Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 19

Our practice was paused as the captain of the boys team comes into our gym to have a word with our coach. Some of the girls swoon at his sight while I stand to a side holding my face towel, glaring at the back of the head of the dude who disrupted our practice.

A strong force on my head makes me stagger.

What the hell!

"Hey Judith," came a voice from high above. Straining my eyes to look up I find the face of Jeremy Dowaine.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I demand the guy who was resting his arm leisurely on top of my head.

"Captain wanted to have a word with the Drill Sergeant Harlot and me hearing this came rushing behind him in search of you. " Jeremy says not feeling a tad bit remorse of calling our coach a drill sergeant. Not that I can complain. I do the same when ever she's not around.

"I didn't ask what you're doing in our gym. I meant what the hell do you think you're doing resting your arm on my head so casually." I was trying to be patient like a civilized person and not resolve to violent punching and cussing.

"Oh. I just decided to appoint you as my very own armrest." The douchbag had the nerve to say to me, right in the face.

"Get lost weasel!" I try pushing his hand off but he was way stronger and kept pushing back, with a playful grin on his face.

Oh how I would have slapped that grin off if coach wasn't here.

Or perhaps a 100 laps is worth the slap?

I give up my futile struggle and he continues using me as an armrest.

"When did I ever allow you to be so close to me?" I ask the idiot standing beside me.

"We aren't friends?" He asked with a gasp and my fingers were itching to strangle him.

"When did I ever call you my friend?" I demand.

I try to recall any memory of ever considering this guy as a friend but my mind was blank of any such situation.

"We share the same class?" He says and I almost whipped around to kick him in the you know where.

How can someone be so stupid?

"You see me being friends with everyone I share classes with?" I scoff at the imbecile standing beside me.

I catch his face from the corner of my eye and find his mouth shaped in an "O"

"Well then how about we're friends because we do the same sport?" He questioned. I did the only thing I could think of. I slap my own face.

The noise makes heads turn. My teammates look at the weird standing pose of Jeremy and I. Some snicker and chuckle while the rest gives confused stares.

This is all the stupid Captain's fault for letting this fool tag along. I'm gonna give the dude a piece of my mind.

Just as I am about to double glare at the person responsible for all this humiliation, the person himself walks up to where we are standing. He chuckles when his eye catches mine and then he pulls Jeremy off of me.

"Hey Judith." The Captain said and with a light wave he walked out of the gym with a weirdo Jeremy who kept waving madly at me but I ignored his presence to save myself from future humiliations.

I throw my towel aside and jog up to the rest of the girls. Senora, Cassy, Nora, Clara, Kaera and even Tori continued staring at me.

Cassy opens her mouth and I raise my hand to make her stop.

"Don't even start Cassy."

But does she listen? Of course not!

"What in the world did I see just now?" She asked with an excited grin rivaling Ava's.

I'd like to know that myself Cassy. It felt like only yesterday where I was a nobody. No one knew me or had heard about me. But now, everyone knew Judith Drakeyer. Everyone wanted to talk to me. Hell, I've guys talking to me for goodness sake!

Four of the top five from the boys basketball team had spoken to me in just over a month since I started playing for the Hawkettes team.

This was all a huge change in my life. So many different things keep happening out of the ordinary.

But, is this all for the best?

Somewhere inside of me I felt like I was moving away from my initial goal. I was being distracted and I knew it so well.

I didn't have to answer Cassy, since Coach Harlot yelled at us to start shooting practice once more.

Nora passes the ball to me and I position myself to make a perfect shot.

At five, Coach blew her whistle and we all gathered around her awaiting her words of wisdom.

"That's it for the day girls. Get a good rest and I will see you tomorrow."

Yep. Words of wisdom.

We have a game in two days. But does she talk about that?

Of course not.

According to Coach Harlot, we the Hawkettes must be ready to face any opponent any time of the day. She considers sappy words of motion to be a burden.

Oh well. Thank God I wasn't really relying on her.

Quickly changing out of my sweat dripping clothes, I change into my comfy track pants and a loose hoodie, pulling the hood over my messy hair which I managed to make into a bun.

"Have any plans for tonight?" Cassy asks coming over to me. Cassy meaning a struggling jellyfish. She was trying to get her head out of her T-shirt and talking at the same time.

