Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 20

I run around my room desperately trying to find something decent to wear for school today. I've been so busy lately I'd forgotten to do my laundry and now I was left with nothing to wear.

Darn it! And I'm running late for school. The damn bus will be here anytime now.

And I'm still in my fucking shorts and sports bra!

A honking from outside makes me stop. It's a very familiar horn sound but after what happened last night I don't think I'll be hearing his horn anytime soon.

I continue turning my room upside down when the honking continues. I shut the sound out but it keeps going on and on.

For the love of!

"Would you please stop disturbing the neighborhood you freak!" I scream at the top of my voice, out of my bedroom window.

I'm pretty sure my voice is what's gonna disturb the neighbors.

"Why are you not dressed yet?" Came a very familiar voice from down below.

Looking down I find a very familiar person staring at me in bewilderment.

"Is this what it always look like when you look down at me?" I ask Travis whose face turns from bewilderment to shock.

"Is that really necessary right now? Put on some clothes girl! Your in your freaking underwear." His face was quite the sight. So many expressions in such short period.

"Girls go swimming in bikinis. That is fine but sports bra is considered an underwear?"

Seriously. Why are people being so picky?

"Just get back inside. Please." He does a strong emphasis on the please as he sighs.

Shaking my head I get back inside and begin my search for clothes.

Opening my closet once more I rummage through and grab a pair of my old jeans and a beige hoodie. Rolling up the ends of the jeans so the shortness wouldn't be noticeable, I grab my bag and run downstairs and to the front road.

"Took you long enough. Get on. I'll give you a ride." Travis says opening the passenger door to his Porsche.

I get inside and strap myself as Travis gets to the other side and gets inside. He starts the engine and we get onto the street.

Somehow the atmosphere around us didn't feel awkward nor uncomfortable. We were in silence yet it was a comforting one.

"I'm sorry for what happened last night." He starts and I face palm myself.

He just had to bring it up.

"Forget it. It's fine. I don't really mind words from bimbos." I say flicking my hand left and right to show she was like a fly to me.

He chuckles to himself as he speeds up so I wouldn't be late. I've only five minutes before the first bell. I wonder if I'll be on time?

It's all the laundry's fault!

"Have you ever been to boys basketball match?" Travis asks making me stop humming some tune that was stuck in my head.

"Nope. I've no interest in that." I reply straightforwardly.

"But don't you think you will improve more if you see from both sides?" Travis keeps pressing. He usually doesn't ask me of such things so I'm slightly surprised.

Where did all this confidence to ask me come from?

"I've never really wanted to watch a men's basketball match but then what's to lose?" I finally agree since I'm pretty sure he would keep bothering me just like his sister does.

"Do you have practice today?"

"No?" I say quite unsurely.

" There is a match in the evening which could be of interest to u." He says and my interest really does grow. I wait for him to continue.

"He's a kid who's 5'4. Well it's not really considered short but he's the shortest in his team and to make it even better he's the point guard."

I sit up straight all ears now. How does a boy point guard work on court?

I know the positions of the players of my school's boys team. But I've never really watched any game of theirs.

"My friend works as a guidance counselor in that dude's school. The kid's always going to the guidance room and that's how my friend told me about him. So what do you think? You up for a game of men's basketball?"

Like I'd throw away such a golden opportunity. He know me so well. This sneaky guy.

As he pulls up into my school and cuts off the engine we had shook hands on agreement of meeting right after school.

The game had already begun and was half way through by the time Travis and I had seated ourselves. Eagan Highschool in the county of Dakota was just a twenty minute drive from my school. But it took nearly an hour for us to reach the place due to heavy traffic and Travis's fuel running low.

Looking around I find the gymnasium packed with people of every age and gender. I heard from a naggy couple I passed that the Eagan's boys team was quite a catch.

I could see why. The players were strong. I've been here only for a couple of minutes but I could see very well just how much of an amazing team they were.

I never knew boys basketball was so aggressive. Their plays were so rough. I was afraid some were going to have their arms ripped off.

The crowd kept going crazy every time the ball was in the hands of one of the Eagan's.

But all this was not why I came here today. My eyes travelled through the players on court and I catch a glimpse of him. It wasn't really hard to spot him. He truly was the shortest.

Is this how I look when on court?

The kid whose name I learnt was Colin, was an amazing player. His support to the team was immense. It was making me wonder if I was any good to my team.

