Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 17

"So you were abandoned." I say to the moody guy seated in front of me. His head snaps my way in a blink of an eye.

"Would you please stop saying that! It's the 23rd time you've been repeating the same thing Judy" He says irritated.

Well what can I say? That's the only thing that gets a reaction out of the guy.

Just as I had expected Travis called me earlier today. I thought he would last a day at least but an hour after Ava and her parents had left I got a call from a really sad Travis asking if I'm free to hangout.

I've been slacking off on practise and was hoping to get some dribbling and shooting done today. But when I thought of Travis sitting alone at home feeling sorry for himself I had automatically replied with a yes.

And so here I am.

"Can we please talk about something else?" Travis says sighing.

"Well what do you want to talk about? It's not like I can talk to you about basketball." I reply but instead of giving me a neutral expression his eyes actually twinkle. Just like his sister's.

"Now that is a good topic."


I give him a don't-kid-with-me look but he just brushes it off.

"Explain to me why the sport is so important to you. I'd love to learn more about basketball."

This gets me speechless. I never thought someone would ask me about basketball. Yeah I talk with James about it but he's an actual player. Travis was a newbie. Yeah there was that one time when we first met at the coffee shop where we spoke about basketball but that was just basics. A graze from the surface. Travis has no reason to even bother about it but he wants to learn why the sport is important to me?

I actually feel touched.

"Well?" He presses trying to get a response from me.

I get to my feet and run to the counter demanding for an extra book. The glasses guy behind the counter stares at me like I've grown a unicorn head. When I dand for a book once more, sighing he looks around and finds me one. Grabbing it I run back to the table and push aside our drink glasses.

I've a book. Now for the next one.


I find the waiter who had lent me his pen once a long time ago. (Not really that long). His eyes meet mine and morphs into annoyance as he realizes just why I'm looking at him. He stares at me and then down at his pocket where the pen was nearly resting and he groaned aloud while I grinned.

Getting a hold of the pen which he generously offered (note the sarcasm) I pull the chair from opposite the table and place it next to Travis. He had been quiet all the while following my movements with an amused expression. He's used to my antics anyways.

"Now then. Where should I start from?" I say with an excited jump in my voice as I started doodling a basketball hoop.

An hour and twenty minutes later I was putting in the finishing touches to the amazing Basketball explanation.

All the while Travis had listened to me with utmost interest. He didn't laugh, chuckle, bother, tease or any of the sort while I was explaining to him the rules and ways of the game.

I've always thought boys or any person new to the sport would get bored if I start jabbering about the sport that's like a lifeline to me. I really ought to stop comparing Travis to the other regular people.

I place the pen on the table and half a second later it's grabbed away by the rude waiter and he storms off. I bet to keep his pen safe from my reach.

I grab the abandoned drink glass and take a huge slurp out of it.

Damn I'm parched.

A melodious chuckle makes my head turn and I find a set of intense green eyes looking at me.

Raising a brow I question Travis as to what's so funny.

"It's amazing how your eyes sparkle and your tone changes to pure excitement when you are talking about basketball Judy. You really do love the sport don't you?" He finishes with a gentle smile to which I grin wide.

He has no idea how much the sport means to me. Basketball isn't a game I play but what I live with. A life force I'm clinging on to.

My phone vibrates and I tear my eyes away from his to check my phone.

"Who's it from?" Travis asks as I dump my phone into my backpack.

"Cassy. We've got an evening practice today." I finish the last bits of my drink and get to my feet. "Can you drop me off?" I ask and Travis nods as he pushes his chair back and leaves the cafe with me.

The roads were empty so we reached the school pretty fast. Let's not forget that Travis drives like a madman at certain instances.

"Thanks bud." I remove the seat belt and push open the car door. Before I could take a step outside, Travis grabs hold of my arm.

"When will you be done with practice?"

I raise a brow at him. He's never asked me this before.

"I can come pick you up." He says with a shrug. This makes me laugh.

Would you look at that. Someone is starting to feel lonely already.

Travis gives me a sullen look and I stop my laugh so he wouldn't feel any more miserable.

"We'll be done by seven at most." I say and he gives me a full tooth grin.

"Got it. I'll be here so don't you dare get a ride from anyone else or walk home. " He finishes with a stern glare. Sometimes he acts like my dad. Sighing and shaking my head I get off the car and pulling the strap of my bag over my shoulder I walk towards the school.

I didn't have to turn around to look, but I was sure Travis was still rooted to the same spot.


Tori was hobbling towards the school building in front of me.

"Hey Tori." I quickly call out before she disappears inside the school.

"Judy." She looks behind and smiles as She starts hopping my way but I steps to reach her so she wouldn't have to strain much.

"How's the leg doing?"

"It's getting better by the day." She replied with a shrug.

"Thank goodness. James arm had healed quite well." I say making small talk.

"Yeah, his wasn't all that big of a deal. Oh and Judy? I heard all about what happened. Between you and James." There was a slight tease in her tone.

How did she? Did he spill the bean?

"Do the two of you always share things between each other?"

"Nope. He was sulking in a corner and I irritated him until he spilt it all out." She said with a sinister chuckle.

Wow. What a fabulous sister she is.

Travis pesters Ava all the time. Tori irritates James. Is this what siblinghood is all about?