What she thought I'd dash out the second I'm dressed?

Rolling my eyes at my insane senior, I help her yank the annoying t-shirt off and she grins at me widely.

My toes were aching from standing on tip toes trying to help this giantess.

"I'll be stopping by at the public library to collect some study materials and then it's straight home. I've tons of homework to do and revisions to partake in." I say with a breeze and I leave the giantess spellbound.

"Judy..." Came a voice behind me and it wasn't a sweet tone.

"Senora." I reply nervously turning around. She gives me a hard frown, her arms crossed. Sighing I get ready to hear another lecture on how I have to relax more.

"I'm sorry if I'm nagging but I have to take care of you since you don't." Senora starts and I start to feel guilty. It's not her fault she advices me Everytime. It's just that I'm so used to always occupying myself that staying in one place and resting was so difficult.

"Sorry Senora. I'll finish my homework and get to bed early tonight." She raises her brow in doubt and I rub my forearm with an awkward chuckle. "I swear."

Wow how many times have I swore like this?

Sighing she finally gives up.

Grinning I quickly grab my bag before she could start with something else and rush out of the gym in a hurry.

I slow down once I hit the road and take my own time walking to the library. It wasn't that far and I quickly reach the spot.

Opening the door of the library I walk inside and come face to face with my favourite librarian, Mr. Thomas.

A gentle soul who was such a kind person and welcoming towards me.

"Haven't seen you in a while missy." Mr. Thomas says taking off his glasses and wiping it on a cloth. He smiles at me gently, his brown eyes twinkling.

"Have been busy with practice Mr. Thomas." I say skipping to the old man.

"Ah yes. Basketball was it? Improved yourself lately?" He questions in a teasing way. I chuckle at him and with a wave I walk down the many books aisle to find the materials I require.

Fifteen minutes later I walk up to Mr Thomas once more to punch in for the book I was borrowing.

"You have a pleasant evening now missy." He says handing over the books and I drop them inside my bag.

"You too Mr. Thomas." Waving I walk outside. The sun was almost completely set and the streetlights started coming to life.

I stand by the bus stop waiting for my bus home when my phone starts ringing.

"Hey Ava." I say as I swipe the screen to answer her call.

"Where you at?" She asks, her words slightly not understandable.

"Talk once you swallow the food you pig. I'm at the bus stop. I'll be home in soon." I reply.

The honking of the bus pulls me out of my not so deep conversation with my best friend.

"Bus is here. See you girl." With that I cut the line and get onto the bus. I take the last seat. Not that there were much people on. I just preferred being at the back.

The bus pulls away from the stop and I press my face on the window staring at the night street outside.

"Oh!" I sit up when we almost pass my usual cafe. I get to my feet and ask the bus to make a stop. The driver grunts annoyed and I give him an irritated eye.

It was going to be a long night. I could do with some coffee and donuts.

I get off the bus and the doors shut behind me. I had a strong urge to point my middle finger at the rude driver but I just let him drive away. Who know what kind of miserable stuff he's facing to be so grouchy.

I cross the road and enter the cafe. As soon as I step in I catch the eye of my favourite waiter. He soon scurries off leaving me to laugh at how awkward he was being.

I learnt from the counter dude that this guy's name was Harry.

The cafe was sort of packed much to my dislike. I hate crowds excepting the basketball courts.

Making way to the counter to order myself some goodies, I spot something and come to a abrupt stop.

What the...

Is that who I think it is?

A wave of Nutella brown hair swishing wildly even though the inside of the cafe was sealed to the outside wind.

Okay I sound like some paranoid stalker who's in love with brown hair. But I'm not.

It couldn't be him. He never told me he had a friend in town.


Wow Judith. You make him sound like an introvert.

I guess my stare made him feel conscious. He turned around to find me looking his way.

Yep. It's brother gorgeous.


Wow why does he sound so excited? Was I ignoring him for that long?

Stop it Judith. Now you sound like a bitch.

"Travis." I say waving at him. He urges me to come where he was seated and so sighing I go over.

"You didn't tell me you were coming over to the cafe." Travis says and I stare at the dude blankly.

"Since when did I report to you about my whereabouts?" I deadpan.