The guy used his lack of height real well. He was stealth and fast. Before you could move your eyes he had the ball in hand and passing to his teamie.

He wasn't much of a three point shooter. He missed occasionally but his view was wide and he was always at the spot where the ball would go next.

The buzzer goes off making my back straight. I've always loved the loud sound of the buzzer. The Eagan's were the champions as expected by everyone. The kids on the team did a group hug, gripping each others shoulder and they all went "CHAMPION".

Soon after his teammates walked away and he stood to the corner wiping his face on his towel and taking huge gulps of water from his squeeze bottle.

"Let's go have a chat with the guy." Travis saying tugging at my sleeve and I give him a nod.

I follow Travis excitedly as we make way to the kid. I've never been this excited. Not even when facing nor talking to Jeremy, our boy's point guard.

Perhaps it's because this kid and I have something more in common than just our position. Our height.

This is the first time I've come face to face with someone with a height complex such as me and playing the same sport. Their was a different kind of adrenaline rush inside of me unlike when I'm on court.

"Colin?" Travis called out and the kid whipped his head back at once. He frowns at us since I'm sure he's trying to figure if we're acquainted or not.

"Do I know you?" He asked finally.

"No not really. We're from Apple valley. This is Judith Drakeyer from WestView High school. She wanted to watch your match." Saying so he pushes me in front so I'm in perfect view for the guy.

He keeps looking at me in the eye. Then his gaze lowers and then back to my face.

"Hi." He said to me his voice hard and edgy.

What gives? Did I steal his favourite ball or what?

"Hi." I reply to the guy whom I was starting to like less.

We remain quiet just staring at anything but each other. I hate dealing with guys and right now I was getting sick of it.

Where is the excitement I had just a moment ago?

"Well you see Judith plays basketball. She's with the Minnesota Hawkettes. Her position is the same as yours. Point guard." Travis was trying to make the kid at least a little bit interested in me. Not like I wanted that.

But what happened next was what got me surprised.

He laughed. He downright laughed in my face as soon as Travis was done speaking.

I'm used to people laughing at me when I say them I play basketball. I've been living with such cruel laughter ever since I started playing when I was six. but what he said next was what made my blood boil.

"I guess the Hawkettes aren't a big deal anymore if they accept anyone into the team." A tone of mockery and insult. I was about to punch the ass in his face when a hand stretched out and grabs him by the collar almost choking the dude. He was raised from the ground so easily.

"Shut the fuck up asshole!" I've never heard Travis sound so menacing, it made shivers go down my spine. "If you say another word I'll rip that mouth off of your face. To think that I spoke so highly of you and dragged her here to see your match. Guess this is why you're always called to the guidance room. Because your trash in all the other aspects." With that He finally let go of the guy and Colin took a couple of steps back in fear. Travis towered over the dude and the glare thrown down at him made the dude cower in fear even more.

The gym wasn't entirely empty. Heads turned out way. We were not in our city and I didn't want Travis to get into trouble for my sake.

"Forget him Tray. Let's go." I touch his forearm but Travis doesn't budge an inch.

"If you ever play a match against Judith she'd step all over you and leave you in the dust. But you're not even worth her time. Let's go Judy." And with that he grabs my hand and pulled me out of the gymnasium.

We remained in silence throughout the ride back home. It was so uncomfortable. The tension was so high. I tried to make conversation.

"Wow I fear for your future patients. What, are you gonna stab them with an injection if they refuse to take their meds?" A slight smile creeps on his face and soon the mood becomes light making it easier to breath.

"I'm sorry Judy. For taking you there." Travis says his words dripping with apology.

"Don't apologize. I had a new experience being in a new atmosphere. Thank you for taking me over there Travis. I learnt quite a few moves from the boys." I say with a smile. I was being honest. The boys game was different to the girls. It was more aggressive but there was a certain spark in the game that caught my interest.

Travis remains silent and so I turn to the front and stare at the empty road.

When we reach my house I pull open the door but wait a second longer before getting out.

"Thank you Travis. For sticking up for me."

He looked embarrassed and well, taken aback by my honest appreciation.

He just scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"I'm glad I've one more person to rely on now other than Dad and Ava" with that I get off the car and shut the door behind me.

"Hey Judy?" Travis called out.


"I've got your back." Was all he said and my insides felt lighter than air.

I gave him the biggest grin I could muster and then skipped to the front door.

If only I'd have bent lower to see inside the car i would have seen Travis's ears go red and the secret smile that brightened his face.


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