Girl chill. I'm kidding. He's a friend." I say in between chuckles. Wow, just how surprised could these girls get that I've got a boyfriend?

"He even dropped you off at school." Nora who had been remaining silent spoke up.

"Explain!" Cassy's voice was a low demanding whisper like a mother who had caught her daughter sneaking off late in the night. I sigh aloud wondering why the hell we're acting like we're in some soap opera.

"Get going brother gorgeous. I'll see you after practice." I shoo him off and he leaves after grumbling his name is Travis.

"Can we please get back to practice? You're gonna kill me with your stare alone Cassy."

She taps her foot still waiting for an explanation and so I say it shortly that he's my best friend's brother and we're friends.

Cassy whistles and nudges me with a wink.

"Best friend's brother eh?"

"Stop that." I push her away and her chuckle erupts in laughter. I'm not even embarrassed but she continues teasing and I give up trying to make the giantess understand.

Cassy as well as a few other team members still carry an expression of confusion on their faces. I totally get that. After all even I was shocked when I met him first time wondering just how in the hell did my best friend land herself on him.

What I had said Cassy earlier as to him wanting me as his girlfriend is a total bluff, which would never happen in this life or the next or ever.

Travis was the type of guy who's dating partner could only be a model because he himself looked like one.

"Can you please stop looking so shocked? It's hurting my feelings." I say as I dribble the ball close to the basket. I actually don't care since I have no intention of dating and all that complicated stuff. I just want to get back to practice and it was proving to be difficult.

"Sorry, Judy. It's just that I, we sort of thought you were dating Tori's brother and then he shows up... You get it right?"

I lose the ball and it bounces off somewhere. I'm more interested in gaping at Cassy and the rest of the girls nodding at her.

What the fuck!?

How did I end up from no boyfriend to potentially having two right now?

"What do you mean? Who told you that?" And then my gaze darkened when I said the next words. "Was it James?"

Cassy either ignored my low growl or didn't notice it all since she remained calm, shaking her head.

"Nope. The guys of the boys' basketball team sort of tease the guy every single minute."

"And? James always agreed with them?"

"Well now that I think about it, I don't think he's ever agreed? More like blush and be embarrassed."

I slam my palm hard on my face. The loud noise surely must have been like I banged my face on the pole.

"Judy!?" Senora's voice rises in worry.

I just wanted to scream and thrash out at someone.

Why does everyone have to make it so difficult for me? What's with everyone always talking about dating?

"We're sorry. We shouldn't have moved to a conclusion without your consent." Cassy, whom I saw from the corner of my eyes, apologized sincerely.

Sighing I walk to where the ball had rolled off to. Nora who was closer picks it up and passes it to me.

"It's fine. Let's just forget all this ever happened."

Everyone nods and we get back to our afternoon practice which was shortly stopped later on by the coach for details about our next opponent.

I have to put an end to the rumors going around if there is one. I have enough on my plate than to add a ghost boyfriend I'm not even aware of.

Why do I feel so exhausted?

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