But wait.

"Sulking? Wasn't James just fine?" He seems just fine when I met him the other day. He even helped me out.

"Oh Judy you blockhead. You really don't think of anything but basketball do you? One simply cannot just be fine after being dumped by the one he likes." Tori says with a light chuckle making me feel bad all of a sudden.

Oh. This is why I'll never be in love. It's too complicated.

"Um do I have to talk to him?" I ask her unsurely. She just chuckles as she places a hand on my shoulder.

"He'll be fine once he's given time. More importantly I think there's someone else who might be more interested in you than James." She says and I stare at her confused. She jerks her brows skyward a couple of times. I look behind me and find no one there except for Travis by his car.

"Oh I'm just baby sitting him"

Tori Stifles a laugh almost choking. She looks at me with amused amazement as she shakes her head.

I look back once more and wave at Travis and shoo him off. In the distance he chuckles before getting back into the car and driving off.

We trace our steps towards the open gym and find everyone already present, with some even throwing practice balls.

"Finally. She's here." Rekha who was seated cross legged on the floor says getting to her feet.

"Uh there's 10 more minutes before practice starts?" I say checking my watch just to be sure incase I really did get late.

"You used to be an hour early before practice doing workouts." Senora says and I find disapproval in her tone.

"I had to text you incase you forgot about practice Judy." This time it was Cassy, giving me a nervous smile.

What are you doing Judy? Is this what you've been training for? To let your team down?

Fuck it all.

I'm ashamed of myself!

"I'm so sorry. This won't happen again. I promise!" I say mustering up every ounce of determination I could find within me.

They quickly give me a smile and Nora throws the ball to me which I swiftly catch.

"We're not blaming you. Don't worry. Actually you being tardy proves you actually do have a life outside of basketball." Cassy makes light jokes and I frown at her making her laugh. The others chuckle making me scowl.

And so we begin our evening practice.

Precisely at seven Coach Harlot asks us all to stop. Drenching in sweat and out of breath with yet another of her Spartan training, we all drag ourselves to the bleachers.

"Take a day off tomorrow girls. We've a match on Monday and I want you all to be in top shape. I don't want to come across anyone doing self practice. Do you hear me?" Her voice loud and clear booms inside the silent gym. Everyone shouts back a "yes coach!" But I'm too tired to voice out my words.

"Do you hear me?" She repeats and so I look to where she's standing and find her eyes on me.


"Yes coach." I say and so she leaves.

Tori hobbles over to where I am and chuckles. "She know very well you'll be doing self practice when there's no team practices."

"Huh? Of course I'd be doing self practice. How else am I to improve myself?" I say frowning at Tori. She frowns back at me .

"Didn't you hear what the coach just said?" She asks making me feel confused.

"Uh, she asked us to be in top shape on Monday?" I say in a more questioning way than an answer.

"Oh my gosh Judy. You did not even listen what she said and you went "Yes coach"?" Tori was laughing now.

What's so funny?

Senora comes from behind and she too was chuckling.

What's the big deal!?

"Coach asked us to not strain ourselves with self practice tomorrow." Senora says in-between her light chuckles.



"WHAT!?" I yell bewildered. When did she ever say that!?

Everyone shakes their head at me and no one helps me out in trying to figure out just when she had said something so outrageous.

"Let's go Judy." Senora says hitting me gently with her bag and pulls me to my feet.

Sometimes I feel like her little sister the way she cares for me .

"I'll just go to the next street and play street basketball then. Coach wouldn't find me there." I grumble under my breath but Senora must have caught it and chuckles while shaking her head at my antics.

We all leave the gym at once. Everyone goes their separate ways and it's just Tori, Cassy, Senora,Nora and I left.

James was coming to pick up Tori and she was giving Cassy a ride back home since they seem to be living pretty close to each other.

"Well then, I'll see you girls..." Before Senora could finish a car horn disrupts our conversation.

"Your rides here Judy." It was Tori and the way she said it made me feel annoyed.

I'm about to give her a piece of my mind when the color of her face pales.

"Uh oh." She whispers more to herself but I catch it and follow the direction of her gaze.

Another car was pulling into the school and it so happened to be James.


What drama awaits me now?

"Things are going to get messy." Cassy just had to voice out her opinion.

But honestly. I don't see what's wrong?

I mean I clearly told James I'm not looking for a boyfriend, and Travis is my best friend's brother. What's the big deal?

"You girls are being overly dramatic." With that I wave to them and make way towards Travis's Porsche.

James comes up the school stairs to help his sister and stops for a minute beside me.

"Hey Judy. Going home?" He asks sweetly but the question pisses me off.

No, I'm on my way to a stripper club. Want to join?

Yeah, I don't say this out loud with fear of Senora tailing me to see if I'm actually going to one.

I give him and nod and with a wave I walk past. I can feel his eyes on me and so I quicken my steps towards where Travis was.

The dude just had to park further away.

"All good?" Travis asks as I throw myself inside the car.

"Just drive." I snap to the poor guy who didn't deserve my bitchy attitude.

He doesn't say anything not counter and pulls back out of the school parking lot and onto the road.

Leaning back on the seat, I lean towards the window.

Why did the day have to end so crappily?

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