See why I don't associate with guys much?

"Who's this?" I ask pointing at the girl seated opposite to him. She was an ombre head with brown highlights at the bottom of her strands. Blue eyes which was quite full unlike Jeremy's electrifying ones. Her face I must say was loaded with makeup that it was making me feel nauseous.

How can one be so steady with all that extra weight!?

"This is my friend from College. Her name's Tiara."

Great. Even her name sounds so flashy.

"This can't be your little sister since I've seen Avangeline's photo. Your little cousin?" She asks and I move my hand to the fork on Travis's cake plate. He stops my hand as he chuckles lightly at his so called dumb friend.

"No she's not. This is Judith, my sister's best friend."

No one asked you to introduce us Travis. I would have snapped at him for the way I was boiling.

The girl lifts her well manicured witch fingers to her lips as she covers it in mock surprise.

"I'm sorry. I thought she was in middle school."

"Well I'm not!" I snap at her. Her face morphs into an ugly glare but she soon covers it up with a fake smile.

Hah. I saw that just fine bitch.

I pull my hand off of Travis's grip and push it inside my track pant pocket.

"After practice?" Travis asks to lighten the mood. I don't reply but give a light nod.

"Practice?" Tiara asks her brows frowning in confusion.

Yes practice. Haven't heard of such a complicated word before?

"Judith is a basketball player." Travis says and I have to break out a smile at his excitement and the way his eyes twinkled.


Bitch. What!?

I stare at Tiara in utmost disgust. Did she just openly laugh at me?

"I'm sorry. Something must have been in the drink. I felt like choking. What was that you said Travis?" She was feigning innocence once more. I looked at Travis and wanted to pull out his brains if he was going to fall for her act.

I swear if he repeats it to her one more time I'd lose it.

Thankfully Travis could feel the menacing anger seeping out of me. He keeps his mouth shut and I clench my fists inside my pockets.

"I have homework to do. I'll see you some other time Tray." I say clenching my teeth so hard let's hope I don't crack them.

"Judith." He starts but I push past.

I didn't move far and I heard the words that came out of that fake girl's mouth.

"There's a limit to your jokes Travis. That girl must have felt awful with your teasing. You're always like this, even back at college."

I whip my head around to stare at the back of Travis's head.

What was I hearing?

My eyes felt prickly and my throat felt dry.

Quickening my steps to the counter I order myself a Piccolo latte and a box of three chocolate glaze donuts. Paying for them, I grab the paper bag and march to the exit door.

Why do I feel so awful? Why does it feel so suffocating?

I break open the door and step outside taking huge gulps of the night sir.

I have never felt this way before. What is wrong with me?

Who cares what Travis does or what pranks he pulls?

A hand suddenly grabs hold of my wrist. I try shaking it off since I know who the hand belongs to but his grip was tight.

"What's gotten into you Judy?" He demands.

"Let go Travis!" I snap trying to pull my hand from his. I turn to give him the hardest glare I could muster but just as I turn my gaze wanders inside the cafe and towards a certain someone.

"What the hell?"

Tiara was soaking from head to toe. Her hair was plastered to her face with black stuff running down the sides of her cheeks. Her fists were clenched as she was screaming something incorrigible. Her drink glass which was filled with an orange liquid just a couple of minutes ago was now empty.

Don't tell me...

I looked up at Travis whose gaze was locked on me.

"Did you think I'd choose her over you? Did you really believe her words? Is this how much you've come to know me Judith?" Every word he spoke was like a stab in my gut.

I couldn't give him a reply since I was lost for words. I look back inside the shop and find Tiara shooting laser beams my way. Her eyes so hard it was so frightening.

What was even more of a shock was that Harry, the waiter boy was standing behind Tiara laughing with his mouth covered. His shoulders rose and fell as he struggled to stop his laughter. A look of you-got-what-you-deserved expression plastered on his face.

A rough yanking on my hand makes me stagger as I stumble Infront very much close to Travis. Looking up at his face, his olive green eyes held so much frustrated emotions within them.

"Don't you dare walk away from me when something like this ever happens. You hear me?"

I only nod. I couldn't do anything more. Nor think.

Why am I standing so close to a guy? What in the world is going on!?

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